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    Sherlock Holmes stories of homosexual romance (M/M) by Emily Veinglory. Based on the original written cannon by Arthur Conan Doyle. Weekly release schedule (Saturdays, CST). Apologies for the false start on the story Train--I will post it in full after the current story

  • Chimera Girl

    Chimera Girl

    Fantasy Female Protagonist humor Humour


    Nelda finds herself transported into a world populated by mythical creatures, but where humans are unknown. Prophecy suggests that Nelda is there to save the world, but experience suggests she will find a way to screw it up--possibly literally. Complete at 44 parts -- Volume #1: Chimera World In progress -- Volume #2: Chimera War I am currently editing but will start adding new chapters soon.

  • The Innertious Dirigible

    The Innertious Dirigible


    Druthers is a gremlin on an airship in the service of the Empress. When the dirigible captain dies in a magical storm, she vows to take revenge. Steampunk fantasy adventure with a female main character. No regular update schedule

  • The Reluctant Necromancer

    The Reluctant Necromancer



EternalCircle: I wonder what the name of the lake that crater makes will be named?

Chrysalis · C399
4 days ago

Obekiwi: Holy f*ck, that was a great chapter

She survived a black hole, a smaller and much much weaker one, but still a F*CKING BLACK HOLE.

I would of just noped right out of there after seeing that😅

Chrysalis · C399
4 days ago

Lightning_god: Great job

Chrysalis · C399
4 days ago

Tsingher: Great Chap RhinoZ, will be back tomorrow.

Funny even with all the raging, they come back every day.

Chrysalis · C399
4 days ago

Daoist_Rubeno: Damn you. It was good chapter, I enjoyed it. So what if only it was about gravity bomb and MC survival?
Should whole chapter be: "black sphere expanded and winked out end of chapter".
It was dramatic since spell was overpovered in every way,.

Chrysalis · C399
4 days ago
Wow mate, just stop reading if you don't like it. No need to be a huge kiljoy View More

sjackson: Let's just face facts. RhinoZ is just a terrible writer. This chapter isn't even half done. This should have another 2 or 3 'chapters' in it in order for it to be a real chapter. A big fat disappointment. That's what this is. That's what this entire novel is.

Chrysalis · C398
5 days ago

WTFox: I get disheartened seeing several negative comments lately. This is my favorite Novel on this site. It's awesome. Quality of the chapter is always gonna trump the quantity for me personally. Not like RinoZ is even that slow at churning out the chapters. Ppl screaming to release more chapters at a faster rate and *****ing about things going slow or whatnot instead of being grateful and thanking the author for all his hardwork is just so darn ungrateful. No one is forcing you guys to read it. You can always go read something else and accumulate several chapters and do a mini binge. I wonder how many ppl whining here are actually even paid patrons? Not many I'll bet.
You're doing an awesome job RinoZ 😘 don't let the negativity get you down 🐜 💋

Chrysalis · C398
5 days ago

Ambre_Kalsango: Even if this ark is pretty long... hell if I enjoy it!
Like the climax ^^

Chrysalis · C397
6 days ago

Cynk_Napp: ❤️

The Reluctant Necromancer · C9
1 week ago
Kinda lucked out with the Lizard letting him off. View More

WTFox: Excellent chapter 💋
I knew that Karmodo Wizard Lizard would butt in before long. Wonder if Antony and the colony can pull through. Was so close to caging Garralosh too. Pity

Chrysalis · C396
1 week ago

Cynk_Napp: :)

The Reluctant Necromancer · C10
1 week ago
Thanks for the comment. I should have new chapters to post soon. View More

Alexandra_McMillan: So this has been thoroughly enjoyable so far!

Chimera Girl · C69
3 weeks ago
Thanks for letting me know :) View More

Alexandra_McMillan: One if the last few sentences starts with shee rather than she

Chimera Girl · C2
3 weeks ago

Desmond_Desfables: Distilled water isn't conductive, but water with particles from the air (such as rock dust) has a good chance of indeed becoming conductive. Especially if we're talking about a horde of monsters which should generate a good amount of friction and heat on their passage, ionizing some of this dust :)

Chrysalis · C329
3 months ago
Reading Status: C13
I played VtM... well, a few decades ago if I am honest. So I am familair with the setting without being an up-to-date fan.

This story starts perhaps overly conventionally. The vampire and shrink thing is very well done yet.

It quickly becomes a story of Leona being thrust into the vampire world and having to survive and figure out what it going on.

Plenty of action, but there is something about Leona that doesn't grab me. She seems to adapt very quickly as if she didn't find out about the entire vampire culture only a few days ago. So yes she is told things but seems to get the whole underlying 'magic is real' and 'how vampire clans work' thing just instantly.

On one hand, I am curious why wise olf Garret did something that shouldn't have worked--was he behind everything or just dumb? On the other hand, there's a lot of characters and POVs and I would rather just see what Leona knows as she learns it rather than keep track of all this.

