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Original Works


Even tho Alexander is an overused name but at least its better than Spencer View More
1 week ago

Solarious: Mind blown 😲

The Frost Demon of Universe 7 · C25
1 week ago
When is he going to get his shikai? View More
Itachi Rebirth: A Shinigami Tale · C36
3 weeks ago

Crimel: I dont known about you guys but this story is quite refreshing
And the mc is not that bad
I've seen a lot worse than this
In conclusion this story is realy good ...well at least for me

Man Against Gods (ATG) · C5
3 weeks ago
Shinsui is everage but definitely not ugly View More

BURNING: Shisui is ugly.

3 weeks ago
No, ten is ridiculous 3-4 is good enough. View More

DamianSegorski: I'm loving the story, also author the reason is a portion of the webnovel community hate harem for really no reason sometimes i personally am neutral if character development is good and the MC doesn't get a girl to fall in love with him instantly its all good and a single girl is also good depending on the author's writing style I think this story is awesome so far as long as you don't quit I dont see too many problems.

Also are you thinking of adding anymore girls just curious if so I would say unless your confident in not completely focusing on the girls and still jave character development I would suggest no more than ten but in the end also do you have any ideas of more girls so far?

In MHA With Madara’s powers · C5
3 weeks ago

Lucyfer_Nightstar: Sigh*.....I'm just gonna comeback after he gets the fruit, this is fucking boring Markus did almost nothing in this chapter, he feel like a spectator to me not a straw hat crew he doesn't have that vibe you know?.

Playing One Piece · C21
4 weeks ago
Sigh*.....I'm just gonna comeback after he gets the fruit, this is fucking boring Markus did almost nothing in this chapter, he feel like a spectator to me not a straw hat crew he doesn't have that vibe you know?. View More
Playing One Piece · C21
4 weeks ago

Slesk: We thought he died but that old man was too willy to die, he just went to another world to continue being awesome =D

Tower of God: Chaos Bringer · C28
4 weeks ago

NEETsemsalvasao: isaac netero

Tower of God: Chaos Bringer · C28
4 weeks ago

AdrianVeidt: Actually if zero can reply his statement before DoJack dies it would be hillarious...

DoJack : Please spare my people
Zero : actually, i just came here to establish planetry. trade trade*with non chalant tone*
DoJack : Nani!!?? No no noooooo *erased from existance

The Frost Demon of Universe 7 · C13
1 month ago
How do you know there's 200 words? View More

HuskyWarrior: I've seen Chapters only 200 words long this is pretty decent and hey it updates prettyyy good😁👍

Ghost of the Uchiha · C107
1 month ago

Lucyfer_Nightstar: Fork! You guys camping here?!....third

Ghost of the Uchiha · C97
1 month ago
90% of this chapter is filler lmao View More
Playing One Piece · C20
1 month ago
Fork! You guys camping here?!....third View More

LiveMan: Dangit!
Thanks for the chapter.

Ghost of the Uchiha · C97
1 month ago

RUE_12: You know I just realised if ki is life ENERGY then how could goku use ki when his dead(soul form)..........🙄

Breaking Limits: A DBZ Fan-fic · C9
1 month ago

Morkez: Nice to see how otherworldly knowledge and maturity measures up with genius. Well Kakashi wouldnt have reached this level without Yoshi’s help and assistance so can’t really measure it against the original Kakashi to compare his growth with a true genius.

Enjoying the novel. Awaiting more

The Pride of the Uzumaki Clan [Long Chapters] · C2
1 month ago

Layfon: Genius this and genes that. Where's yoshi's vitality helping his body recover post workout? He should have more stamina, speed and strength from his faster recovery hence more progress.

That's what had Naruto going, the bloodline perks

The Pride of the Uzumaki Clan [Long Chapters] · C2
1 month ago

Coeur_noirs: He dont need suit he can breath in space with his wish

Ascending to Supremacy · C4
1 month ago
But he being exist is already changing stuff right? View More

ConfusedZombie: The thing is if he is too active, things will change and what he can remember will not be worth it. Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect theory? A small flutter of a butterflies wings in the amazon causes tornados in Ohio. Something along those lines. He changes stuff, stuff changes.

Playing One Piece · C15
1 month ago

Ather47: Mc beign too passive

Playing One Piece · C15
1 month ago

Nirvanic_Sun: Zoro was a bounty hunter. Do you really think he knocked people out with his sword before knowing haki? Even if he knocked them out, every bounty he turned in is dead by now. Let's not forget all of the ships they sunk in the middle of the grand line. The weather has killed people in boats, do you think people can swim to an island?

Playing One Piece · C15
1 month ago

DiCelso: Isn't this MC very naive? He let go to kuro instead of handing him over to the Marine ... then when he recovers he will go back to the island ... kill everyone and the straw hats will no longer be there to help .... 😒

Playing One Piece · C11
1 month ago

Nirvanic_Sun: You said the original plot would be different, but it's only different in the way that every other fan fic that follows the original plot is different. Fight some of the enemies that show up and use future knowledge to change some of the things you don't like.

Your story is way better than the ones that time skip everything with no character interactions, but I hope that there are more than slight changes in the future.

You could have had the mc be near jaya and wait for the straw hats there while staying near cricket if you just wanted the goro goro no mi. He knows that luffy's 100 million bounty will be published the day he reaches jaya.

You need to start practicing making your own plot by making bigger changes now or you will be completely lost when he eventually gets the goro goro no mi. You should start noting down the changes you want to make on each island before he gets to them and outline the plot you want to use after he leaves the strawhats before you make it to that point

Playing One Piece · C10
1 month ago

Rashio: Oh how sad it would be if Fugaku just happens to die to Danzo's men which makes the beautiful Mikoto available...oh how sad that would be..

Ghost of the Uchiha · C78
1 month ago

Dekuro: Spencer, the oldest king of mankind, from when the world was one, ruler of ancient uruk

1 month ago
Its fanfic....... there's no logic you can **** with. View More

armughan: I can't understand one thing in fanfics that if ROB is giving you something how can you become stronger than him like if he can give it to he can also give it to himself and also improve it.Don't reply as, it's a fanfic so fu*k logic.

Ascending to Supremacy · C1
1 month ago

BigToFu: He can't judge anyone the guy is a high level genius living the life of a bumb. 😤 At the end of the day all that morality get you unloved and under payed. All that intelligence destroyed by teenage angst lol.

Spider-Man: Duty and Loss · C13
1 month ago

XuanXuan: Harem = Trash story? Who the fu.ck are you guys to dictate that?

Just because you don’t like the genre for some reason doesn’t mean the genre is trash and doesn’t have good story.

I admit that almost 90% of harem novels in this platform is trash, but give new novels a chance to tell its story before criticizing it for being a ‘bad/trash novel’ just because you know that it’ll be a harem.

The Spider is a good example of a good harem novel.

Spider-Man: Duty and Loss · C5
1 month ago

Archdemon: Please say no more because you're making me scared

Spider-Man: Duty and Loss · C2
1 month ago
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