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yeah but you did a pretty good job in displaying the character and their emotion as a whole View More
Star Wars New Order · C17
9 minutes ago
then say that on thenovel but integrate it View More

AutarchRebirth: The mc was driving back from visiting friend out of town he had to take the interstate highway to go to San Francisco part of the interstate is near the forest his car lost power near that stretch of road hopefully that help you out

Rise of Myth: Heir to Valor · C1
29 minutes ago
i doubt so View More

BlazAnzic: Am I the only one who thinks the system is not a system but is just the mc going crazy because he hit his head?

Seized by the System · C36
2 days ago
love can achieve the impossible although it also helps that he loves and she's super fucking hot like her daughter View More

Loldassjs: It takes one hell lot of courage to sleep and get laid with madam zhao.
Old man zhao you have my respect.

Seized by the System · C35
2 days ago
all i know is that is one long ass speech on fuerdai scamming in china View More

Leylin_Farlier: I'm an American who went to China to teach English for a year. I was often targeted by fuerdai in my cram school to go partying as the token American white dude. I've seen how these cram students party. They will go to a little club, order 30$ bottles of non alcoholic beer and ****ty expensive "western" (but actually almost entirely chinese expect it looks a bit western) food, end up paying for their entourage and buying rounds for the room, making bills of 5,000-30,000RMB easily. This is several fuerdia mind you, not just one. In China the culture of networking and showing off your wealth status is easily worth the money and many wealthy parents have no problem with their kids spending it to show off and gather friends, the parents would be more upset if their kid spent 300RMB on skins or game content than if the same kid spent 10,000RMB a month to party with friends. Many parents of these fuerdia use their kids spending to show off to their own friends about how good of providers they are. I've seen then stuff tons of RMB into the cleavage of hostesses and pay nearly double their bills just to show off an say "30,000 or 50,000, no worry no worry, lets just make it an easier number" and transfer 50,000RMB to the club. The poor students or the students without excess never behaved this way, but very few fuerdai are low key enough to not show off like this. I blame it mostly on being new money and being expected to show off......

Word of advice, never ever try to borrow money from a fuerdai. Spend 10,000 RMB on a meal, no problem, need to borrow 200RMB? No way, or sign this contract, or at what interest rate. Before these fuerdai will lend money they would just solve the problem all together, such as "Brother, my bike chain snapped, can I borrow a few RMB for a replacement?", the fuerdai would just buy their follower a brand new bike and say cringey sh*t like "Follow me and you won't need to worry about chains, but bikes."

Seized by the System · C32
2 days ago
well **** you it's good and he's realistic as protaganist and here's not racist he's just very nationalistic person and perverted go **** yourself if your a guy in that situation you would be more perverted than him and he's just mildly perverted plus his personality feel very right to his character cause no one always makes the right choice no one always one step ahead of everyone there are always flaws within a person and their charaacter and when you make a character you've got to always make sure they have flaws physical or mental because what makes a character good is when they have flaws their real and they're not always perfect plus for a character who copys and pastes a lot of the things he had in his world to the new one he always makes sure he does it in the right way not just putting every in there all at once but slowly progressing his fame and doing it his way and changing the material to suit him sometimes when needed which i respect . becuase he tries his best in a unforgiving world and does his best to respect the artist and the things he copys into this world so **** you and **** your life for judging a wonderfully crafted character like him because he stand's up for what he belives in and doesn't take **** for granted and always does things to best of his abilites to **** and **** your future spouse or if you have one now **** them cause i'll make sure they're ****ed to oblivion ignorant cuck bastard View More

Sonamey: At the start it was quite interesting but as the novel progressed the MC became racist,stupid, illogical and perverted.I have totally stopped reading it.If it gets better I'll try again.

I’m Really a Superstar
2 days ago
okay... View More

PRLXThanatos: ... I know what I said

Game of Thrones FANFIC: Lycan · C41
2 days ago
don't you mean days instead of gays View More

PRLXThanatos: Love the story, btw is there a reason you're releasing 3 chapters today? like you wont be able to post for the next few gays or something?

