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Original Works

  • Talk to Dragons

    Talk to Dragons

    Fantasy adventure magic war fighting dragon elf witch dwarf

    Despite a bloody past, humans, beasts, and magical creatures have enjoyed a long time of careful peace. There will always be prejudice and hate, but incidents are few and isolated. There are no more nations of people against each other based on trivial things such as skin, religion, or race. Keeping to themselves, witches have managed to enjoy decades of calm; something they were historically not accustomed to. But as with any group of people, evil can lurk and grow if not dealt with. When a grab for power slaughters a witch village, a young daughter flees into the world on her own. However, the rest of the witches will soon hunt for her, because little Violet can do something that no one has ever been able to do: talk to dragons.

  • High School with Humans

    High School with Humans

    Fantasy action school fighting high school lesbian evil girl love super power good

    Veev isn't from the realm of humans. When her world became consumed with war and death, the valiant efforts of a single wizard saved her life as well as many other children. Through a temporary doorway they escaped into a different plane where powerful beings fight over control of those weaker than themselves. Is the human realm really any better than the one she left behind?

  • Demons of Heaven: The Horned Ones

    Demons of Heaven: The Horned Ones

    Fantasy action adventure war demon gay lesbian hell girl love horns

    Growing up in Hell can be difficult. More so, if you were born into slavery. Kimberly, a little red skinned horned girl, lives her life quietly in the expectation that one day she will be the slave of someone greater. She keeps to herself and longs for another life where she may be able to see the endless wonders of the world she lives in. When an opportunity of freedom presents itself, Kimberly is quick to dedicate herself to it and soon her family's state of detachment and calm turn to togetherness and excitement. What lies beyond the borders of the city she calls home? Thrust into her without warning, Kimberly quickly discovers there is much to the world of Hell that she had yet to experience. She had no idea her family's playful fighting could become a sport and soon it would lead her down a path towards love, war, and powerful friendships. Artwork by Craig Soulsby HTTP://craigsoulsby.deviantart.com/

  • Factory


    Sci-fi action sci-fi fighting gay lesbian girl love super power

    In a bright and prosperous galaxy, there are many sights and pleasures to be had. Entire worlds are built with the intent to entertain and stockpile sinful money. On one such world, a young woman finds herself lost and without memory, making up her life one day at a time. Ever present with her is the mysterious self-sustained drug laboratory backpack, labeling her as a "factory." Through her forced life of drug peddling, she comes upon the friendship of two wonderful girls that help her move on from her terrified existence, but accidentally thrust her into a much more violent one laced with bounty hunters, military secrets, and the evolution of mankind. Artwork by Leon Tukker http://tryingtofly.deviantart.com/

  • Betray the Ill

    Betray the Ill

    Fantasy adventure magic fighting gay lesbian other world girl love

    Roma has it better than most. She does her best and makes it through each day of work, happy to greet her little dog when she returns to her apartment. Her life is simple and predictable. Not much changes from one day to the next. Although, most do not have to take care of a mother with a women-killing disease. The longevity of her remaining parent is incredible against the known mortality rate of the sickness. Roma pours all the funds she can into trying to cure what has no remedy.

  • Gore and Rot

    Gore and Rot

    Fantasy action adventure magic horror gore fighting gay lesbian girl love

    An immortal cannibal and her energetic undead servant have been in hiding for the better half of a century, waiting for people to forget about them. After an odd conversation, they decided it's time to see the world outside again and be adventurers or warlords or whatever they can think of. Is it time to go instill chaos or provide the people with a new hero for the problems that plague them?

  • Henrietta the Half-dead

    Henrietta the Half-dead

    Fantasy action adventure magic fighting girl wolf dead

    Life has no shortage of cruelty and hardship. If the pain of living can be avoided, if one can escape the anguish that propels our limited existence forward, then what left is there? Is it worth continuing on? We will all die eventually, but half-dead people most certainly die sooner than most. Conveniently, Henrietta cannot remember much of who she is or where she comes from. But, when you have nothing, you may as well move forward. Plenty of people wish they could have a second chance at life. Henrietta doesn't know if she wanted such an opportunity to start over, but she's plenty relaxed enough not to worry about such things. What could a new life have in store for a rotting little one?