The writing has some pervasive grammar issues but they are fairly minor, View More
Vampire: the Masquerade - Nirvana
3 months ago
If you get hit by a whip, it does smart... View More

Eladar: Smart as whips?

Chrysalis · C326
3 months ago

Cynk_Napp: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Reluctant Necromancer
3 months ago

VateRise: You skipped a lot, but the story has potential. You have a unique style of writting. While I'm fine reading it, many people may have difficulty.

I'd say add more depth, and some world building to it. You skipped his childhood. So the reader doesn't know how his character developed. I'm not saying you should write 20 ch. On his childhood, but mention some stuff and give your mc more depth. Whether you choose to go with that necromancy stuff, is up to you.

I think the story could work with and without it. Quality is alright, a few mistakes here and there. Nothing major. Updates... Hard to say 😃

Just take your time, develop it properly, and you have gold.

The Reluctant Necromancer
3 months ago

Mavislin11: The intro was good, but the odd way that it was written proved to be a problem for me. The storyline is starting to come through, but there are a quite a bit of time skips. All in all, an interesting read.

The Reluctant Necromancer
3 months ago

ursus010: Interestingly, the birth of a son ... and not a daughter ... a tragedy ... a saga ... something in the Scandinavian way?

So the Celts? No Scots? Northern Europe?

Yes, I read the Irlan, Swedish, Danish sagas ... they were scary, intriguing ... and very ancient ...

... curious, will see ... what the reader expects in this story? !!!

The main character takes a low background ... and that means? ... dibo is his temper of character ... or he is ambitious and just knows how to hide it well!

Apparently the bummer is waiting for the third prince ... is something starting up big? Father despot, tyrant, has its own views on the arrangement of his son?

"introspective" - ​​no need to use such terms in novels ... easier to write, easier ... without terms, from psychology ... at that time probably never heard of it ... you need to write, taking into account that era. Get used to the role, get used to the image of that time, ancient. Heroes must speak the old, eat the food of the time, not modern. This is a mistake from the authors.

Ohhh ... how it looks like the European sagas ... give the first creature you saw ... your son, daughter, after 10 years to our cult, sect ... and there ... magic ... and ... relationships the apprentice is the master. Something that reminds me a lot of Ernst Theodore Wilhelm Hofmann ...

But fascinating and intriguing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sleep ... they can be controlled, Carlos Castaneda wrote about it)))

Thank you, but apparently the most interesting will be next. history will be torn.

Good luck to the author!

The Reluctant Necromancer
3 months ago

Fiona_Singer: A so surprisingly well-written novel that I don't really have much to say (considering usually how wordy I am in reviews, if the author has checked my reviews for others), because I don't really have any advice to give. You don't give advice to professional, really :D

The writing style is also unique--authentic, old-world English style(at least to my foreign eyes), beautifully matches the story background and the plots are progressing just in the right pace so far. Maybe a little bit difficult to read, and I saw some said you are skipping a lot, but to me I think it's more of a matter of personal taste, instead of a disadvantage or a problem needs to be fixed.

But at the same time I have to pity that this work, if the writer intends to publish it to win a contract, is a much better fit for paper media instead of internet. As a web novel writer with 6 years of experience in China, I'm fairly aware that on this kind of platform it's very hard to find a proper audience and gain the appreciation of editors it deserves for a work like this, because its fast-paced, leisure-focused, commercial nature.

Nevertheless it's still great work, one of the few books here I'd genuinely like to read after finishing my own novel simply because it's so good. Considering how picky I am, it's the highest compliment I could offer right now :D

P.S. Love the cover

The Reluctant Necromancer
3 months ago

HalonFox1: Me during a final exam

The Reluctant Necromancer · C5
3 months ago

HalonFox1: Either that person who wrote the book was so powerful he considered those spell parlor tricks or they just handed down magic for dummies for generations either way im down

The Reluctant Necromancer · C6
3 months ago


The Reluctant Necromancer · C6
3 months ago

ygrekks: Do you plan keeping some sort of a schedule? The story is rather interesting even if there are tropes that are a bit overused and I don't like (prince who doesn't care about his status and spends his time with common folk and now came some sort of generic prophecy about great evil) but the chapters are really short and updates are not very frequent

The Reluctant Necromancer · C4
3 months ago
3 week gap--is this story still in progress? View More
Wholly Undead · C191
3 months ago

ygrekks: 'he had not taken notes'lol

The Reluctant Necromancer · C5
3 months ago
You are probably right about that.... thanks View More

VateRise: Writing SageMother or HighSage separately would flow better. Just a suggestion.

The Reluctant Necromancer · C1
4 months ago
I've lived in Scotland but I'm a New Zealander. View More

VateRise: Are you Scottish?

The Reluctant Necromancer · C2
4 months ago
I think that's a stretch View More

Cinque_39: OH I see now.
The big croc, (Garralosh?) actually drains mana from the surrounding to power her core.
That’s why Anthony says that the mana seems thin there.

Chrysalis · C306
4 months ago
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