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Original Works

  • Rebirth of The Demon God in Mortal World

    Rebirth of The Demon God in Mortal World


    The most powerful Demonic God in the Demon and God Realm who cause a massacre whenever he appear unfortunately fell as he was betrayed by his own woman, the number one beauty in the God Realm. Watch how he reincarnated in the mortal world and how he got back his revenge with his vengeful, cruel, and bloodthirsty nature! But of course before that he still wants to enjoy the life of being a mortal in the mortal realm!

  • Rebirth of the Evil Emperor

    Rebirth of the Evil Emperor


    Fei, The Evil Emperor was a very terrifying existence in the Immortal Realm that even speaking his name is a crime. It has been 20,000 years since he last showed up, some old monsters who have sufficient cultivation to sense him found out that he entered the most dangerous forbidden place that even the previous overlord never showed up anymore, The Abyss. But who would have thought that the Evil Emperor that they thought have already died didn't die at all! He was actually able to rebirth in the body of a young in the lower world called Earth. Let's follow Evil Emperor's journey as he conquer everything in his way, and also to find out the secrets that lies within the forbidden place!

  • Evil Sovereign

    Evil Sovereign


    The extremelt mysterious and terrifying assassin in Earth, The Evil Sovereign unfortunately died as he was caught off by the betrayal of his woman which resulted him being ganged up by hundreds of top tier assassins. He knew that no matter how mysterious and terrifying he was, he can only bring down 80 people with him as he died with grievance staring at his woman, Qing Xue who's watching him dying. But who would have thought that his wisp of soul mysteriously travelled in another world and possessed the body of a dying young man, Lin Song!

  • Corrupted God: Conquering The Beauties

    Corrupted God: Conquering The Beauties

    Magical Realism

    In the era of Gods, a war broke out due to a treasure but what they didn't know was that those who approached the treasure will become corrupted, in other words they will become Corrupted Gods that will follow their heart's wish instead of the teachings of Ancestral Gods. And because of the earth-shattering war the Realm of Gods has been destroyed, which made the existence of Gods become a myth after 100,000 years passed by. But who would have thought that a Corrupted God who died in the war possessed the body of a young man called Fan Yu Xie, in the planet called Earth. Let's follow Fan Yu Xie's as he conquers every beauty that he finds interesting while slowly unravel the mystery of his rebirth and the existence of the Gods. Note: I'm still new in writing so please bear with me.

  • When A Demon God Rebirth As A Human

    When A Demon God Rebirth As A Human

    Magical Realism

    Due to a Scroll, a war among Gods erupted as it was said the Scroll carried a power that can make any God become Supreme among all the Gods. Black holes and terrifying thunders are everywhere, blood and corpses filled the entire earth. This was the most disastrous war ever happened in the history of Gods. Ji Yuan, the most notorious Demon God was filled with extreme injuries after stealing the Scroll while also trying to escape from the other Gods who are currently chasing him. Unfortunately he knew he cant live anymore since he can feel his life force seeping out. "Damn it! I regretted stealing this fucking scroll. Well then let's die together!" Ji Yuan roared as he turned back to his enemies and exploded with them. But what he didn't know was that after he exploded, the Scroll chose him to become the next Eternal Supreme God thus giving him the chance to rebirth! ---- Let's go find out what will Ji Yuan do when he found out that he rebirth in a human body in a modern world and the story of him becoming the Eternal Supreme God! -- Note: I am not good in english so I hope you can bear with it. Also I do not own the picture.

