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Original Works

  • Chaos Immortal

    Chaos Immortal

    Eastern Fantasy

    In this world, a person's talent with Qi and cultivation determines a person's status in the world. Shen Wushuang is a very smart boy with loving parents. Although he and his parents are shunned by his clan, they have high aspirations for his cultivation. One day, Shen Tian when he turned 6 years old, he became sick and for 7 years he was barely able to do daily functions like eating and taking a bath much less cultivate. While others might disdain him now for being weak, his talent will tower all others, and Shen Tian will eventually be known as the Chaos Immortal!

  • The Soverign of Beasts and Gods

    The Soverign of Beasts and Gods

    Eastern Fantasy

    Xiao Wuya is the abandoned child of a Ancient God and a Immortal Nine-Tailed Fox. Being found by a powerful alchemist and array master from the Xiao Clan, he starts his journey to find his true cultivation path and to find who and where his parents are. The journey will eventually lead him to a destination he would of never expected.

  • Legend of the Sage

    Legend of the Sage

    Eastern Fantasy Action Cultivation Adventure Unique Cultivation Male Lead Face Slap Martial Art OP Protagonist No-Harem

    In the world of the Heavens Wasteland Domain, one small child from a farming family would find a treasure beyond his imagination. Wang Lin will climb the world on the path of god to break the barrier between of the domain to truly become a god!


Perfect_It: Really disappointed. You said something like 'the MC is not going to mess around with girls in the story' etc, however you just introduced an annoying little kid sister maid character already. Cliche's have already started.

Celestial Peak · C2
2 weeks ago
He does not act like a man who has lived for thousands of years. If he was like Li Qiye from Emperor Domination then this novel would be so much better. View More
The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C4
3 months ago

aattss: I'm guess that if that was a guy, the MC would have eaten him.

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C15
3 months ago
Cause they want to, what are you gonna do about it? Retard. View More

JosephMcknight: If you dont want to read, then dont read, why the heck are u still here blabbering?

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C11
3 months ago
Matters, if these people are giving criticism to the story itself then it is fine, but if they are attacking the author then thats too far.

This story is certainly strange, and i know this is supposed to be a fantasty story but when an author attempts to imbed fantasy into the real world then the world should be realistic. So far this story has been far from realistic regarding the interactions of these people.

The interactions has been more like a xianxia novel then real life. There are many novels on this site who are able to form excellent, realistic conversations that add immense meaning to the story and can even add secrets within it. But this author seems to have read too many xianxia novels with arrogant people and based his interactions on them. View More

Camelia_Murphy: To all the rude people who has commented on this story learn how to write a story before being rude to someone who has worked hard on their story

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C8
3 months ago
Your being like activision, tryna stop people from saying their opinion. They can say whatever they want so shut up. View More

Azrail93: Relax guys and gals.
I mean the.... is your problem.
It's just the first few chapters.
Don't like, don't read.
No need to bull****.

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C4
3 months ago
Fr Fr View More

Coinsign: Dis novel wuz like rising and shiet, ya know wut im sayin? dragon risin an all dat good shiet, but den damn, took a look at the update, and holla molla sweet baby jesus, update comin slower den jesus's 2nd comng. motherfkn tupac gonna come back sooner dan an update. but stil gr8 novel would r8 high ez !

Dragon Rising
4 months ago
His ASS level is too low, he needs to raise it ASS: Kim Kardashian View More
Sword Among Us · C13
4 months ago
don't worry the vet put him to sleep before they did the procedure, but I agree it still sucks that we have to do this. View More

Karma: Sounds painful

Fatal Shot
5 months ago
Yes, he learnt it so he might as well *cough cough* pass it on to the MC View More

Mlongue: That was a wonderful decision from this guy. No reason to keep the scroll if he learned it.
Thanks for the chapter.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C29
5 months ago
Was he a fool?

Clearly, he is a fool. View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C191
5 months ago

BeyondBreaking: I'm just here to join the bandwagon, don't understand the appeal to these types of novels in complete honesty who pretty much devalue women as objects at a whole, which I stopped reading Doomsday MCV because I'm more vanilla even when it comes to grim toned novels if it's just pure carnage or vengeance. But the moment you just basically throw women which you described Beauties just ruined it (but I hope my personal bias does not show when I review your novel at mere face value.) I don't care whether you value male or female, but what they're actually worth in response to ability and talents is where I will say is the best. I also write novels in which I think are subpar, but both of our novels are just wish fulfillment on different shows.

Reading the synopsis showed a lot of grammatical errors and repetitive words thus it is mediocre, though you've conveyed the gist of what your interests of the novel are obviously as a libido-driven character or 'dare' I say writer(emphasis on dare). Well done. 3/5 Stars

Reading from all the times you've uploaded chapters, I would say it's not stable. You had a great start but the continuity of releases became more drawn out and not monotone since this is how I see Stability is. Thus it is a 2/5

The most liked comment and the second pretty much sums up story development. The delusional MC who escaped the reality of where he came from pretty much joins a primitive world that is much more traditional where laws are broken pretty much shows that the MC is a psychopath or just plain crazy. I'm altruistic in my ideals but seeing from my standpoint, the story won't develop much other than him growing in strength and jumping other women. 1/5

Character Design - No complexity in human emotions and just his libido showing in the comments shows just how linear your characters are. They are shallow with no complex line of thought other than strength shows that they all have no brain and guessing from the synopsis (once more) he is probably a psychopath, so you can pretty much mold his personality a lot. 1/5

World Background - You usually reflect some of the world-building in a synopsis since they show the credibility of the author. The fact that you only cared for materialistic desires and wish fulfillment to escape their own reality makes me think you don't care much about your world. World building is akin to imagining what our world would be like in certain scenarios and having the correct attitudes that come along with it, we can imagine the perfect and reflect that ideal in whatever idea is present. 1/5


This review is at face-value of the novel and some of my line of reasoning. Since I have not read the novel at the least, this review has no credibility.

