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BrotherWorm: "Yoo Jonghyuk only knew about this after the 6th round of regression", well it's quite obvious now, why mc was the only one to keep on reading the novel...

Omniscient Reader · C23
4 weeks ago
Or the original destiny eye View More

ImchuckUnoris: Maybe that eye that show up in the closing scene of her being tied up means that his girlfriend also has a god eye that can counter the destiny eye. So she is actually the 10th eye god.😱😱🤣🤣 so there’s not only 9 eyes but 10 in total.🤣😂🤣🤣

King of Gods · C1134
1 month ago
Then don't View More

Ryorka33: It's annoying, between Noah & his gambling/betting problem, the twins that now do the same .. & the MC that can't say 'NO' ... I know he's traumatized blablabla but it's a pain to read.

The Hitting Zone · C63
2 months ago
Communism View More

CosmicVictor: Seeing your justification for noah's character , I dont think there are any flaws in your logic eve . It very much represents our current world too . Exploiting innocents doesnt make things right but if you dont exploit them, someone else will on their path to power. It's just you should stop it from getting yourself addicted to the idea of exploiting others and only do so when necessary. it's just not everyone can become a cultivator like noah even if they wanted to since you need talent for it . Case in point, Noah had his transmigration to thank for some of the abilities he was able to achieve . And seeing how most resources are monopolized in your world , I bet it would force any ambitious cultivator to turn to the path of evil if they were not born into a privileged status. And now that I think about it in most novels, it's always a fortuitous encounter that's helps the MC from forgoing the need to committing the evils other cultivators have to do so in order to achieve their goals. The powerful sects and the competition and politics within it perfectly portray this point.So right now, I am in peace with Noah's character. Though I have to request of you to not make him mindlessly evil. Since he knows the struggles of a commoner all too well, I hope that he changes the status quo like breaking the monopolization Of resources after he gains enough power. That would clearly show that he is not an unfeeling monster but also has the mindset to make things better after gaining enough power. In a nutshell being evil with a purpose .At least that is a good direction for him I think . After all , if he turns into a person who just has a lust for killing , then things might not be so smooth for him down the road cause commoners and nobles alike will consider him an enemy that way and even his mother might be shocked at her son's hidden side. Well right now my enthusiasm for your novel hasn't diminished yet since I think it's a lot more fresh compared to the xianxia novels we see all over the place . Good luck !

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C48
2 months ago
Ok but if he turns them into undead they are restricted in rank. View More

Nomorevtr: And he could not help his friends once they are undead, or them working together?? You are really ok with that excuse and once they have there own minions they would get only stronger, not even talking how it makes no sense for a MMO to add a whole race/continent/domain only one guy enjoys....

Rise of The Undead Legion · C326
2 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C1
2 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C1
2 months ago

Porg_11: KONO DIO DA!!!!

The Legendary Mechanic · C483
2 months ago
KONO DIO DA!!!! View More

SpringGrassAvenger: You thought you where first, BUT IT WAS ME, DIO!!!

The Legendary Mechanic · C483
2 months ago
I kinda took offense to the black guy part View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C252
2 months ago
Sonic doesn't skip View More

Sovereign_of_Books: This makes me very turned off by the story, next time some **** like this pops up again, i'll skip it quicker than sonic!

I’m Really a Superstar · C203
3 months ago
Not everything,and lazy is definitely not true View More

Qrow: .... is it just me or does this guy really doesn't deserve the system? He's lazy, undiciplined, falls asleep in meetings and is not even that bright if you ask me. Blaming everything on his "non-beauty" is just bull****. If you lack in one area, just work hard to improve another. He could also start working out because everyone looks better with a well defined body. Instead he just sits around blaming the universe. I really can't sympathise with him.

I’m Really a Superstar · C19
3 months ago
Read the last chapter you sausage twar View More

Germanp: Okay this time it’s when did he buy the ring? It never mentioned him buying any of the accessories because he though the to cost to much, he only looked at them

Rise of The Undead Legion · C53
3 months ago
Re read View More

Autarch_GRIM: Who the fck is the instructor? When the fck did the mc do any quest? What the **** is that weapon system? What the hell is the quest system? Where the fck is mc currently? What the fck is that sudden skill gain? What the fck does that defense stat even do? Jeez.. farewell mr author.. this chapter needs a supreme rework.

Rise of The Undead Legion · C3
3 months ago
We don't know if it would of killed him, and if the were the same why not tell him about it. View More

ThrustThunder: Wait, the same Scarlett that was justifying Lith wasting time dealing with useless teenage drama because it ~Might~ have been important for Lith's growth, is now all Gung-Ho about completely ignoring any possible useful information making friends with the living plant could have?
"Never give a sh*t about a monster backstory. But spending an entire chapters reading about a 12 year old's menstruation is quality content!"