  • Transmigrated Celestial God

    Transmigrated Celestial God

    Eastern Fantasy Mature Ruthless Organization

    In Alfera Continent there are Seven Gods and they call themselves Celestial Gods. They overlook the inhabitants of the Alfera Continent as well keep it from invasion which came from another world. One of the Celestial Gods is called Niflheim, he was going to ascend which is known as the Creation God after hundred of thousand years of hardwork. This also made the other six Celestial Gods envious and was also being isolated by them for being the most youngest among all of them. Unfortunately while Niflheim was undergoing to become the Creation God, the Six Celestial Gods attacked his domain. Although he was the strongest however he isn't as strong to fight the six Celestial Gods, thus when he was disrupted his body collapsed and even his domain fell from the continent which also killed many people. "Niflheim, you shall not ascend before us. Dieeeee!" Heros roared accompanied by the other Celestial Gods as they attacked the domain of Niflheim using their entire power causing Niflheim to be disrupted. "Zarath, Heros, Nazar, Darkus, Luzardos, Xan'zan, I curse you all to never reach the Creation God Realm!" Niflheim roared at the Celestial Gods in front of him after seeing his body slowly dissipating due to being disrupted under tribulation. "You can only blame yourself, Niflheim. We've been living for almost five million years yet we haven't even reach the Creation God, yet, you who was once a mortal and has only live for five hundred thousand years was able to ascend?!" Zarath roared sinisterly while the voice in it also contain envy. Niflheim then gambled by using his remaining power to open the barrier that covered the universe, he wanted to survive by gambling hoping his soul will be able to survive in another world, another universe. "You will never be able to reach the Creatio-" Niflheim's roar was interrupted as his body dissipated as if he was never there due to the backlash by failing to ascend. -------- Niflheim was a Celestial God one step away from reaching the Creation God. However due to jealousy the other Celestial Gods attacked him which caused him to fail and die, however fate and luck did not let him down. Instead his gamble won, instead he was sent in a strange universe, in a planet called Earth! Niflheim also promised to himself that he might as well enjoy his life by flirting with girls rather than becomimg a God again.

  • Ji Zuan, The Evil Eternal God

    Ji Zuan, The Evil Eternal God

    Eastern Fantasy

    Ji Zuan was once a True God in another universe, however, due to his cruel and vicious nature, he nearly destroyed the entire universe by attempting to sacrifice half of the living beings in the universe just to reach the last known realm, Eternal God. Ji Zuan's father, the only Eternal God was angered by his son's actions and luckily he was able to save them. Thus, because of that Ji Zuan encountered a backlash and destroyed his entire cultivation and became a mortal once again. "Ji Xuan! You damn son, if you can't change your nature then I will never bring you back here." Ji Hongzuan roared to Ji Zuan after he saved the half sacrificial beings. Then, a black hole swallowed the mortal Ji Zuan and sent him to another universe by his father. "I don't care if you will sacrifice the living beings there, Ji Zuan. But if I see that your nature did not change even if you lost everything then I will never let you enter our universe." "You damn old thing, if I can come back here I'll surely beat you up." Ji Yuan roared after knowing he cannot escape. "Son, I know your heart became cruel and vicious after your kind mother was killed by them. I hope that someday, people living in that universe can somehow cure your heart." Ji Hongzuan said while looking at the far far away and a tear managed to escape from the corner of his eyes. ------------------------ What do you think will Ji Zuan do? Will he sacrifice the people in there? Will he decide to experience the normal life? Or will he decide to sacrifice the living beings there? Who really knows? So come and join me to find out what Ji Zuan will do!


Isn't his mother too retarded? She's actually making him hate him to the point she accidentally made her son become a monster yet she blamed him for it? Clearly a retard. If she didn't make her son hate his father this wouldn't happen, duh. She just made a sociopath yet blames his son for his monster side, too idiotic. View More
child marriage · C7
4 hours ago
No mass release author? View More
Celestial Peak · C142
7 hours ago
If he wants an easy life why would he instead act in a soft manner while the guy is acting in a hard way? Aren't you just deliberately trying to accept more troubles? Instead, I don't even know why he cannot refuse a sect master's order when the other disciple has a trashy attitude if it was me i would have long killed him, clearly the first time they met is already a trouble. View More
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C38
4 days ago
Mass releeaseeeeeeeeee View More
The Man from Hell · C26
1 week ago
There's no more chapters author? Already dropped? View More
I´m the school beauty´s bodyguard! · C17
1 week ago
Mass release bro, seriously I'm getting tired being tortured for waiting. View More
Celestial Peak · C122
1 week ago
Fuckkkkk so cliche, we need more chapterssssss damn it i cant wait for tomorrow. View More
The Man from Hell · C24
1 week ago
Returning From The Immortal World is one of my favorites as well but it will no longer be that good once the arc about in immortal has been finished.