Thus I will read at another date and review once more, copy-pasting this as what I was approaching the novel with. I hope you work out much about your novel just from its presentation and how they can appeal to certain people. To those diehards fan that will read this, this is a review; an opinion. Reviews are there to give precautions of what a novel shows, don't think of it as much as a kind reminder of how bad it is, just a whole general disagreement. This is a novel with a spectrum of haters and diehard fans which shows the certain groups the author is aiming for (which is mostly male) and an estimate of half disagreeing with the novel. A novel that can't appeal to all groups and aim for certain brackets but still manage to get around at most half of the community that disagrees with you shows you the ability as a writer as inflexible and experience of writing.

Ancient Dragon Lord
5 months ago
True, im not even pissed at the blatant racism, as long as this terrible novel dosent go premium I will read just for the terrible impression this author has on other cultures View More

evolvingsquid: LET THE RACISM CONTINUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C182
5 months ago
yea through the alien eye of something View More
Warlock Apprentice · C12
5 months ago
You like harems? Yea so does my dog, and i had to get him nutted so maybe you should do the same. View More

Razor_Claws: I like harems !:(

Fatal Shot
5 months ago
Better than the rest of the harem s h i t in these webnovels View More

Doohie: lmao! Now that would be a twist to the harem genre lol!

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C59
6 months ago
Im sure he is going to use his alchemy knowledge to boost his parents and siblings vitality to its max and then awaken some super op gene View More

TyrantGod: I atleast expected a touching family reunion, but alas the great sage has to traverse his path alone.
Even filler crap like MGA and War Sovereign have MC's that take care of family.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C142
6 months ago
So then the girl or relatives of the MC get to have these OP Powers without any work? Its my opinion but if the MC has to struggle for his lack of talent than everyone else without cheats should have to struggle as well instead of getting a free passage. Why is the MC the only one who offends people in these novels? Why can't the girls deal with their problems on their own... they barely ever help the MC with his problems so why does he have to go and gain another enemy by helping the girl? It is stupid. View More
The Favored Son of Heaven · C38
6 months ago

TheDemonicSaint: He better not spare her, if he does then this novel is confirmed trash and i am sure only retards will spend a spirit stones on this stupid novel.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C48
6 months ago
It was an exaggeration lol but my thinking was through the transitive property, the mc is retarded making the author retarded as well but then what does that make a person reading something retarded by someone retarded? Yup you are right the reader also becomes retarded! View More
The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C48
6 months ago
He better not spare her, if he does then this novel is confirmed trash and i am sure only retards will spend a spirit stones on this stupid novel. View More
The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C48
6 months ago
no one cares about some girl, I am glad the author is sticking to his word and not following the Japanese isekai stereotype View More

Morvian: so earlier he has meal with : 4 sinner guard, 2 sinner young master & 1 young nai-ve rebellious lady that innocent!~

All Existence · C15
7 months ago

Oskisama: Yes, no fcking romance, now gtfo here. Pls

All Existence
7 months ago
filler XD View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C66
7 months ago
For all those that dislike the novel, in the comments keep putting your greivances and dont listen to idiots like this guy who cant understand the fact that somebody disliked something he likes(he probably likes the trash show RWBY too) View More

xTruffles: The content has been blocked

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C58
7 months ago
I think both sides should have their comment deleted. Both people who put 1 star for no reason and those who spam 5 stars just to make the novel look better. The point of reviewing is for people to put real reviews that help new people to see if it is worth to read or not. View More

SamStrike: Of course they delete your review if you always post 1 star, you dont give a single clue of why the novel is bad and 1 star doesnt make sense. No matter how bad the novel is, the Updating stability is always 5 stars with 2 chapters a day, and even if you put 1 in all the other is still come off as 2 stars.

You just put 1 star regardless of everything else, providing no clue why you did. And before saying things like "bUt ThEy DoNt DeLeTe OtHeRs 5 sTarS sPam" think about your own review and not the ones of other people, because it's easy giving the fault to other people for your own excuse (the other spam reviews are not at fault for your own review, you are; and if you put 1 star because of others then you are simply a ret*rd).

No offense btw.

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
7 months ago
Lol, they deleted ur review but they keep all the fake 5 syat reviews where they just spam random emojis. Qidian is amazing. View More

Positive_Lullaby: The content has been deleted

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
7 months ago
This novel is going to make some OP Super Spirit God Gene Girl(aka the Dragon) and a monkey gene boy(aka the MC and ant) and force them to have romance, dont be a hypocrite author. View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C20
8 months ago
You mean you want a harem or relationships where the MC only gets friends because of his power and resources.

Most relationships in these novels is based on the fact that the MC is overpowered and has a lot of resources to give away. They make superficial relationships that are held by the fact that the MC is powerful.

I esspicaply hate when they make the generic super OP little sister or fiancee that he feeds resources that he could use, even though they can hold their own without his help.

I would much rather have an MC be alone than him have superficial relationships, to bad this is a harem story. View More

TwilightReverie: So eleven chapters in and we already have a training tower. and still no real exploration of the protagonists' characters or personality. I guess the author's earlier statement that cultivating is a solitary road means no time will be spent on exploring the protagonist's relationships with others.

Did someone start a race to complete a cultivation story in 100 chapters or something? This work is extremely rushed.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C11
8 months ago

Kiroji: i find it annoying that there seems to be no toughts about is country . he knows how dire the situation is but we never read anything the mc thinks about his opportunity to help them. we only know he does not want to be used again... ;(

True Space Mage · C71
8 months ago
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