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Abordoaj: the mc was a little smart so its impossible to not listen to the advice of system and why the fck did he go berserk for fcks sake and wtf happened here you forced use his wish

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C0
5 days ago

Cabbage_King: Don't really like this chapter.

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C0
5 days ago

apexheavengodking: Author please, please do not make it any kind of drama with him and that man in his consciousness with the man trying to take over his bodywork something stupid like that I've read to many things like that already it is just unnecessary drama.

1 week ago

Virgo_Shaka: and you fu'cked things up man going out of the story a god appear and mc is said to be very very very very weak ass and then a second personality can take over his body that will one day need to fight over his body and then yamato sh'it you didn't even set his lucifer bloodline problem out of the way and you add more and more sh'it to this i told you not to be unreasonable and get things ruined completely i point out your mistakes about lucifer bloodline but you ignore then and then you go and ruin things up more

well congratulation for already a lot of readers is dropping because of your 'not correcting things and ruin things more ' Rule well congratulation and be sure more will drop until you have none

1 week ago
Tsunade 😍 one of my favorite milf with Yasaka from DXD View More
The Supreme Anime System · C32
1 week ago

Falamorx: Go to seven deadly sins then go somewhere fun for a bit like dr.stone so it breaks it up a bit and it’s fun

2 weeks ago

shadowforkilll: seven deadly sins more fight oriented

2 weeks ago

evilpanda279: seven deadly sins

2 weeks ago
Better go to the world of Kenichi. In that world, teachers and grandmasters use advanced fighting techniques, unlike BNHA where they focus on Quirk, they could fight Yomi and Yami. View More

swordgod007: unique is good but many people will not understand and he is not going to atg world...he will go to fairy tail world or seven deadly sins world...so relaxx.

2 weeks ago

Bibon: Nen and Kim are life force. Charka is a combination of Mana and Ki/Qi in some versions of stuff also Mana is a more mind focused power then the life force which is body and dont forget the Soul Powers also just to remember them. They may be a bit too strong for this world lol

2 weeks ago

Zetheryl: Don't forget Sasha, the adorable glutton.

The Most OP'est Titan (AOT fanfic) · C24
2 weeks ago

Freako2323: Honestly, in a novel with an OP character you don’t need them to be challenged. Just writing a slice of life story with various adventures and their interactions with other characters is great. You can also just have him let other people do things and have him be a teacher or a lifenet for them. OP character novels thrive on their personality and interactions with others.

DC: God of Evolution (Dropped) · C0
2 weeks ago
Hahaha ... you are evil. 😈👍

You know you should go to the Godrid valley, pay a visit to Bathilda Bagshot and look for all the information about Dumbledore and Grindelwalt. Even if you go before you lose your mind, you could extract some memories to support your story.

He should also send his elves to Grimauld Place, to bring all the letters and photographs in Sirius's room. When he became a headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, Snape entered and broke all of them in Lili. I could have it if at some point Harry becomes useful, give these as a gift of approach, to generate goodwill and gratitude of the child who lived. View More
Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C56
2 weeks ago
Your novel is not bad.

What is bad is the time between chapters.

I hope you don't drop it. View More
Against The Gods with an Anime System · C32
3 weeks ago
Well ... my favorites are:

> Minamoto no Yorimitsu (Raikou).

> Yasaka (youkai faction)

> Gabriel (angel faction)

The rest are ... interesting, but they don't compare to these three, well maybe Ingvild and Rossweisse ... Graifiya is married ...

She should look for and take Ophis, she could put her servants to train with her, and prevent her from being used by Khaos. Just give it a quiet and sweet place ... View More
Grand Zeno of DXD · C13
3 weeks ago

I_love_Rem: no Raynare

Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C34
3 weeks ago

RionSteiner: Same as the previous one before writing, I hope this time he interact well to people and have some relationship, minimal is ok. And dont have the same goal as previous one which he only pursuit knowledge, watching the event unfold and move on to next world. You know we already watch that and you made MC watch also. Feeling like we watch the scene again.

Gate to the Multiverse · C6
3 weeks ago

Nameless_Godless: Hey author if you're looking for inspiration for kurama's human form look up yama from tower of god they are super similar characters and their personalities are basically identical with minor differences like yama watched his race be treated like slaves and not himself

The White Demon Fox · C29
3 weeks ago
Well, in the den of thieves you can steal as much as you want.

