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Original Works

  • The Dark Sage

    The Dark Sage


    Mattheo, the dark sage of another world, is by his own request, sent to another world to undergo transformation at the hands of a dark god. What he wants precisely is the ability to ascend, by becoming a demon he can do that. Will this dark sage be able to survive in a world where the light shines brightest, or will he perish? Unfortunately there won't be daily chapters until my schedule loosens up, sorry. :/ I also plan on writing multiple stories in the same "universe", so look forward to it after a good long while.


Nirvanic_Sun: It's obvious that you don't realize the significance of a home without a father during that time

A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan · C2
3 months ago
He has around 100 of them, not even giving one is kinda stingy. View More

Towel: Just giving these nobodies his hard earned pills...

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C67
4 months ago
It's a secret message from the author. View More

Hnn17: Hmm the king wants to dig out mc's sisters eyes. So a person in power wants to harvest organs from a citizen. This sounds alot like what happened in china, yes thats right its about chinese gov allowing organs harvesting of thousands of political and religious prisoners. Its not all happy sunshine in china, i like this author already.

Ninth In the World · C4
5 months ago

BobbyWibowo: Give it up Godoran boy. Sylvia is one of HX's lolis. You have no chance.

The Legendary Mechanic · C467
5 months ago

idle3ffort5: If Sylvia gets tempted by the boy I bet HX will let her know the dark "little" secret of godoran men

The Legendary Mechanic · C467
5 months ago

spidercracker: Cool story bro. That has nothing to do what's in this chapter. You just spoiled for no reason. Hope that made you feel better.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C15
5 months ago
I'm early, huh. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C442
6 months ago

Shahre: Humility is a virtue in China but not in America. AHHHHHH CHINA AND THEIR PRICK IN THEIR ASS

The Legendary Mechanic · C423
6 months ago

dorspking: > be me, live in china
> eat any thing that moves
> look outside
> another person is being robbed of organs
> 5th time today
> see american eating borgers
> Damn americans and their pride
> china #1

The Legendary Mechanic · C423
6 months ago

SpringGrassAvenger: *shrugs* well it wouldn't be a China novel without that signature home-style Chinese racism

The Legendary Mechanic · C423
6 months ago

Daoist_WhiteShade: i was just wondering... is Han Xiao handsome? or is he just being narcissistic? lol

The Legendary Mechanic · C413
6 months ago

matairow: Women lover great mechanic han, kidnapper of bag loli's.

The Legendary Mechanic · C413
6 months ago

Timmy_victor: Don't mean to be greedy but when do we start getting two chapters per day..... Can't help but be dissatisfied.... I mean i have to wait for 24hrs to read another chapter of this amazing web novel...

King of Gods · C1278
6 months ago

ScarletSteel: Bwahahaha I'm drunk on victory. You are definitely a worthy adversary. I've never faced one as quick as you.

King of Gods · C1273
7 months ago

AbyssGod: One Chapter a day is not enough for how high this novel is ranked.

King of Gods · C1258
7 months ago
Yeah, I'd sooner turn to alternatives than bled dry. View More

Shahre: why do they always try to destroy the reason why we liked it in the first place?
Why do companies always try to test out where our bottom line is?

The Legendary Mechanic · C372
7 months ago
1/day is too cruel ;( View More
King of Gods · C1254
7 months ago
I saw it q mile away and skipped the one I already read. View More

GlazeFrost00713: Didn't expect to Get tricked to spending 12 SS for an already unlocked chapter.
This is the third time.

The Legendary Mechanic · C362
8 months ago
What do you mean? That's his 100% official business name!

All people address him as such besides those close to him! View More

Heavenly_Devil: Only problem with the novel is the long@$$ name— CEO Hong CEO Hong CEO Hong

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C63
8 months ago

Roadbeast: So the flight can trandport 180 tons or 500 robots. So he puts 2000 robots in it plus 50 tons of cargo. INTERESTING.

I Found A Planet · C81
8 months ago

Nightdrift: Hmmm 5 tons of moving materials a day, I think he is going to need assistance as that is inhuman, bit of a plot hole there, as normal box weight that is safe to carry will be 10-20kg, less for an untrained physique, 5000kg then equates to 250-500 boxes and/or trips to the car from his house, as well as 20-100 car trips that should break most people after the first day, let alone doing it every day for months, your muscles would deteriorate, not be built up. And how did he even have the time in the day when he was running around doing everything else in the novel, moving stuff and driving in traffic to and fro takes an awful lot of time.

And last I checked our MC was strictly human, no cybernetic enhancements, no supergene editing, so right now he should be a cripple in hospital. Please fix author. It shouldn't be hard to write in that he bought and used an exoskeleton lifting assist, and he used a delivery truck to take it in one trip.

Plot holes like this break immersion and make it hard for the readers to enjoy your novel.

I Found A Planet · C81
8 months ago
Well said. View More

Bathory: This is the type of novel that you have to drop and wait for a Solid Few Months before anything slightly interesting Happens.

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C30
8 months ago

FKir: Can you use something else besides underscore please. something that cant be read by the speech recognition. i'll greatly appreciate it.

The Legendary Mechanic · C334
8 months ago

Daki_WN: 3,000,200 views! Woooooow!

Just had to add the 200 lol

The Legendary Mechanic · C334
8 months ago
3,000,200 views! Woooooow!

Just had to add the 200 lol View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C334
8 months ago
Pretty sure that's only 2$ in USD, not 15$. Translation stuff View More

IPreferLonerMc: Officially dropping this
Reason: Chen Jin had to give 15$ to the factory making the Wa Wah robots. Wtf does he have to pay someone else. Ooooooo, I just get so f*cking irritated and feel like he’s a retard.
Overall: Retarded MC

I Found A Planet · C71
8 months ago

rOBOTmINION: Finally, space pirat.... hero arc begins!

The Legendary Mechanic · C318
8 months ago

I_love_magic: Fck me!! When the story gets this interesting, thats the moment when a mass release would be really appreciated!!!!!!

The Legendary Mechanic · C318
8 months ago
Still could have gotten a 2nd chapter. :( View More

Kentaromartz: There is NO filler in this novel, just an extension to prolong our fun on reading a novel so that it wont end quickly

The Legendary Mechanic · C317
8 months ago

True_Sheol: ~$536 full retail and ~$493 with one-day discount. That's actually reasonable, comparable to high-end vacuum cleaners + Roomba.

I Found A Planet · C69
8 months ago
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