Supreme Magus · C104
3 months ago
He will die if he doesn't fake it and he has noticed how his personality is warped in some ways so he tries to be a better person. That is what you call character growth View More

ThrustThunder: I'm talking about in the Meta. As us, the Author and the reader perceive it.
During the second day of training you had the MC get punished for going all out with the reasoning "You wont learn anything that way."
This arc you have the MC not allowed to go all out, so I as a reader took it as you once again saying "He should be learning something from this experience."
"What he should be learning" appears to be to be less cynical, more sociable and to better think on his feet when he finds himself in situations where he cant use his OP abilities. And all three of those things are the exact *Opposite* reasons I love Lith.
Like I said, reading the first 50 chapters where Lith is a snarky, genre savvy Murder Hobo was a breath of fresh air after all the bland generic protagonists who just warp their personalities to whatever the plot demands of them.
But now, since the start of the School Arc, Lith has stifled himself so much he's forgetting what has kept him alive for this long, and what has kept him interesting as a character for so long. He's trying to maintain his cover so much that he's more fake then real at this point and reading about such a fake character isn't as fun as reading about the Leylin's little brother I've come to love.

Supreme Magus · C78
3 months ago
My man View More
The Super Sex System · C77
4 months ago
If that was the case he wouldn't be worried View More

ClosedPervert: Now the serious question.
What he gonna do in military service? Don't give me a sh*tty plot armor that those who join in military service can easly connect to internet moreover playing virtual reality game -_-

The Devil's Cage · C70
4 months ago
Depends on price View More

UnfetteredMind: Not sure What to think about this. Few chapters ago he said he couldn’t trust anyone. Now he is ready to place his life in the hands of Veterans way more powerful than him. With people his own Level he could defend himself against possible traitors. With Veterans? He will be at their total mercy!

The Devil's Cage · C68
4 months ago
He probably can't go back to that same instance dungeon so he only had one chance View More

I_love_magic: I dont know why he used his GSP....... he has a whole month in this dungeon, he would have had more than enough time to learn it on his own and without skill points.......at least thats what i think!

The Devil's Cage · C56
4 months ago
Barsicle kick consumes, tempering arts restore View More

mangoes123: The Arts consumes stamina, but also recovers stamina? O_o why does something not feel right there

The Devil's Cage · C56
4 months ago
It can be more and it just started out View More

Dare2Fly: Yeah, author should strict on survival game for mc and use more desperate struggle plot. It's too tire to follow endless game genes might emerge one after another without main plot that give mc death crisis feeling. What the point to create real death game if it's not give player constant stress death crisis.

The Devil's Cage · C46
4 months ago
But you will be hunted down endlessly by those that can actually afford it. View More

Kzar: Well there's something illogic here.. If skill point are exchangeable and if the guy can die in game.. Won't it be more easy to threaten your ennemies to get skill points ??

The Devil's Cage · C36
4 months ago
No he used to farm characters and items in games View More

Yipikaye: The author is very confusing. The backstory for IRL is really poorly done.

The Devil's Cage · C35
4 months ago
Probably a grammar error View More

Charizma: "His harsh early life might have robbed Kieran of his kindness and mercy, but he would not become evil and merciless too."

So he was robbed of his mercy, but he won't become merciless? Wtf? Nonsense like this is why people drop novels.

The Devil's Cage · C30
4 months ago
Well a lot of people are like that but it doesn't stop them from keeping that thought process in countries. View More

The_week: Being self righteous itself is pretentious and a lack awareness of ones position and of others in the world. War it very self is a crime but we are mostly involuntary, in war no one has the privilege to be innocent or *****, we are all guilty, guilty for killing, guilty for being available to be killed. Self righteous?.

The Devil's Cage · C30
4 months ago
Well luckily it isn't like that View More

The_week: Oh, why do authors have to make the Mc stupid in the name of making the novel interesting, can the novel only be interesting following a stupid but powerful person?

The Devil's Cage · C24
4 months ago
It might mean sensations View More

CoffeePanda: Wait, 100% realism, all this stuff like hunger and pain, even death... But... You can heal by eating? Or does the statement '%100 realism' include only death and pain part?

The Devil's Cage · C22
4 months ago
AI can technically think too thats how a simulation would work. View More

lucitfler: What's with this novel? The girls and all people are NPCs, arn't they? So what's with the author writing as if they are real. I get that the game maker wanted the NPCs to be exactly like humans, but even so, author writing about what goes inside thier heads is weird.
Or is it that they are actually people, not an actual game? If that is the case why make it so obvious.
It would've been fine if it was written like this "The girl looked anxious"
Instead of "She was worried, since something might happen to him."
You arn't supposed to write what goes in thier heads, since it's a game. If you write it like that it's not a game anymore. And if it actually isn't a game, then state it before narrating in this manner.

The Devil's Cage · C19
4 months ago
They technically have thoughs too View More

lucitfler: Ye that's ok. But the narration makes it seem like she's an actual person or player. Stating what goes in thier heads isn't nice, if they are AIs. Even in Moonlight Sculptor this didn't happen.

The Devil's Cage · C13
4 months ago
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