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Wait helping the poor beautiful female students hmmmmmmmm View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C53
3 days ago
Yes he was helping teach subjects known as Mbdsm or magical bitches doms sadists masochists View More

Denizen13: Didn’t he say he was helping poor students? Why is your mind so dirty? He was vigorously teaching them new subjects in advance

Gamers of the Underworld · C52
3 days ago
The skill World language View More

Savage_Sovereign: Is it me or can the elf read japanese? Vanessa shouldn't be able to read and understand Satou's language from his original world. Plus, Satou also shouldn't understand Vanessa's elvish language since he is reincarnated in a new world of magic and sword.

Reborn as a Indominus-Rex · C16
1 month ago
Def only mc View More

Dextroller3x: Everyone gains something like resistance and skills if they absorb a core or only the mc????

Reborn as a Indominus-Rex · C7
1 month ago
Shhhhh...shhhhh this is a novel where dude becomes op by listening to music is targeted by games and is teleported into naruto language barriers being ignored is not a problem View More

swaran: Dude you do realize don't you that he's a American speaking Japanese there and no one is questioning how he can speak their language.... Are they retards or something

Another One Bites The Dust · C9
2 months ago
I checked I got a farmer guy from spongebob View More
Dungeon Core Online · C10
4 months ago
It’s a pixie and you wanna know something they are mischievous little shits with mood swings as quick as sanic View More

Azusa_Aikawa: Agree, this ai not helpfull at all, who is creating this b1tch?

Dungeon Core Online · C7
4 months ago
Hey well at least we got better chances of commenting first View More
Dungeon Core Online · C4
4 months ago
Pretty sure dats his cousin weirdo View More

Medusa17112001: Man it's not really a harem when u consider it's only 2 girls. Moreover what the other reader said was right. Karin is a better match as she is also an Uzumaki(well the stamina is needed if u get what I mean). Their personalities r also very similar, so I think they can get together easily.

Naruto: Reincarnated as Kurama · C11
4 months ago
Wait tentacles hmmmm shikamarus mother must be very happy at night View More
Naruto: Reincarnated as Kurama · C8
4 months ago
Plz don’t Many clans have the same ancestry and I don’t care but I don’t want him marrying his cousins cousin View More

Aces_Mark: Mc x Hinata or Ino plz

Naruto: Reincarnated as Kurama · C3
4 months ago
Wait this a fanfic of kurama does this mean that if someone falls in love with him it is beastity and if he reciprocates it and they are the same age as him while under 18 year old it’s pedophilia View More

Aces_Mark: Harem is sacred

Naruto: Reincarnated as Kurama · C1
4 months ago
I’ve looked for stuff like this in the past and all you’ll get is a dropped guy becomes kurama gets worshipped and eventually sends naruto’s master to space in a rocket ship and makes a.i for everyone but him due to magic nature View More
Naruto: Reincarnated as Kurama · C0
4 months ago
Was that a dirty joke? View More

TheFluffyMan: Woman will always be stronger than men...No matter how strong men sword is,it will always be docile in the sheath...

Gamer Naruto · C24
4 months ago
He’s gonna evolve 1 and it’ll slowly spread to the rest them evolve again and repeat probably making sentient plants that love him View More
Carefree Path of Dreams · C2
5 months ago
Well I shall kill you for you disrespect the art of being a whiny ***** is sacred to many mcs over someone who’s beautiful and doesn’t give a crap about them your ancestors shall be as hemmed of your blasphemy View More

Loldassjs: Lol u should start your own novel.. i like your idea😂😂

Carefree Path of Dreams · C1
5 months ago
Who knows she could be bi or les for all we know View More
This is the Wrong World! · C28
5 months ago
You made me realize something the goddess has crossed the fucking line View More

Green_Sky: TEN YEARS WITHOUT BOOKS! Hell. OMG. How would I survive? This MC is now declared OP among OP's. The benighted lass. I pity her mightily for her ordeal... Thankfully that is all behind her. A plethora of book stores to shop with an infinite credit card limit... Heaven indeed.

This is the Wrong World! · C7
5 months ago
Me likey View More
This is the Wrong World! · C5
5 months ago
Mmmmmmmm.... kinda View More

Shinkaio: Shen is not a true mc he is more like a uncle for the konoha new generation u_u

Sovereign System In Anime Worlds · C13
5 months ago
Welll he sends 10 year olds to murder and stufff so 5 years and more murder is not that big of a difference to him View More

lIl: "Lord Third smiles as his face had shown delight." Yup, he's happy that the 5 year old child in front of him is going to become a killer. Great job Hokage, I'll buy the beers and we can celebrate about this great accomplishment!

Sovereign System In Anime Worlds · C11
5 months ago
But for some reason I’m real life it’ll always land on that 8% View More

Nashina: 8% ends in nothing :D

Sovereign System In Anime Worlds · C0
5 months ago
Yes View More
Pokemon:The Legend · C0
5 months ago
Praise dis brotha View More

itsumademo: We all see Xia Mengxi as that. I don't know why the socialites would look the other way and believe the pretensious couples lies. Everyone knew of their engagement but another came in and made the other the evil one. The guy should have ended the engagement first before he played around with.

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C40
5 months ago
The innocent white lotus of a mistress probably did it View More
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C36
5 months ago
Mc halo my dude too bad she’s got a much more powerful tragic mc halo View More

huppyvirus: This is stupid. This is definitely is an assault already. This is entertainment to them? This isn’t how socialites behave (i know it’s a fiction, but this is an overstretch tbh 😂) What was the use of a doting powerful grandfather and a genius mind if she cannot anticipate what’s coming?

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C30
5 months ago
Praise dis man or woman or helicopter I dunno View More

Carl_Freericks: Jesus Christ he said she doesn’t know what kindness is? Does he even realize how much time and effort she put into managing your company does he even realize how much she loved him? Sure she may have been a somewhat rotten person in the past but at least she was kinder than you someone please invent a machine that would allow me to go into this novel and shoot that bastard.

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C14
5 months ago
Power came from her at the expense of her health mentally and physically and he thought of her as bad due to her loving him too much and trying to keep him from looking away View More

merry79: What a scumbag!! He said she doesn't know what ""kindness "" is when all she did is showering him with kindness and return she turns into a vengeful and vicious woman in his eyes, sigh

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C13
5 months ago
No he’s probably the underling of the friend of the ml View More

lyka1400: I think the elder brother is our ML

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C10
5 months ago
He is already in trouble I mean she did them majority of the work for years so all the money earned would have come from her View More

Carl_Freericks: Jesus Christ he banned her from top stores how the hell does that cheating bastard even have the authority to do that. Ugh he really went to far hopefully he ends up bankrupt and that slut ends up getting a finishing punishment

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C7
5 months ago
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