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Whatever you do, don't drop this!! It's developing slowly and wonderfully!! View More

lynerparel: It's been hard for the past few days.

Demon Lord's Reincarnation · C102
1 month ago
One of the annoying things is this!! Time heals wounds and this dude lived for millennia but still cries and whines like a b*tch at death of close ones!! Another is his father that piece of fuc*ing sh*t.. Son has gone through war to get you and you cry for your wife!! View More

DeadSoil: Happily he failed, this protagonist is very childish and narcissistic, he thinks everything has to be his way, just pathetic, we humans barely live a century and we have to learn to accept the death of family and friends and learn to be serenity, but not only this protagonist, all mc of this author are like that.

Coiling Dragon · C763
1 month ago
The parents will then never allow Chu Li to come over!! To bring a creep in front of your kids!! View More

geenval: I hope chu lie takes him to the cranes, let the little babies play with him till he suicides

White-Robed Chief · C535
1 month ago
Nice work!! The story is progressing in a well fleshed out manner!! View More
Demon Lord's Reincarnation · C101
1 month ago
So many villains!! Like an infestation!! View More
White-Robed Chief · C529
1 month ago
Kill Leng Tao now... Author don't be a b*tch, just do it!! View More
White-Robed Chief · C527
2 months ago
Obviously Leng Tao's men otherwise how will Zhu fellow join our Chu Li View More

LadyTass2001: Hmm, Chu Li's men or Leng Tao's men? It wouldn't really matter much by then I guess.

White-Robed Chief · C526
2 months ago
Just teaching a lesson about Leng Tao!! Don't forget our MC's passion for uniting love couples... View More

ursus010: Young, green ambitious .. Just Chu Li let him go. Ungrateful idiot!

White-Robed Chief · C525
2 months ago
Is this the real life or is it just fantasy?? View More

MistyDao: Am I actually first or is this lag?

White-Robed Chief · C521
2 months ago
Not just that I feel that that fatty is a romantic!! True to his nature and lives up the bloody moment!! View More

YusukeKurusagi: Wow, this is one of the rare moments when a xianxia makes me feel ... well anything. I like there friendship its very well written.

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C131
2 months ago
And when he tries to lick it, you throw him away saying don't dirty his coffin with your tongue!! Overbearing but less bloodshed 😔 View More

ThrustThunder: "He grasped Caesars’ head, took him to the shoeprints on Rollin’s coffin and said in a cold voice, “Lick it clean.”
What is Overbearing? *THIS* is Overbearing!
And I ~Love It~!

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C129
2 months ago
I'm stopping here due to lack of SS.. Will proceed after 2 days but please tell me he doesn't hurt the baby as it is a product of cuckold of his friend?? View More

combatmaster1o3: Gonna guess Julius is gonna get it. Who's betting the baby isn't even Rollin's. I don't know which is more juicy.

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C127
2 months ago
Mostly Chu Li kills King An, and runs off to Crane Peak and cultivate there till Enlightened Mastery and then comes back to kill the king!! View More

ShrimpSama: If Lady Xiao (the icy one) kill the prince and get revenge by the emperor. I will be triggered so hard and ragequit .

White-Robed Chief · C517
2 months ago
But it's good that side characters also have screen time? Or is it sheet time?? Side character plot development is better than most Chinese novels.. View More

SAA1188: Another chapter with side characters

White-Robed Chief · C516
2 months ago
Tempest temple didn't invite him!! They just stopped trying to kill him!! Started working with him even.. View More

TDK: I only see it in this novel. Usaully someone invite mc, then if he reject, they become enemy and try to kill him. Only in this novel, first trying to kill, and if cannot then invite or become friend

White-Robed Chief · C514
2 months ago
Drop in quality of translation is not new to this novel.. Translation has always been a problem for this novel!! View More

Pharreed: Hmmm seems machine translated or new translator

White-Robed Chief · C510
2 months ago
Maybe they'll also arrange a meeting with tiger royal family for his martial arts advancement!! View More

X_C: So.. Chuli is now the crane’s step kid?!
They feed him, let their kids hang out with him, get him “trainer” to help me develop his skills...

White-Robed Chief · C509
2 months ago

True_Sheol: Perhaps the crane knew he needed a training partner.

White-Robed Chief · C509
2 months ago
He can't even match up to the Crane's food?? And he wants to see a Tiger?? Deathwish!! View More
White-Robed Chief · C509
2 months ago
Seriously?? Not a single spade, hoe or the fallen blade of the adventurer?? She has to dig with her hands?? View More

lynerparel: Her she's a girl, a girl with wolf ears and tail

Demon Lord's Reincarnation · C99
2 months ago
Xiao Qi herself is not confirmed, since she has cut away her emotions!! Our very first candidate Zhao Ying is forgotten now!! But I think relaxing in spirit Crane garden enjoying apricots with Xiao Shi is quite romantic!! View More

True_Sheol: Nobody believes Chu Li when he says that he isn't interested in Xiao Shi or Lu Yurong. So maybe he's in denial. Or the writer is just baiting readers.

White-Robed Chief · C507
2 months ago
Chu Li is a people's person!! He'll sell sand to a Bedouin, and the Bedouin will repay him with good life!! View More

Semuel333: Like always Thank you very much for all the hard work !
I dont know why bat i feel that They agree to easy whit Chu Li. . .

White-Robed Chief · C506
2 months ago
He used 3 chapters!! Could have already made it more dramatic!! Rolled the heads or ask them to look at spikes on the wall mounted with the heads... Waste of SS!! View More

SAA1188: To sow that 3 ****ty heads u need a whole chapter
.. damn u author...

White-Robed Chief · C505
2 months ago
Those inefficient idiots can't even deliver the heads Chu Li have them?? View More
White-Robed Chief · C504
2 months ago
Next chappie heads are gonna roll... On the table more likely!! It's good to see the Spirit Crane Peak has become a sort of place of peace for Chu Li View More

DarkDemonDragonGod: Little do they know Chu I already killed the guys that ambushed them, but even 4 more Church guys

White-Robed Chief · C503
2 months ago

Vrad_Zechs: For the same reason that people don't think Harrison Ford owns Ford Motors.

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C101
2 months ago
Sounds like the Fimbulwinter... View More

NexSerus1: 2more years? Deyum winter!! Anyway i hope that no matter what happens, he should never join the Qian family ever again

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C100
2 months ago
Unfortunately only 1 chapter released :( View More

uselesstofind: an open chapter? thank you.

White-Robed Chief · C499
2 months ago
He shall be rewarded for it!! View More

KaiXing_Wei: That old man is smart

Invincible Kungfu Healer · C210
2 months ago
What just 2 comments even after 13 hours?? Seems like such a drop!! View More
White-Robed Chief · C497
2 months ago
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