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zipirinsan: I have no idea why people voted for this. Evil sister, good for nothing fiance, aphrodisiac and sleeping with random stranger to lose virginity. I'm a kind of sick of this type of plot. I give it a chance but total dissapointment.

Good Morning, Mister Dragon!
1 day ago
I think your character is a little unlike able and lacking in the self reflection department. I get that your motivation for her (and the continuing plot) hangs on the fact that she breaks apart the mL and fL, but didn’t homegirl just get to experience first hand what it’s like for that to happen to her? Is she so full of bitterness, so selfish and self centered that she’s willing to do the same to another pair?

Not only that, but the way how you wrote her motivations and inner narrative shows the complete lack of thoughts about the familiarity of her actions. She’s downright gung ho about seducing a man out of a years long, seemingly stable relationship.

She died because of her ex’s sideho, and now she’s willing to become the sideho herself with no guilt or shame about the matter, not even a bit?

She’ll die if she fails,I get it, but the way how you wrote her character so far doesn’t make me root for her at all. View More
Quick Transmigration: Her Seduction Games · C5
2 days ago
Please edit your work. Even copy pasting onto a word document would be better than this View More
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C3
1 week ago

sasunaru1827: This looks interesting but it just needs a bit of editing .

Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C3
1 week ago
I think that this Mc is pretty pathetic. If he couldn’t even be a winner in his ‘real life’ then what makes him think that he could win in this second chance? Realistically his bad habits would carry over and he’d ruin this chance as well if it wasn’t for the golden finger of the system. Anyways, that sort of thinking just annoyed me out of my s.o.d while reading this. View More
Love System: Changing Destinies · C4
1 month ago
Reading Status: C42
This white lotus, Mary Sue do goodie Mc is going to piss you the hell off. Look, I hate novels that seem to subscribe to double standards. Mc is in love with second male lead, it’s unrequited, or so she thinks. Second male lead dude is gone for reasons unknown, a green tea ***** manages to crocodile tear Mc into taking her place in an arranged marriage to Golden thigh Mr Fu, who for all extents and purposes is a pretty decent guy.

Mc do gooder agrees since her dumb ass thinks green tea ***** makes for a better couple with absent second male lead. Then to show her resolve, she does the do with Mr Fu, agrees to marry him and be the mother to his cute child from another mother.

You’re going to read this, and wonder just how much more you’re going to suspend your sense of belief, but you know what, it’s a webnovel. A Chinese one at that, maybe this is just what they like, whatever right?

Here comes the jackassery of the Mc, and where I’m going to hard quit this. Apparently, second male lead appears like a wild tentacruel in the middle of the ocean, and in the middle of going to the civil burea to finish her marriage forms, this ***** drops everything and darts to the hospital for the comatose second male lead. WHILE golden thigh Mr Fu and the cute baby preschooler are waiting for her.

Yooo, you know you get tired of those slag male leads playing the ambiguity game in the drama’s, don’t give this white lotus ***** a pass. People are going to pipe up and whine that ‘she’s going through character development~ meh meh mehh~ give it a cha~ance’

Your time is precious mah dude, and unlike this poor ml and cinnabun of a kiddo, you don’t HAVE to cater to this twats growing pains. Find something else to read and avoid the frustration. You’re going to be better for it. View More
Mr Fu, I Really Love You
1 month ago

Prettynice22: I hissed at this chapter.

Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C37
1 month ago
Reading Status: C378
Look, if you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here on webnovels, looking for something to read, DON’T waste your time on this one alright? The Mc is the old fashioned type of Taiwanese drama heroine, self righteous, goody two shoes, always eager to turn the other cheek sort of character. She’s the type to face slap outsiders, but when it comes down to cleaning out her own inner family members she dithers and dithers on endlessly.

This means that Mc gets jerked around by the main antagonists for all the book. So DONT read this if you value your spirit stones or your time. View More
Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1 month ago
Uwu, this dirty one just wants to read the snusnu scenes already~ View More
Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife · C281
1 month ago
Hehe, all you haters running your mouth about how stupid and repetitive Ming Shu’s obsession with food is... You guys seemed to have forgotten her task in this novel right? To garner hatred points. You’re all too young and simple! Get on her level! Hahahhah View More
Coming of the Villain Boss! · C116
1 month ago
It’s starting to frustrate me how this Mc keeps getting jerked around all of the time by the plot and antagonists. Maybe I’m too used to other webnovels and their golden fingers, but I prefer the escapism of those golden finger possessing one over this. View More
Novel Moved Due to Errors · C0
1 month ago
This sounds suspiciously like the other novel on webnovel “Something something other, wife is a superstar” That Mc was killed while playing the piano, was a white chick, and had ties to the under world as well... Suspicioussss- you sure this isn’t a fanfic of that? View More
Queen of His World · C3
1 month ago
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