Realms of Myths and Legends, sure the mc indeed acts like an old monster however what it lacks is the story about 'earth' it all focused on the game what's also another sad thing is it only has 300+ or more chapters.

Tales of Demons and Gods, this one is indeed good however it was not the same as this novel because the mc in this novel is much more 'op' and also it has a comedic situation while in the latter part will also be good as well. So TDG is much more on the serious side while this novel isn't.

Emperor's Domination? Yeah, the mc here is indeed op however it did not have the same comedic action, what's even worse is the novel is getting ****ty that he has to destroy his cultivation and start again.

Reverend Insanity, this is one of my favorites as well, however, however, there are times that you need to read some somewhat 'wish fulfillment' novel because that one was too serious and might even be hard to stomach from others.

Overall, I didn't say this is the best among the best however what I can truly say is this is the best rebirth yet somewhat 'wish fulfillment' to me and I didn't say it's the best among all other rebirths. View More

GonadSmasher08: How much does the author pay you to write sich a review?

How ignorant are you to say such thing? Base on your review you haven't read a lot of original novel out there.

Many different novel has a lot of MC that was once a great power but reincarnated by some circumstances amd they have pretty much advantage compare to others for example

Returning from the immortal world
Realms of myths and legends
Tales of demons and gods
Emperor's domination
Reverend insanity

The Man from Hell
1 week ago
Why did he not experiment with his blood or body whether he can use it to develop another immortal or at least has a longer life span? View More
The Immortal Mutant Teen · C47
1 week ago
Finally, the mistakes from the previous chapter have been fixed. However, the new mistake is that there are only a few chapters and it's making me go insaneeeee. Come on, and mass releaseeeeeeeeee. View More
The Man from Hell · C22
1 week ago
This novel would've been better if it was a reincarnated mc. View More
Chronicles Of The Shura Clan · C8
1 week ago
I don't care if the problems are simply like this but we need a mass release for god's sakeeeeeeeeee. Fuckkkkkkkk I waited for an entire day yet it was not fuckinggg enouuughhhh come and mass release and i shall give you my spirit stonessssssss View More
The Man from Hell · C18
1 week ago
Update more before I'll go to sleep, after all, I've been waiting for the time to reach 12:00 am so there will be a chapter in this novel. Let's goooooo View More
Celestial Peak · C117
1 week ago
Though there are some problems in some chapters however it's still readable and what's more, it is enjoyable! However, the chapters are pitifully few so please mass releaseeeeeeee ill even give my spirit stones to this aaaaahhh View More
The Man from Hell · C14
2 weeks ago
Unfortunately, this one will have a harem in the future and we can see the hint in early chapters so this is more like a wish-fulfillment novel. View More

FangMing: Question: Is there harem? Because I hate harem.

The Man from Hell
2 weeks ago
This is quite a good novel and I wish for this one to have a romance or harem since it's getting dull. Oh, can you please why the mc keeps feeling miserable? Didn't he get the second chance to fix his mistakes in his previous life? It really makes me confused and a bit irritated but everything's good and I thought he would be a pussy when killing but he did not so please continue updating! View More
The Life Hacker System · C25
2 weeks ago

Piggy: This novel is just like the others, but different statuses. Honestly, this is just getting tiresome and boring.


The Man from Hell
2 weeks ago

frenchray1: This novel is one of the best rebirth or reincarnation so far. Some rebirth or reincarnation novels are pretty bad that the mc in it does not seem an old monster since their rebirth did not manage them to get an advantage to the rest, but the mc in this novel has it. What's even interesting is we won't need to worry about the mc since he is an unscrupulous person, accompanied by comedic situations. What we need right now is a mass release!! Give this novel a try surely you'll like this!!

