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Original Works

  • A System That Beats Death

    A System That Beats Death

    Fantasy Romance Action System Transmigration Magic Overpowered Ruthless

    |Welcome to your next life, Host| Atlas: "Next life? Was my life too damning to enter the Afterlife?" System: "We both know you would hate the Afterlife" Atlas: "True, so what are you and what do you propose?" System: "I am an entity which provides the means for you to experience the fantastic and great" Atlas: "Interesting... but is it possible to retain my memories and abilities? If I have to be a clean slate again then you might as well just obliterate me" System: "The condition has already been implemented. More can be added and they can even be improved" Atlas: "Oh? How can they be improved?" System: "Through points, learning, and usage" Atlas: "Points?" System: "That is the currency" Atlas: "And here I thought it was a scoreboard where the top 10 are globally lauded" System: "There are not enough systems out there to constitute a leaderboard" Atlas: "So there are other systems" System: "Affirmative. However, I am the greatest" I am unable to promise a stable release schedule as the story is highly based on my motivation, I do not plan to become a full-fledged writer, and college will consume the majority of my free time. Cover is still pending...

  • Rise of the Erudite

    Rise of the Erudite

    Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Magic Hero Demon Lord

    In his first life, he was a renown Archmage that dedicated his life to studying ancient artifacts to deepen his knowledge of the arcane. Then he was possessed by the Demon Lord. In his second life, he was a renown Sorcerer who could be considered one of the best. Then he was possessed by the Demon Lord. In his third life, he remembered his past two lifetimes which were cut short by the Demon Lord who desired to exploit his past connection with the Hero. This time, he will take revenge and with his vast knowledge, show the Demon Lord what "despair" feels like.


True_Sheol: Meng Fan's bitter experience with doting sisters. 😅

My Extraordinary Achievements · C105
1 week ago

Neuroy: I hate it when authors try to milk their story even after it has recieved a good end.

...someone tell this particular author to write a few more chapters though. Not a lot, a few dozen would be nice. Or like a hundred. Or more.

Only I level up · C265
2 weeks ago

Shadizar: The translator seems to be getting a bit sloppy the last few days, first putting an entire wrong chapter at the end of another chapter and now apparently forgetting to remove the original Chinese text after finishing the translation.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C93
2 weeks ago

YunCheGOD: Let's take a moment and appreciate the humanity with which the author detailed the other countries. Especially in this chapter, where everyone saw Hunter jin-woo as their last defense, and they wholeheartedly decided that if they can protect him, they can protect the world. The whole idea made my heart warm, guys :)

Only I level up · C225
2 weeks ago

OnePun: Snow and Beast Sovereign: How are you still alive? (Shocked 😱 & 🐺)

Jin woo: Takes out his sunglass from his pocket. 😎 And says slowly in cool voice-


Only I level up · C218
2 weeks ago

Quinn_Freed: Here ye! Here ye! Gather to witness the birth of the true Shadow Sovereign!!

Only I level up · C217
2 weeks ago

Vantas: Omg I wanna see how this ends. I hope I grit come out too and gets to evolve

Only I level up · C216
2 weeks ago

Kaosdao: "My King, I have answered thy summons. Your most loyal and humble soldier, Beru, is here. Do not fret, for I will slay all who would besmirch Thy Grace!"

Only I level up · C216
2 weeks ago

Opepop: Beru always on time

Only I level up · C216
2 weeks ago

ZeOne: When will his father appear, though?

Only I level up · C216
2 weeks ago

ZeOne: Long live Beru!
And the King, of course.

Only I level up · C216
2 weeks ago

4pmbookstack: jinwoo: “Instead of this, do you want to ride on something really exciting?”

cha hae-in: “Something…. really exciting?”

i'm sorry but i can't just help but EHEHEHEHE

Only I level up · C212
2 weeks ago

Sirocco: His definition of fun is getting into fights
He wanted something to do with all his might
His sister told him to go see his friend
So he went on a date so his boredom would end
He went for the only chick that he considered alright
She wanted the D
so he took her to C
They shared all those beautiful sights
And together they lay under the star lights
Their hands holding and their fingers intertwined
And to make love was the thing in their mind
Alas the chapter ended and we don't know what comes later
I could go on and on but you know what happens after. *wink wink*

Only I level up · C212
2 weeks ago

Zarok: Anyone seeing Aladin taking Jasmine on a magic carpet ride ?

Only I level up · C212
2 weeks ago

Feliprins1: He missed the opportunity of farming those trees no-stop if he caught those seeds

Only I level up · C210
2 weeks ago

OnePun: So there's a big a$$ gate in the sky that is about to kill everyone in Korea and probably the whole world too. And mc is so bored that he is going on a date.

Only I level up · C211
2 weeks ago

Cel_T: AW: (Hologram technology! Impressed much?)
SJW: I've been seeing the same thing everyday..... (D*mn system. When can I talk to it?)


Only I level up · C186
2 weeks ago

Icywinds365: Ant soldier: man does he look tasty. *Smacks mandibles* no one would miss a leg right? A foot maybe if not maybe some fingers. Right?
*Gets teleported*

Only I level up · C180
2 weeks ago

FaceBashingArtisan: Time for Jin-Woo to become the world’s richest drug dealer

Only I level up · C167
2 weeks ago

Wlsnbilyb: Lol the giant fangs is camera shy

Only I level up · C149
2 weeks ago

14th_Daoist: Because in this world you need societal skills and connections with the right people. It doesn't matter if you get the top awards in school. Sure it gives you a wee bit advantage, but in the dog-eat-dog world of ours, if you don't have any backing, right people don't know you, nor do anything to get the right connections, then you're doomed to die forgotten

Power Up, Artist Yang! · C1
3 weeks ago
He should bankrupt the Jings. View More
Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess · C179
3 weeks ago
Probably in a day or two after I completely rewrite Chapter 1 View More

SkillsMaster: thx for the chapter also when might the next chapter be uploaded

A System That Beats Death · C57
1 month ago
Lu Zhou learns tax evasion View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C277
1 month ago
Ios is useless View More
Secret Wardrobe Of The Duchess · C190
1 month ago

WonderDuckie: Who cares if it never got an ending. Most chiense LN have 1,000+ chapters. Barely anyone ever finishes reading them before moving on to another story as it is.

My Extraordinary Achievements
1 month ago

SauceMaster64: The destination is not what matters but the journey to get there. Especially since this type of novel has no clear goal, hence it can end anytime it wants to.

My Extraordinary Achievements
1 month ago

StretchArmstrong: I'm sorry, Mister Meng Fan, but I'm afraid your job application doesn't even remotely resemble the proper format. At a bare minimum, we would need it to include your highest level of schooling, references from previous employers, and absolutely no mention of your 'sick-ass skateboarding tricks'.

Oh, and next time you apply to Baskin Robbins? Don't title your resume My Extraordinary Achievements.

My Extraordinary Achievements
1 month ago

Dwarkin: We need mass release, a big one!

My Extraordinary Achievements · C64
1 month ago

Myriad_Chillies: The content has been blocked

My Boyfriend Is A Dragon
1 month ago
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