I think it is before going to the other school, you should improve your fighting style, to win not only by force but also in technique. View More

_SYSTEM_Err0r_: I’ve been contemplating that and Ima try to make the Mc use Steal more often in the next arc . But maybe use Snatch to be a dick or troll people you know.

3 weeks ago

ZeusMos: Well to clarify something, he can wish things but they must be within the limit of the Universe, and logically there don't exist no type of force, that is why he didn't wish for something beyond, and as for why not control reality, space, time...because each Universe has its own different laws, which will extend to in the future, for now it is just beginning so there won't be much topic about these things.
Thanks for reading.

Gate to the Multiverse · C5
3 weeks ago

RekiChan: When Pain attacked Konoha he used Shinra Tensei as the opening attack and destroyed almost all of konohagakure. Many shinobi died, some with complete while others with incomplete corpse. The civilians? They disintegrated into nothingness. Nothing was left behind, not even ashes.

But Pain can still resurrect them all even without any body.

I'm not sure from when/where it was mentioned that Gedo Rinne Tensei need a complete body to be possible to be used. It was supposed to be an ability of a God. But it was somehow outdone and far less useful than Edo Tensei that can be done even by a clone jutsu and requires only a hair or centuries old bloodstains.

A Perfected Edo tensei (the one used in Shinobi war 4) also provides true immortality to the ones reincarnated by this jutsu as they won't die no matter how much damaged they took. They have infinite Chakra, infinite stamina, near 100% of their power at their prime. The only way to defeat them is to seal them as not even killing the jutsu performer will unsummon them.

The best part? Everyone can learn to use Edo Tensei while only people with rinnegan can use Gedo Rinne Tensei.

The White Demon Fox · C28
3 weeks ago

it was ... entertaining View More
The World Travelling Immortal · C6
3 weeks ago
Dropped? View More
Red Beast · C9
3 weeks ago
I understand everything you say ... but, the protagonist (I won't call him MC) is too dumb, careless ...

His friend sees the phone and betrays him for the profits he could get, then he goes and keeps showing it to others that could be more problematic ...

Then the use of the system, why not make money and then buy a cargo of canned cans to sell to the people of the Apocalypse ... I would have already obtained enough points to buy the advanced shields, advanced weapons, Drones, cyborg, etc. on the side from the Apocalypse store, his defense and that of his family would have advanced a lot. In addition to selling games or programs to earn more money.

Then buy cell phones, gameboy, etc ... and send them to the immortal world to save points and buy what you want.

But, not the guy, he's just showing technology that can't protect everyone. Just waiting for nobody to steal or attack him. View More
Immortal Apocalypse Marketplace · C16
3 weeks ago
Let the NTR begin... 🤘😈 View More
Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C30
3 weeks ago

Ryofu: The last two chapter break completely the story so far, it seem like another story all together.

When an author tries to make things far more complicated than it should be, it will only lead to a dropped story.

You already have all you need within the One Piece world to make a story, you don't need to forcefully add things that doesn't belong in it just for "plot".

One Piece: Harem King · C30
3 weeks ago
I am so confused... View More
One Piece: Harem King · C30
3 weeks ago
Well I thought the same, if you are going to other universes you should leave someone strong behind, and defending everything could only be difficult.

The only thing that makes me a little reluctant now is, if I had accepted, would this return your "quirk Saiyan" to "legendary quirk Saiyan"?

Since "One for All" gave Toshinori a thin to muscular transformation. Would you have given the MC a legendary saiyan transformation? View More
My Hero Academia - Saiyaman · C13
3 weeks ago
Will you give him some intelligence Reed Richards (1610) "the maker"?

How about a young version of Charlize Theron as Susan Storm. 🔥🔥

Or as Captain Marvel. View More
A Fantastic Four Story: The Rubber God's Legacy · C5
3 weeks ago
Hi, since restart the story, because it does not add the "Games" option.

So be able to go to different games like Detroit, where robots begin to have thoughts of self-protection. Devil May Cry, investigate the demonic power. Etc. View More
Gate to the Multiverse · C1
3 weeks ago
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