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Nou: Ah, as the current number 1 ranked book on the Chinese website, this should be interesting. Of course, keep in mind that this is around Halloween too.

I'm not worried about the quality of the translation or the stability of the updates. The translator, LonelyTree, can single-handedly cause webnovel to go bankrupt, because all he does is breathe and eat translations. If they have to pay him in full before any books get published for readers out there, he'll clean them out first. I kid you not, he even poo** out translations. With such single-minded dedication and focus, and combined with the fact that Millman is editing this piece of work, we should be in for a fast and steady ride.

As far as chapter 1 is concerned, the goals and motivations of the main character is clear early on. Though we don't know much about his character, we know that he sticks for those who are on his side, and that he's a sentimental person. He holds on to whatever remnants he has left of those dear to him, and tries his best to keep onto those memories.

Little is known about this world yet, except that it's located in a place like modern-day earth. Cell phones exists. There's an app. Haunted houses, surveillance cameras, lightbulbs, and the likes. If it looks like Earth, smells of earth, and has an uncle who comes around trying to collect debts, it probably is on Earth.

But... there's now a twist. The twist is this House of Horrors. Lets go into a little bit about the main character:

Due to his parent's mobile Haunted House business, Chen Ge traveled quite a bit when he was young. When kids were playing with blocks, he had fake human heads. Doesn't that sound like a lovely childhood?

Half a year ago, Chen Ge lost his parents. Now, I may have missed about how old he was, but I don't think it was mentioned. All we know is that he has gone to college, something logically-structured base, like Engineering and Toy Design. Like, he couldn't find them anymore—they mysteriously disappeared in the middle of an abandoned hospital. What were they doing out there? Why did they disappear?

With nothing left behind except for a cellular phone, a doll, and their haunted house, Chen Ge came and took over the now-ownerless haunted house. Right as his business is about to go under, he discovers that he can view the 'house's status' and that the house can issue 'daily quests'. How's this story going to turn out? What kind of quests were issued to his parents and why would they disappear? Is this going to be a "cultivate your house" system? What kind of scary scenes are going to show up? Would those scenes end up being illusory? Or would they be actually enacted in real life with the "customers"?

Beats me. I've only read chapter 1. Lets find out together.

My House of Horrors
4 weeks ago

Drew_44: Poem for Nana:
As you leave life on this fateful day
The grasps of life then fade away
For no shadow you made can dull your deeds
As many have wrought from whag you concede
Though angle your not you shone like the sun
Your last request is said and done
But we ask one thing as you leave this bit
May you never loose your spirit and wit

Supreme Magus · C345
1 month ago
Reading Status: C18
Great writing from a budding author that only improves after every new book. Follow the fun and erotic adventures of a dungeon owner who actually uses the dungeon like a (sex) dungeon. The play on words is enough for your notice. View More
Best Story Ever2
1 month ago
My Sister The Villainess · C50
3 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Chameleon: My True Face · C124
3 months ago
Gah right in the feels View More
Supreme Magus · C240
3 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Supreme Magus · C186
5 months ago
A traps trap.. View More
Genius Seventh Prince · C35
6 months ago
*tears* it’s just as romantic as I thought it would be. View More
God Emperor · C771
6 months ago
It’s business time... View More
God Emperor · C770
6 months ago
He told herrrr yassssssssssqueeennnn View More
God Emperor · C769
6 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C90
8 months ago
the Beast from Split: “Rejooooicee” View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C245
8 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
God Of Lust · C1
8 months ago
This chapter needs to be chiseled into stone somewhere.. View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C243
8 months ago
As soon as I read “newly married couple” my face turned into the “mi gusta” face View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C239
8 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C1
8 months ago
Reading Status: C238
One-punch man Saitama mixed with konosuba Kazuma mixed with Ranma 1/2 happosai on a shroom and viagra cocktail. A truly entertaining story that actually have a extremely interesting story, with some fun nc-17 scenes. A different recommend for readers View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor
8 months ago
Reading Status: C71
Now this. This is what creative smut should be! He should have his own tag. Things like this need to be rated his name isn’t of 18+. Also pretty entertaining in its own right View More
God Of Lust
8 months ago
Reading Status: C5
Have you ever wondered what happens after a hero completes his adventure! Well he goes on another adventure! And after that he goes on another adventure! Then anoth-... How would a “Hero” be after he’s gone on number of adventures met and defeated numerous mythical creatures and roams in the realm of the gods! Well he’d probably be pretty bored and just want to do what the hell ever he wanted. If you’re into that then this is the story for you! View More
The Azure King's Last Life
10 months ago
He did say he had to say this in front of his new wife, so there is hope! View More

Chin1234: Stop being stubborn and become a breeding dragon

My Sister The Villainess · C16
11 months ago

Chin1234: Stop being stubborn and become a breeding dragon

My Sister The Villainess · C16
11 months ago
Why isn’t a scribe following him around to record his statements for a new bible? View More
My Sister The Villainess · C16
11 months ago
So this is what the orphan Oliver felt like when he went back in line for food.. View More
My Sister The Villainess · C15
11 months ago
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