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If he is already at mature then he shouldn’t be able to evolve unless it’s elder ant View More
Chrysalis · C39
1 day ago
But remember this is a game world they most likely have their names over their heads or something View More

EternalMonarch: I dont understand, a name is something u introduce yourself with so if u transmigrate its like a new start whatever u chose for your name and introduce yourself as the first person u do it to, that will be your name so a system can't do **** about your name, for example of i go to Africa and say my name is bungabunga they will use that and know you by that name because no one knows you 😕😕

White Snake · C4
4 days ago
I guess after truck-kun failed his mission lotion-kin had to finish the job 💀 View More
White Snake · C1
4 days ago
Oh no they another has been born what next air-kun View More

Esoril: Lotion- kun debuts in the industry

White Snake · C1
4 days ago
Uhh I think it means crippled 🤔 View More

ironspidies: would below 0 go into a negative level?

White Snake · C0
4 days ago
Can’t he get iron and use the worker any ability to shape it into a sword View More
The Blood King · C47
5 days ago
Noooooo I need more I’m addicted 😭 View More
Outcast (Dragon Cultivation series) · C45
1 week ago
If you really think about it not really remember he had really thin scales in the beginning he is just trying to catch up to what his body would be if he was not born weaker than normal View More

SimpleSlash: Yo author plz don’t tell me mc has a brute body??? Plz don’t make him a musclemen it’s gross tbh

Outcast (Dragon Cultivation series) · C11
1 week ago
How could I not View More

GGthereader: Anybody noticed the jojo reference?

Parallel Online (A Virtual Gamer's Story) · C35
1 month ago

initiallaw: Why do you keep forcing this syel and shako whatever character down my throat. I dont care for them. im invested into Kashi but you keep talking about other stuff. it makes me want to drop this novel

Parallel Online (A Virtual Gamer's Story) · C29
2 months ago
Ohhh 😮 it’s Gandalf backwards View More

ISeeYouuu: Fladnag? G A N fcking D A L F ???
THE HECK? LOTR world building???

Parallel Online (A Virtual Gamer's Story) · C14
2 months ago
Yeah me too View More

vkg313: I bet the destroyer was he MC's previous avatar in the last game.

Parallel Online (A Virtual Gamer's Story) · C11
2 months ago

vkg313: I feel lie you went out of your way to make him choose the evil side even though he isnt supposed to care one way or another

Parallel Online (A Virtual Gamer's Story) · C6
2 months ago
Yeah it’s a actual place surprised me when I first heard it View More

mohitashu4: Saitama as in one punch man?

Parallel Online (A Virtual Gamer's Story) · C4
2 months ago

dEvillu: Support loner mc +1

Parallel Online (A Virtual Gamer's Story) · C3
2 months ago
I don’t mean personality wise just love interest View More

faisalbudeiri: Ya but this Kyo has a nice personality it seems and isn’t as useless as Sakura while we have Sakura who is useless with a ****ty personality and that’s an understatement

Gaara · C33
2 months ago
Looks like we gonna have a classic team 7 naruto->Sakura->sasuke instead Shira->kiyo->gaara View More
Gaara · C33
2 months ago
Thx for the chapter happy your back View More
Gaara · C29
2 months ago
Reading Status: C2
I like where you are taking this story I like the jokes that you put in and hope you continue and don’t drop this and I have no other words so I am just talking to fill in the 140 character requirement lol View More
The Ancient One Was Bored
3 months ago
NOOOOOO I caught up View More
Recarnation of ultimate Spider man · C34
3 months ago
Because he already knows View More

ErozothDraeor: His reactions are a bit unreal. How does he know who the doctor is? He wakes up from a coma "Who are you? Why am i here? What accident? etc" he does none of that, instead "can i go?"

3 months ago
Tbh all this would do is make him hate the lantis republic even more View More
Spirit Immortal · C440
3 months ago

TheAdorableDumplin: Are you stupid?

The Fastest Man Alive - Marvel · C1
3 months ago
I’m gonna have to agree with your name stfu man lol why if it’s his mother that’s just wrong but it could make sense he has sex with his sister so 🤦🏾‍♂️ View More

STFU: What if the lady in black is actually his Mother? 😍 Bang her💪

The Lust System · C72
3 months ago
Thanks for the chapter maybe once they reach fuschia(prob spelt it wrong) city you should develop their relationship more View More
Đeleted · C0
3 months ago
From lance he is dragon boi View More

mystery889: Get him a dragon type

Đeleted · C0
3 months ago
Get him a dragon type View More
Đeleted · C0
3 months ago
Zorua all the flippin way View More

Raiseshu: I like if he cacht a eevee or a zoura

Đeleted · C0
3 months ago
It’s cool man and loving the story but I have to catch up lol View More

BaKaYarou: I am really sorry. I updated many chapters changing Oak to Samuel, but it sounds way too cringy.

😢I have to change it again.

Đeleted · C0
3 months ago
at the end it said arceus used up a lot of his divine power to make more powerful being so I’m pretty sure Mew was one View More

Apocalypse_: OMG where is Mew?!!!

Đeleted · C0
3 months ago
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