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Original Works

  • The Angel of death

    The Angel of death

    Fantasy fantasy weak to strong smartmc

    This is my first time trying to write a story, so if I make novice mistakes please feel free to correct me and another thing to note is that English is not my first language but I am confident in my English so no need to worry to much about it,but still if there are any mistakes please feel free to point them out. ................................. The story takes place in a fantasy world, The world is so large that no one has ever explored it making it so that there lies many mystery and secrets yet to be uncovered. Our main protagonist is a boy named Azazel who is an orphan and lives in a city called Edinburgh. He is Someone who has been constantly bullied because people believe that he is a cursed child. Because of the constant bullying which he faced from a young age, he was forced to mature beyond his age. This story follows his journey of finding out what he truly is.

  • The world of black clover

    The world of black clover

    Anime & Comics action op Black Clover Time magic

    The story would be taking place in Black clover but there would be a lot of things that would be different so be prepared for that.


Denzel_theking: This story is a good length but I’m not feeling it 😑

My Self-Insert Stash · C21
10 hours ago

Zeffur: Thanks for the chapter, Wasn't expecting shapeshifting to be his new ability. Now he can transform to all that is unholy and feared, The Mighty Tentacle!

FGO: Evil God · C46
11 hours ago

Curiosity44: *cough* *cough* shamelessly promoting my own novel. Check out "The Shadow Monarch". I wrote over 30K in the last few days. It's on webnovel and fanfiction

My Self-Insert Stash · C172
15 hours ago

White_Clown: since he in Tang San's generation
pair MC with Ning Rongrong

Douluo Dalu – The Regulus Star! · C4
18 hours ago

PainxSama: Bro this story is so fucking good and original I need more lol

DxD: God of Gamers · C10
21 hours ago

MikeKung: These devils are very arrogant. Kuoh is under Shinto’s territory but is just lent to the devils. So technically, it is not their territory. They shouldn’t be so arrogant about it.

DxD: God of Gamers · C10
21 hours ago

amaturewriter: Only allow MC to have chakra...and dont make him train others;''''then story becomes ****

Reincarnated in BNHA as Midoria's twin brother · C3
1 day ago

amaturewriter: Author dxd fanfics become **** when MC has a ****ty idiotic perverted personality with shallow love interests and a beta MC..avoid this..keep MC smart and OP..like madara..build romance and keep harem small not gigantic and pls dont make him go after wives or moms..maybe make this an AU...

Everyday life in DxD
1 day ago

Plato: I'm sure "Moody" must really enjoy the fact that Art doesn't like the Ministry.

Rise of House Cason · C80
1 day ago


Rise of House Cason · C67
1 day ago

xinnamon: It's seem our movement towards no harem quite successful...

Rise of House Cason · C67
1 day ago

Weirdo: Plot armor shall make a malnourished kid able to carry 20kg sword, run with it, and plunged it deep inside the hardest skull bone of a giant snake... And oh, did I mention that it's a basilisk, a crazily strong and high resistance with strong defence?..

Rise of House Cason · C44
1 day ago

Weirdo: Well well well, Newt gonna be so happy since someone gonna send a thousand years old basilisk into his collection...

Rise of House Cason · C39
1 day ago

tekite: Lmao what, is this a legilimens imperio? If voldemort was this badass why didnt he use this on literally anybody else????? Almost no.one has an Occlumency shield lmao, but Voldemort just had to use it on the one guy who had it. Disappointing chapter and fight.

Rise of House Cason · C31
1 day ago

Overlordsov: uhm he is an animal freak?thats why nothing bad i actually think its how he should have acted given how much he loves magical beasts

Rise of House Cason · C27
1 day ago

Weirdo: And the dragon shall be his next pet.... Imagine a dragon sending you a letter...

Rise of House Cason · C23
1 day ago

JStyles: Imgaine him threatening Newt to write a letter

Rise of House Cason · C23
1 day ago

AhmedAhmed: am i the only one who hates harem??

DragonBall X: The Ultimate System [Re-Mastered] · C2
2 days ago

Suploly: Well, since I found out that Demon Slayer won the award for Anime of the year, I decided to post a new chapter to celebrate

Demon Slayer: The Kamado Legacy · C47
2 days ago

Suploly: Manga reader

Demon Slayer: The Kamado Legacy · C47
2 days ago
Wow I already don't like the system. View More
The Infinity: An Unusual Tale · C1
2 days ago
The content has been deleted
The Infinity: An Unusual Tale · C1
2 days ago

Spfere: What a shame, another author that just poofed out of existence, did truck-kun get to him/her? We will never know

Fate/Heroes · C74
2 days ago

freezeZero: Great fanfic combination of "gamer" and dxd, the story have good concept and the MC have interesting character that play with brain...
Keep going on..
Suport this story

DxD: God of Gamers
2 days ago

Lize: At first i thought.. ah another dxd fanfic with gamer power..
Let see how it goes..
And it actually pretty good..
Then i realise it is mr moist work..
Now that make sense..
I always like mr moist work..
So keep it up author..

DxD: God of Gamers
2 days ago
Reading Status: C9
This is really unique as the mc is an angel which we don't see much in the world of dxd.Keep up the good work 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 View More
DxD: God of Gamers
2 days ago

Ryofu: From what I think the different domains than seem interesting:

Domain of creation: allow him to create anything from armor to weapon to any tool he might need (potion, training equipment, etc ...). it can lead him to the path of god since he will become a new creator.

Domain of metal: allow him to create thing from metal, like sword, armor but also changing his wing to metal one that can be used in fight (increase his attack and defense).

Domain of Fate: allow him to know the future and past of people, also allow him to see a few second in the future during fight like observation haki?

Domain of Time: allow him to control time, weakening his opponent magic and slowing down time or increasing his own time making him faster.

There is many domain that can apply that can be completely broken xD.

DxD: God of Gamers · C9
2 days ago

Kurumi523: No i think he is better to stick being an angel.. rather than changing races. Nifilhim ive read those dxd fanfic in fanfiction... we need something new.. and this is new ..

DxD: God of Gamers · C9
2 days ago

Ivan_Accosano: Angel of progress or evolution it would fit with the gamer theme as the grind never stops

DxD: God of Gamers · C8
2 days ago

Dire_Wolf: The angel of beginning and end

DxD: God of Gamers · C8
2 days ago
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