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AndrewManko1: Why is it offering a ****ty Taiwanese TV show from 2002? Why not offer something...good? or well known?

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C188
7 months ago

ExtraRice: Body Forging = Stage 1
Official Warrior = Stage 2
Master Warrior = 3
Grandmaster Warrior = 4
Ancestral Warrior = 5

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C149
7 months ago
Oui Lili is on the car/later hiding. All other major zombies exept Mengmeng are in Lin Qiaos space. So Mengmeng seems to be missing completely. View More

Shiroarata: So what happened to Mengmeng? It seems like nothing was said about her.

Zombie Sister Strategy · C291
7 months ago
So what happened to Mengmeng? It seems like nothing was said about her. View More
Zombie Sister Strategy · C291
7 months ago
5 years time skip and not a single new hobgoblin? View More
Goblin Plane · C13
8 months ago

thestatsguy: Website : qidian china
Views : 31.07 million
Rating : 7.8(5146)
Chapters : 1261
Status : completed
Word count : 4.10 million
author rank : platinum

Otherworldly Evil Monarch
8 months ago

Hawkkkkkkkkkk: Arghhh... I don't get how people can rate this story so fucking highly. It's a highly *******ish work but the premise is interesting. But that's the only thing it's got going for it, an interesting premise.

Constantly throughout the story, the author keeps repeating things about the MC, about how he's "trained on the verge of life and death and that's why he'll beat the enemy". And when I say constantly it's really no joke. It's been repeated at least 6 times in the 35 chapters I've read. Every time taking up an entire paragraph about how the enemy is so strong willed and I don't know what.

The author also keeps rewarding the MC with various benefits, all with the pretext that he worked hard for it and that none his age is as hardworking as him. Stop telling me about the f**king character, stop trying hard to make me cheer for him. Show his actions, show his hard work, show his struggles, make me naturally root for him. But the author obviously can't do that because he doesn't ever let the reader think. He doesn't ever lead the reader draw his/her own conclusions and frankly, it's really boring.

Overall the story just lacks effort, and it saddens me because as I said earlier the premise is really fucking good. But that tends to be a trend with web novels and the like. Good ideas, but no writing skills to act on them, resulting in a work that doesn't even qualify as a solid ******* work.

There are far better web novels out there that manage to capture both a good story and good writing. So I would recommend that you don't waste your time on this one. It will only serve to aggravate you

// Ya sorry my translator dude. Imma have to give you a 1-star rating in quality and stability in protest of Qidian's useless rating system. Also wtf, Qidian legit censors the word "A-M-A-T-E-U-R"

Galactic Dark Net
8 months ago

Nefariousgale: Alright do not waste your time reading this. I wasted my life and I just want to set you on right path. This story literally has no ending. The so called ending is just the climax. This final boss gets revealed and it end with everyone going off to beat the final boss. That is it we don't know who wins how it's defeated or anything else. The author...no he not an author he's just a writer. The writer of this story is just trying to make money off a bull**** story he wrote haphazardly. ABSOLUTE WASTE OF TIME YO READ.

Galactic Dark Net
8 months ago

N0xiety: Only read up to 14th chapter but i already can't keep going... There will be very small spoiler in this review but it's not significant for the story at all so you can keep reading...

So small time raiders with like 50 people attack earth and guess what? They are using swords and small time esper powers like fireballs and ice spears...... Where are the laser guns? Where are explosive weapons? Does the space frigate have no weapons at all??? Does earth have no defense system that even small time raiders can enter like it's their own backyard? Just conquer earth if it's that weak already... Why would anyone use esper powers if the power itself isn't even stronger than conventional weapons? Even a ****** hand gun could do the job better than these small time esper powers but NOPEEEE.. Let's use swords and fists to fight like barbarians while we are riding around in a frikin spaceship lol............ Mc kicks one raider in the balls and kills another one with a goddamn pipe........ Seriously!? I guess they don't even wear protective suits or anything right? So they ride in advanced space ships around the universe, but fight like barbarians who can't even defend against a kick and metal pipe.......... Just WOW............

If this isn't stupid you tell me. I just can't keep going after this. It just kills all of the stories potential for me...

Galactic Dark Net
8 months ago
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