  • Once Upon an Extinction

    Once Upon an Extinction

    Fantasy adventure gore violence monster fighting blood girl

    The end of mankind came with a bloodbath. Like a flood of death, monsters of all shape and size brought unimaginable horror upon the owners of the world. No longer would mankind do as it wished. No longer would humans enjoy the sun. Monsters would now rule. But after some time, a certain monster grew bored without mankind. Humans were interesting. The empty, wild world was dull. How fortunate it was then, that the monster should happen upon a young human girl, years after the extinction had completed.

  • Pirates for the Mainland

    Pirates for the Mainland

    Fantasy action adventure gods fighting girl pirate super power

    As soon as the human calendar reached 1000, the world came down upon them. No longer content with the many islands and scattered dock-towns, the bestial peoples grew violent and lashed out at the main continent. The humans, who exclusively owned the land, fought hard and long to keep their precious footing in the vast water world. But humans proved no match for the brute force and numbers of the beast people. Those who did not fall were scattered. Forced away from the continent, the remaining humans took refuge among the islands and dock-towns, building upon what the bestial peoples left behind. Although anger and resentment was strong, the power of the human race had become insignificant. In time, life became calm and mankind settled into its new accommodations. As centuries passed, humans forgot the power and numbers they once possessed. The romantic idea of their own continent became a bedtime story for children. Humans adapted to life at sea and ocean and never did it seem out of the ordinary.

  • Maya Minivar

    Maya Minivar

    Fantasy action adventure magic gods fighting gay lesbian guns girl love

    We all hope we find our place in the world. But what if our talent is the very thing that keeps us from that? What if our abilities cause fear and hate? Where then, is our place in the world if everyone wishes we didn't exist? Maya only wants a place to belong. People to be with. But the gift she lives wish causes others to view her with prejudice. In an age of great sciences and magics, Maya Minivar uses a gun; a weapon that is blamed for nearly wiping humanity from existence.

  • Take Me to Our Lovely Home

    Take Me to Our Lovely Home

    Fantasy action Magic Demon Violence Monster fighting sex Erotic fairies

    A woman of horns and uncommon anatomy taken from her home. A woman created from the malice and hate of a fairy and a pixie. In a land where neither has any purpose or belonging, where will the gods guide them?

  • The Last Furry

    The Last Furry

    Fantasy action adventure magic fairy furry catgirl faery neko nekomimi

    Humans think they know everything. They think they own the world. Mankind stomps its feet through the mud and cuts down forests, lays claim to lands they have no right to touch, and treats every other creature as if they were born inferior. Many of the old masters of the world are gone. Magic is seen as weak piece of history that the faeries and elves toy with in their dirty forests and caves. What can an uneducated catgirl do to take care of herself? What chance does a half-breed slave have? The last furry in existence, Marrow, thinks her chances are quite good.

  • Hate and Heresy

    Hate and Heresy

    Sci-fi action adventure gay space swords lesbian guns girl love super power

    Meek and Moya have a delicate relationship. Living under the same roof and working together can cause anyone to butt heads, but both women hate each other. Moya wants Meek dead, but her attempted murder only led to her own enslavement. Balancing their lives together with bills has been hard enough, but when a job doesn't go exactly as planned, both women have their hidden histories catch up with them. Art by: A Toad https://tapas.io/cabbageonfire


Thank you for reading! I hope you continue to enjoy it! View More

YamahaYibu: Oh my god I was squealing as I read. Thanks for the chapter!

Betray the Ill · C14
1 week ago

YamahaYibu: Oh my god I was squealing as I read. Thanks for the chapter!

Betray the Ill · C14
1 week ago
Enjoying this a bunch so far. View More
Cat Who Walks Thru the Wall · C8
2 weeks ago
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