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Original Works

  • leviathan's pride

    leviathan's pride


    I watched the end of the world from the beginning to the end it didn't come through some great destruction bit through fantasy becoming reality. join me the world's greatest magic user as I go back to the beginning and prepare for the end and try to save those I love hey I first want to thank you for coming and would appreciate it if you could give me your thoughts about it and what you think I will leave questions here from time to time so do t forget to look and give me your answers in the comments ;P. would love the help I do note own cover art

  • the forgotten king

    the forgotten king


    Loyd Crawford when he died because of the boredom of a R.O.B he is then given 7 wishes and is sent to any where he wants in the multiverse watch as our favorite protagonist travels from animes, mangas, books, and t.v shows living his dreams as he crosses one world to another I DO not own the cover picture I do not own any of the animes, mangas, books, and t.v shows and their characters all rights belong to their owners please support the original releases thank you.

  • a true villains path

    a true villains path


    a war between good and evil happens all the time the gods of good create heros but what will happen when a dark and evil god creates his own champion Lusion was a average boring man in his early 20's till one day he was viciously eaten by hellhounds sent by the evil god after being given powers, 3 wishes, and a system then sent into the body of the joker from the DC universe starting his rise to darkness. will he succeed or will heros prevail in the end I own none of the games, anime, cartoons, shows, book, ECT that will be the base of this story this is purely a fan made fanfic.

  • becoming a god to rule a new world.(on hold)

    becoming a god to rule a new world.(on hold)


    a man named Jason was always a fan of all form of fantasy from hooks to movies to shows all the way to anime, manga and fanfic one day he wakes up in a throne room filled with gods and told he would become a god in a new world told to pick any two races besides god and one person's powers from any fantasy world. after making his choices and being crowned as Hades Luciferious god I the underworld from a random draw caused by his choices. he is told he needs training and is sent to different worlds to be a god and finally to be a god in his new world with others chosen to be a god. how will the new god of hell and the underworld choose to rule.

  • Roxanne (the meaning of fear)

    Roxanne (the meaning of fear)

    others System

    Valentine once was the #1 assassin who ended up in hell after he died after making a deal with the devil to be the butler of the devil's son on earth for 1000 years he finally finished his deal. 1000 years where he helped master cause the apocalypse. on the 1000th year heaven fell and the devil turned Valentine into the embodiment of chaos and named him Jester. Join jester as he travels the multiverse and nightmares looking for his lost love Roxanne. (I don’t own the any game, show, anime, novel, or cartoon that will be in the story, I don’t own this cover picture) (This story will be irregular release times)

  • Walking through worlds as a god

    Walking through worlds as a god

    others Reincarnation R-18

    After being killed by the godking Sparda formally Austin Allan Joker the unknowing son of the Devourer Joker was sent to the godking and as a apology he is given one wish and if he accepts an agreement of his Austin will get three more. Accepting this deal not knowing what it is and getting his 4 over powered wishes thinking he would be all powerful from the beginning. Unknowingly he didn’t specify he wanted them in full power so he must train his own powers. As he was being reborn a light hit him giving him the memories of his future self fighting a monster made of black mass. After gaining these memories he realized he had one new power he didn’t understand or know only knowing it was called the forbidden true magic. How far shall sparda go to reach his goals to be free and without worry. I do not own any of the anything except my OC everything else belongs to it’s designated creator or owner.


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