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Original Works


arent he too op
and im is much stronger than gol d roger roger is strong as elder View More
Chronicles of One Piece · C2
1 day ago
😅😅i write from phone sorry View More

Cosmic_Sovereign: Need To Work On Grammar.

atem in invincible conqueror · C3
1 week ago

Apophis_: both spirit

Ancestral Dragon Pagoda

mc against him

your look atem

Born the new born son Emperor Duanren son

atem in invincible conqueror · C1
2 weeks ago
i realy like that novel View More
Conquering the world with One Piece · C9
2 weeks ago
please make it faster make the event faster it take more than the orignal View More
Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C110
2 weeks ago
no its just i want know which look everyone prfere View More

Coeur_noirs: Wtf is at the end

invincible conqueror xiaolong rising · C7
2 weeks ago
when gildrat fight that dragon before lose his arm View More
Nothing But Overpowered · C49
2 weeks ago

GrainOfPrimalPoo: KAW KAW, tuki tuki

fan fac atg tdg btth · C1
2 weeks ago
yes View More

tara0unlimiteseale: name?

fan fac atg tdg btth · C1
2 weeks ago

Six_Path: Thanks for the chapter. Looking forward to more and please make him either have primordial twin dragon or the 3 head spirit.

invincible conqueror xiaolong rising · C2
2 weeks ago
can give the blue or the black skill View More

Coeur_noirs: 3 head snake= acnologia+infinity dragon+ dream dragon maybe

invincible conqueror xiaolong rising · C1
2 weeks ago
good View More

Six_Path: Thanks for the chapter and keep the blue and black dragon and add another spirit to make him have 3 spirits.

invincible conqueror xiaolong rising · C1
2 weeks ago
invincible conqueror View More
Adonis's Apotheosis · C1
2 weeks ago
itachi View More
Uchiha Legend: Eyes that see through worlds · C21
3 weeks ago
i like that novel realy much View More
Uchiha Legend: Eyes that see through worlds · C20
3 weeks ago
red devil is coming
ang dosnt need any help any more View More
Uchiha Legend: Eyes that see through worlds · C19
3 weeks ago
he have light make it if they have duak cul they can make 2nd awking View More
Douluo Dalu II : Space Sword Douluo · C3
3 weeks ago
make him yun che father idnk his name with good calt teq and good vain
or make him yun che elder brother that help his family View More
The Irregular In ATG · C0
3 weeks ago
what he will use i think saber View More
One Piece: True Justice · C2
3 weeks ago
it start good start but last 2 ch are bad
he is cowrd
2nd he make very fast progress he take merly blood even yun che wasnt that fasf View More
The Second Generation Primordial Azure Dragon · C5
3 weeks ago
dragon its snake View More
The Second Generation Primordial Azure Dragon · C3
3 weeks ago
fenris wolf View More
One piece Fan Fiction: Renji · C16
4 weeks ago
there is novel called invincible conqueror i think it will be nice to see fan fac to it View More
Nothing But Overpowered · C27
4 weeks ago
why he get raid of yun che momery its useful any way he may be the 2nd doctor in whole realm View More
Metempsychosis (ATG) · C22
1 month ago

CutestReader: He is young to start an adventure at only 13, should have said 10 years before luffy's adventure not 5.

one piece- sword emperor. · C1
1 month ago
i like that fruit
and kun peng is able to control the wind and thunder or storm View More
One Piece : William's path · C9
1 month ago
dropped it who the hell want to read all that thory and stories about legends iam here to read about the story who havent any progress View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C50
1 month ago
observe haki is easier and awakend first View More
One Piece Rising of the Emperor Ace D. Fate · C8
1 month ago

Top_Comment: Now I understand why they only posted 15 chapters at first.It's because the story doesn't advance after that.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C46
1 month ago
why kill maglan i find him one of the good marines View More
One Piece: Death Scythe · C59
1 month ago
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