The Man from Hell
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C12
This novel is one of the best rebirth or reincarnation so far. Some rebirth or reincarnation novels are pretty bad that the mc in it does not seem an old monster since their rebirth did not manage them to get an advantage to the rest, but the mc in this novel has it. What's even interesting is we won't need to worry about the mc since he is an unscrupulous person, accompanied by comedic situations. What we need right now is a mass release!! Give this novel a try surely you'll like this!! View More
The Man from Hell
2 weeks ago
Welp dunno what's scary here unless he's going to exterminate even their families. Also, the torture that the mc did was quite off, welp not psychological enough to accept the 'scary' title that the author tried to add. View More
I'm the King Of Technology · C50
2 weeks ago
The early chapters were good especially the grammar however the later, the grammar started to become confusing that I don't even understand what's happening anymore. Of course, I'm not a grammar nazi I just wanted a readable novel however it seems you need to fix them, after all, I find your novel very interesting. Lastly, the more chapters I read the more the 'carefree' is no longer suitable for this. I can feel a bunch of variables that will happen in the future, but I guess that what makes this novel different from those who have similarities. View More
Sovereignrr · C0
2 weeks ago
If this mc won't kill the guy ill drop this novel. View More
I'm the King Of Technology · C49
2 weeks ago
Please fucking moar chapters, I couldn't take it anymoarrrrr View More
Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C21
2 weeks ago
I wish the mc would still remain as ruthless/cruel the way the author depicted him. If this would proceed into face smacking then i'd surely drop this since this would become the same of other novels. This novel requires what others doesn't have such as the mc will be much more ruthless and does not go to seek women but rather the girls will do it somehow but not too much, and also this also needs twist when it comes to fighting. I've seen similar novel like this and the mc always have an 'enemy' that he did not know, so I hope it wont be like this as it would be too similar to the other novels that we've read. View More
I´m the school beauty´s bodyguard! · C16
2 weeks ago
Though it's a little bit exaggerated however it wasn't bad really. However many readers will find this one unbearable, but I do appreciate this one. Those who truly know how dark humanity are will not be disgusted by this, but in fact will nod their heads since this is also the dark side of humans. If they can't even accept this then they are not yet ready to see the ugliness of humans, therefore they will find this disgusting which would made me quite amuse of their ignorance. This type of situations had already happened in reality many times, and because of this I find the mc much more real human rather than acting such a merciful person. View More
Gilga Kill! · C16
2 weeks ago
I mean seriously I don't know why the mc keep helping his brother and sister so much that he's even willing to teach them the most important cultivation technique he has. He's going to teach them a technique which can kill a God yet they haven't even learn how to kill a person, what's even worse is that those kids might get kidnapped. View More
Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C79
2 weeks ago
To be honest the woman didn't shout for help but only beg to the mc due to her remaining responsibility that shackled her. She is an upright person who still remembered her responsibility as a married person, however it was just like this, her mind was already clouded with lust and if you didn't like the person doing it to you then you wouldn't have thought about doing it with him, also she didn't even bother crying for help but rather just suppressing her lust and guilt which was clearly a statement that she likes it. Thus I believe though this may be considered somewhat rape however what's truly the right term is 'reluctance', the woman felt reluctant at first but gradually accepted it but it still belong to rape nevertheless as long as the mc treated him nicely then everyone will be happy. Also we can change our perspective by thinking the mc did this for revenge, and don't get mad or disgusted because of that since that, in fact, happened in reality so one must accept the darkness about humans. So overall though the mc did somewhat rape the woman however it still justified if he were going to say he just did it because the captain provoked him, if he didn't provoke him would he even bothet stealing the married woman? So we can only blame for the unluckly captain here. View More
Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C20
2 weeks ago
It wasn't bad but it would be great if he could've made organization through either brainwash or his charm or the way he handles people rather than making them a slave. Also what I noticed here is the mc is getting overshadowed bit by bit by the princess, if I didn't knew at first that the mc here is the hero then i'd surely think it's the princess. So I hope you can at least make mc show his either psychopathic side but I haven't seen it aside from the woman though, I wouldn't have to comment this if the mc is calculative but it was the princess again causing me to have her as a "highly functioning psychopath" while the mc has turned into somewhat a right hand rather than depicting him as the main character. View More
Reincarnated Hero Kills the Summoner · C16
3 weeks ago
And here I thought it would be at least a little bit detailed, that made me somewhat disappointed, lol. View More
Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1053
3 weeks ago
Mass release plz View More
Celestial Peak · C99
3 weeks ago
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