Game of Thrones FANFIC: Lycan · C41
2 days ago
Reading Status: C1
the writing is a little pretentious and the word and sentencing rely to much on elegance to capture the story also when dying boy was well dying i felt review wasn't the the best word to use when someone is actually recounting a a even a memory or image or maybe life if you wanna get full on and also you didn't tell the sad backstory in the most convincing way mostly because you used the sad backstory too much to carry the prologue and it really plus the foreshadowing with the quill was a nicely too obvious touch View More
Rebirth in a Magical World
4 days ago
said sherlock holmes and every detective ever even me although i'm not a detective just a person with good deductive reasoning View More

DragonGodSmith3000: You don’t know that. Remember this is a alternate universe story line. In marvel and dc unless you see a body and it’s been turned to ashes they can and do come back. Remember brainiac also has entire race of kryptonans in one of his captured worlds. My point anything can happen. Also I won’t respond agin on this subject it’s not my novel im along for the ride an can only speculate what will or won’t happen based on the clues given.

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C11
4 days ago
yeah but still following by logic since this isn't the comics the dc world would be the same as the comic just with little tweaks in it to add like the brother joh-el but their very small and won't remember the knowledge as . much even if his race does have enhanced intellect and fighting abilities compared to humans he still was a baby when . it did happen so even if his father did show him what happened to him his family and krypton and he's does want to travel to find his brother it will have been to hard because he already has things tying him down to earth like lois the people earth the daily bugle although the last one is a little superficial detail on why he stays on earth but still as important because even the smallest details matter View More

DragonGodSmith3000: You don’t know that. Remember this is a alternate universe story line. In marvel and dc unless you see a body and it’s been turned to ashes they can and do come back. Remember brainiac also has entire race of kryptonans in one of his captured worlds. My point anything can happen. Also I won’t respond agin on this subject it’s not my novel im along for the ride an can only speculate what will or won’t happen based on the clues given.

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C11
4 days ago
yeah but the parents were pretty much killed and so was the planet View More

DragonGodSmith3000: You also don’t know if the parents were sent somewhere as if you most of where they where at got things sucked in who’s to say they didn’t as well or wouldn’t try again never underestimate parents love for their kids and the willingness to try again just to join him if they didn’t make it as well on another planet

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C11
4 days ago
yeah wells stuck in that universe and even if did find some way to go into the dc multiverse he's still have to find his little brother the original one in his original universe and also as he develops friendships and relationships he's gonna have less a chance of wanting to fully leave them just to see his one living leative even if he loves them View More

DragonGodSmith3000: No. The goal has also been to reunite with his family and make sure they are ok. That would literally drive someone mad if they didn’t know if family members were alive after experiencing a hurricane or bad storm in his case the portal accident.

I am sure the mc will focus on science along with the studies of marital arts as one will help him figure out how to get home or check things out the other a way to protect himself. What I want to know is when will he learn magic?

When it happens I vote dr Druid or Doctor Voodoo then ancient one as they aren’t used much but are expected to show up soon along with Shang chi master of marital arts either way exploration and magic is only way to access dc other then the suitcase an that’s not easily accessible

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C11
4 days ago
yeah but he still shouldn't go that dc route cause it's kinda betraying the whole point of his novel cause the point is he's transported to the marvel world as a brother of kal-el and is now living in a different world than his plus doubt the god's no matter how much of a dick they are are gonna transport the guy constantly their not a interdimensional taxi service View More

DragonGodSmith3000: Depends what the author does like marvel the gods also play a role in havoc an mayhem caused while
Also being beneficial toward planet earth healing it **** titans even fight the titans of myth although weakend an win the African pantheon members some get tricked an cause problems my point depends what he pulls from in the comics or research.

heck even Wraith of dc who has a kid with supergirl is stronger then a kryptonan and absorbs energy at a higher level only loses due to lack of marital arts and control of strength look him up. Also check out justice league gods and monsters one of my fav justice league movies as it’s more realistic

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C11
5 days ago
i doubt he should go back to dc cause that would be kinda boring in all honesty plus it's called joh-el a kryptonian in the marvel world not joh-el a kryptonian in the dc world with his brother cause in all honest that would be boring View More

