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I guess that MC will have many love rivals. View More
Nine Yang Sword Saint · C17
1 day ago
Lol you're fückín stupid View More

Wataterp: The content has been deleted

The Sovereign of Death
2 days ago
What do you mean by "get together"? Like getting married or actually meeting each other? View More

Sorata: Read this book on LNMTL some year(s) ago, and I relatively enjoyed it.
The synopsis makes this book feel like a wish fulfillment novel, but the MC basically struggles throughout the entire book.
Here are some things about this book if you want to get into it:


1) This is a harem novel. If your not into harem, don't read. There is no NTR, so don't worry about the MC getting cucked (in fact, I think the MC is the one stealing ;P). By the end, while I forgot the exact number, I can guarantee he has more than 6 wives. They have a fleshed out personality so you will probably like some of them. And of course, there are *** scenes (kind of).

2) If you reading in anticipation for the MC and the girl in the synopsis to get together (his fiancee), then your in for a long ride. They don't "get together" until near the end of the novel, or past chapter 1000. If you don't like waiting that long, don't read.

3) The MC is a transmigrator from Earth, and as such, he has knowledge from the modern era. In the wars he will face, he will use that knowledge to create chemical bombs, missiles, viruses, etc. Yes, the fact that he is from Earth stays relevant.

4) This part might be wrong since I read it with MTL, but the cultivation is slightly different from other xianxia. Cultivators in this world aren't capable of flight so they rely on beasts to soar the skies, nor can they cultivate to immortality. Rather, the cultivation is like that of "warriors" in other novels. In the beginning, the advancement between cultivation realms starts off like 1 -> 2. Late game, this abruptly changes into something like 1 -> 1.1, so be prepared. And also, there are spaceships :P

5) The ending is pretty good. It details the future of the world and each individual character by the MC's side. You don't have to worry about this novel having a rushed / bad ending.

6) Super babies.

There might be stuff I missed or got wrong, but I think this is enough. You will see the MC struggle in his path to supremacy with his pig slaughtering technique. You will love, hate, and pity some of the characters. While I liked the book, I can agree that this book is not for everyone. If you don't like any of the above points, then don't read. As this novel is over 1000 chapters, the translation will probably take 2 years if it is 2/day, or 3+ years if its 1/day, so your in for a lengthy wait if you want to read this novel to the very end. Otherwise, enjoy.

Nine Yang Sword Saint
2 days ago
I hope Ximen Yanyan dies View More
Nine Yang Sword Saint · C15
3 days ago
Well this was sad. But that sadness quickly disappeared when the fact he's naked for more than a year killed that sad feeling. View More
Nine Yang Sword Saint · C8
3 days ago

Yunoez: Appreciating the prince's personaility. I hope he doesn't change completly upon finding out some of MC's secrets and attempt to kill him, since he seems like he could be a kice future friend for a future arc.

Last Wish System · C149
3 days ago

JJOKERR: Sad Wyba ain't getting any praise :(

Last Wish System · C149
3 days ago

Estatica: The princes attitude veers away from the cliche storyline of normal novels. That is unless he enlists Yale's help in getting the throne, then it's back to normal.

Last Wish System · C149
3 days ago

silverking: Glad to see that the prince is not arrogant and this is not a cliche of the prince clashing with the MC due to jealousy.

Last Wish System · C149
3 days ago

Wataterp: I smell copycats... **** you, u copying from TenSura bdhdhdhhddhhshdhfufjdjdjdhdjdj feel good for me and I never thought there were no other way round 1

Reincarnated as a slime?
5 days ago

Daoist_3_pies: Welp..... Stupid minion number 3 you just won the mystery prize. Your mystery prize we'll be a all all expenses paid, relaxing , and exciting trip to the pits of a frozen he'll.

Last Wish System · C122
1 week ago

Alexikon: I bet, the mother will spread some false lies about yale and wyba so they get hunted

Last Wish System · C121
1 week ago

Eternity_River: A wild fiancée appeared!

[Fight] [Items]
[Pokémon] [Run]


Can’t escape!

Last Wish System · C79
1 week ago

JPNovelFan: The old dude said his name at the end of his speech. How did you miss that? If you’re asking how he knew that there were some Tofesh decendants outside the barrier, it was already mentioned that one of the noble clans was the Tofesh clan. He simply put 1+1 together once the old dude said his name. How did you miss that???

Last Wish System · C77
1 week ago

Jessiejr21: I like it when Arthurs don't make the characters stupider than rocks.

Last Wish System · C60
1 week ago

ZEBdrago: that mysterious man/woman must be Yale's plot armor

Last Wish System · C60
1 week ago

Curse_Mark: I’d cut off haruk’s legs, arms, his no no’s, and his tongue and then use natural healing on him

Last Wish System · C48
1 week ago


Last Wish System · C48
1 week ago

HumblyBear: wtf dude chill

Last Wish System · C38
1 week ago

LazyDemon: Ange : Come too my house little girl you can have free candy (training with sword & magic ) + hugging a little wolf
nothing bad will hapen to you....... yet.

Last Wish System · C38
1 week ago

Tommaso: I think the expert is a "she", the lover of yale in the previous life

Last Wish System · C36
1 week ago
Calm down. How tf is she a slut. She wants to avoid being sold off, whats wrong with that... View More

Archena: I hate Aizu. She is a selfish bit.ch. And why hero would need a low level trash to practice magic? Yes, she is a trashy slu.t. Will only hold back our hero. Test your talent, many teachers will jump to your lap to be your private tutor. And, early morning practice? Why not go for mid night excercise????

Last Wish System · C33
1 week ago

b0ss: I feel like aizu is kind of irrelevant because she doesn't have anything special about her.

Last Wish System · C26
1 week ago
Only a few seconds for EXPERTS. Read carefully before ranting *facepalm* View More

CrimeBank2: Wow needed half a minute to dispell? But in the clan gatherig it says illusions spells only last for a few seconds... wtf? Who needs dispell if illusion will dissapear after few seconds? And it was from an expert at that? Seriously author...

Last Wish System · C25
1 week ago

NovelNewbie354: First friend for yale?

Last Wish System · C23
1 week ago

Irfan999: Choose 4. Be the unique one.

Last Wish System · C6
1 week ago

Daoist_Zheng: What if Biggra was given to female to eat? I'm quite curious 🤣

The Strongest System · C135
1 week ago

lordjesus: MC: “do you want sum fuk?”
Beautiful lady: “Yes.”
Thus, they had sum fuk.

........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........

The Lust System
2 weeks ago

FSGInsainity: 《Black Tiger Steals Heart》 It's gotta be groping. No other possibility. At least he now has a move to use against women.

The Strongest System · C32
2 weeks ago

MikaRainblow: It occurred to me that the title of Sun Wukong after he returned from the west was God of War. Thus the God of War System must have come from him him and was originally meant for a monkey.

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C115
2 weeks ago
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