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xmdvix: I’m here for Inu’s inner thoughts hahahaahah

Unexpected Second Chance at Love · C108
2 hours ago

DogeMoon: Yay~😂😂
Inu vs bf who will win?
And she just realize that she doesn’t have her own bf phone number?!😂😂

Unexpected Second Chance at Love · C99
2 hours ago
i think the girl is around 175-176 cm tho which is still tall but not extremely. she's wearing 2inch heels (5cm) so i assumed 180cm is her overall height including the heels. View More

sakorahana: dude that it at least better than me..im a girl with neither the 180 height nor the beautiful eyes or breath taking beauty 😂😂😂

Unexpected Second Chance at Love · C5
10 hours ago

TawnyWrites: How sweet! I remembered my last comment about Rachel stepping up her game. This is great! Rachel realizing her affection for our good boy. Great as always!

Adopted Soldier · C70
2 days ago


Adopted Soldier · C70
2 days ago

Darkdelusion: Reminds me of the cheesy lines from K-dramas😏

Adopted Soldier · C70
2 days ago

Randolph03: Well Alex's story is kinda heartwrenching, but I personally can empathize with Rachel more though... being left by your father, your mom need to work hard to support the family... well, maybe that's because it's similar to me that I can feel more about it... so, yeah it's not that annoying though...

Adopted Soldier · C68
2 days ago

Dudette: Most people like Eva better. But I just feel like she doesn't stand a chance compared to Rachel. Their compatibility is just different.

Adopted Soldier · C59
2 days ago

Vrad_Zechs: All these people rooting for eva or rachel. But none ya even bothered to think from the side of Alex. Is it coz he's a guy? So us guys feelings or thought process can be ignored in favor of women just because a)they show more effort or b)she slowly likes him.
None of you even bothered to think how Alex, as the guy with vested interest here feels, regardless of his EQ, high or low. Tsk. I'm all up for gender equality, but sometimes I see that only women get the benefits that we men (supposedly) get but in return, us men can't even catch a break regarding feelings coz it ain't 'manly' and any men that dare raise the issue is labeled as being petty and unchilvarous. Tsk. Gender equality my ass.

Adopted Soldier · C59
2 days ago

NavajoPrincess: Rachel and Eva are on the same level essentially. Alex doesn’t even remember who Eva is. And even if he did she would still be insignificant. And Eva just fell in love cause he saved her. At least with Rachel he feels stuff. And Rachel is also slowly liking him. At least she hasn’t fallen “ IN LOVE” with him like some pet against do and she is clear-headed. Eva seems like the better choice but really they are on the same level and I just frankly prefer Rachel, even if she is at an advantage because of this whole mission thing. Even without the mission I feel that he would not be as interested in Eva since Rachel’s father was his master.

Adopted Soldier · C58
2 days ago

Liz16: I don't quite understand why people prefer Eva. To me it still feels like she's in love with the idea of Alex rather than Alex himself. Like she's made little effort to actually get to know the him now. She's obsessed with her hero of the past, and doesn't seem to be trying to understand who he is now apart from trying to get him to return her feelings. Rachel on the other hand spends time with him, is learning who he is, is trying to understand him, even in these few chapters you can see how they are both changing because of each eachother.

Adopted Soldier · C58
2 days ago
isn't it good tho? I know Eva fell in love with MC first after he saved her but personally I never believe in love at first sight. I prefer the kind of love where you grow to appreciate that person's presence, including his/her goods and bads/flaws. that's why even tho I feel bad for Eva, I still like MC to end up with Rachel View More

Darkdelusion: Eva seems to love mc more than rachel right now. Rachel's love seems to be in infancy period. It will take time for her to love mc more

Adopted Soldier · C49
2 days ago

AppletheCrumble: "I already have a full time job of being your friend, I don't have time for this."
WHERE DOES AUTHOR-SAN COME UP WITH THESE ONE-HIT KO LINES?!!! Author-san were you a play boy in your past life?? or current?? 😂

Adopted Soldier · C21
2 days ago
golden state warriors??? steve kerr??? lololol View More
Almighty Coach · C557
3 days ago

SpinchPrise: It honestly took the weight off my chest when someone finally defended Dai Li and destroyed them with facts. Bunch of jealous, underestimating bunch. Hmph!

Almighty Coach · C506
4 days ago

RIZOR: Boxing Like Taylor, Shooting like Holly , Run like Aylwin , Driving Like Helheim, I think we had Secret Agent in here

Almighty Coach · C476
4 days ago

HowardH: Well, Hopkins will be a bit too late, Ayres will help Taylor find the strategy to win, and Mr Lithium Day will also cure his wife using his.... Battery powers.

Almighty Coach · C407
5 days ago

BunnyMoon: Guilt came way too late. I dont even recall the young guy saying anything mean. He only wanted to win one round and that was when he thought Peng was weakest.

Almighty Coach · C309
6 days ago
i’m not sure how to feel if he’s gonna compete with phelps someday in the future (obviously phelps is a real person and tang yan is not). not to mention, are we gonna have tang yan vs usain bolt or tang yan vs messi ??? 😭😂😂 View More
King of Sports · C147
6 days ago

Shuroik: Do you hear this guys? The melodious sound of faceslapping

Almighty Coach · C271
1 week ago

Zaijian: Those who signed up are the lucky ones. Future gold medalists.

Almighty Coach · C235
1 week ago

LordTouchMe: Channel 10 news: Sports Coach points out drug ring of dealers disguised as the cyclist team, Jinxin.

Almighty Coach · C220
1 week ago
gah i need more asap it’s a cliffhanger View More
King of Sports · C144
2 weeks ago
niceee View More
King of Sports · C137
2 weeks ago
2000 chapters .__. oh shiit welp View More

aptop66: Website : qidian china
Rating : 8.3(35)
Chapters : 2094
Status : ongoing
Rank : ?
Word count : 5.25million
author level : ?
No of works : 1
Started : 2018-3-05
Chinese title : 地狱男人

How does this novel only has 35 rating even though there are already 2000 chapters out?

The Man from Hell
2 weeks ago

donamels: So damn cute 😍😍mass release please

I Hate You, Devil! · C53
3 weeks ago

Emellmell: Holy ****k! Haha. I'm dying of laughter. Haha 😂😂 help me. This is so unexpected. XiaoLei ahh~ u're so lucky. 🙈🙈 damn Mr. Yu. Can I sneak a peak? Kekeke~~ 🙊🙊

I Hate You, Devil! · C33
3 weeks ago
well considering he was drying his hair with hair-dryer that are often loud as hell. i can see him not hearing the knocks View More

AnitaSurajKumbhar: Haha... My stomach hurts laughing... Is it like to for tat?? 😜🙈🙈..this girl really have the guts to say that she will take the responsibility 😂😂...
Other thoughts.....Did Yu Chen really didn't hear the knock?? Or LX did not knock that clearly 🙈🙈Did he want her to come in🙈🙈....shu pervert thoughts🙈🙈
Thanks KazzenlX for this chapter full of fun...

I Hate You, Devil! · C33
3 weeks ago
so far really interesting. a bit dramatic and angsty for first chapter. but seeing the tags and the description, i'm a sucker for romantic comedies so can't wait to read! altho i'm not sure whether i should just continue or add this story to my library and binge-read it completely. oh well~ View More
I Hate You, Devil! · C1
3 weeks ago

callme2: Good. Smoke more. Maybe you'll die of cancer faster. 😤😤😤. This guy really pisses me off.

The Rise of the White Lotus · C138
3 weeks ago
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