DragonGodSmith3000: I agree until he goes back to dc dosent make sense also wouldn’t work anyways not native universe and all their are other elements that can cut his skin but that would have to wait for outside earth exploration or fight against aliens as they would definitely have enhanced swords and I liked the joke about being immortal maybe it’s a future surprise haha also your right the house of el along with karas mom is responsible for research on effects under different suns all kryptonans are born at captain America peak abilities but only military know how to use it well. Maybe the excuse for not learning the information on different suns is they instead studied dimensional transfer portals

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C11
5 days ago
shame give is for those who give a **** and this other doesn't give a **** View More

Driftingsmoke: Why do you have to make me cry and laugh at the same time author, dont you have any shame? 😂

A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan · C55
5 days ago
yeah all lives are equal plus peasants as you say are a huge part of the economy and without them your precious samurai and buisness would suffer because a lot of these "peasant's " work and manage yur whole damn lazy buiness you ass **** plus if they rebelled what the **** would you do replace them what if they all went on strike well are you gonna replace them with yourselves dumbass baka View More
A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan · C29
5 days ago
no one in japan says brilliant in excitement it's only the british who do that View More
A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan · C17
5 days ago
i think in a good way because he's stands up for what he belives in smartly View More

TyrTheFallen: I can't say much about the MC but he is a true Japanese man and not in a good way.

A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan · C16
5 days ago
time travel of consciousness into a a younger body a lot more interesting View More

DaoSleepi: Great starting point but im confused how old is he now? He was 40 before he time traveled but didn't say how old this body is now.

A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan · C2
5 days ago
yeah but instead of rapping her he's saving her View More

oscar1234: instead of candy is dragon eggs

Game of Thrones FANFIC: Lycan · C38
5 days ago
probably because he was working on a mass release View More

Dire_Wolf: Why did You not post any chapters in the last few days? You don't have to answer if its personal I'm just curious

Martial Artist in Animeverse · C22
5 days ago
don't you mean even i think that would be excessive instead of even i think that gonna be excessive

.you use gonna in the future tense like your gonna do it within the future even though your state though your not but but your saying a present tense sentence when your agreeing with the the sentence View More

shashank_bhatt: Even I think that gonna
Be excessive

Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C91
5 days ago
he's a prodigy with a mature mentality and and a more suprisingly high comapared to the other sexist asshole kenichi View More

DaoistSleepyHead: He can't control his Inner Chi yet to heal somebody unlike the masters of Ryouzanpaku except apachai and sakaki also shigure.

Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C84
5 days ago
yes let's break them View More

Promethee: let's beat them up !!! >:)

Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C34
5 days ago
you know what high five my brother View More

Hamada: Saeko_Busujima is so hot that is a fact

Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C41
6 days ago
yeah just like kisara he said i won't fight you because your a girl and girls should be protected even though she's okay with it and is hella annoyed when he says that because he's not respecting her as fighter a treating her weaker than him that's one of the flaws of kenichi he's to ignorantly sexist when it comes to fighting women which i hate cause who gives a **** their just a person their gender shouldn't matter cause who gives a **** plus a guy in her old . dojo did the same thing and she felt sad because he didn't respect her and treat her like a equal fight her like a equal that's the only thing i hate about his character View More

Darkanlan: When fighting you should never consider the sex of the person, they're simply an opponent. Worst thing is wanting to treat people different due to their sex. That's simply discriminating against the person. That's not going to make them like you, it's going to make them hate you. Once you make them hate you, they're a threat to those you care about since a person filled with hate is capable of anything. So it's best to treat everyone equally when it comes to fighting to prevent future problems.

Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C34
6 days ago
yeah true he was very ignorantly sexist in his ideals View More

Sadarsa: The original Kenichi's attitude of 'No Hitting Women' really erked me. women are the fairer sex, that is true, but Kenichi was looking down on women with his attitude. Somehow though i don't quite mind This Kenichi saying the same thing... not sure why, i think maybe it's because he has the strength but back it up? The original Kenichi would just stand there and get his ass kicked... this one i can see dodging the hits, grabing her arms, and pinning her against a wall... all while holding himself back and trying not to plunder her treasures.

Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C34
6 days ago
yes very sexist like saying the stereotype that you can't fight a women just because their a girl is very sexist notion and people should doing that it's annoying View More

Promethee: sexism

Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C34
6 days ago
i just love how akisame restrained kenichi's arrogance when he was training him with the statue View More
Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple · C13
1 week ago
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