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Original Works

  • The Angel of death

    The Angel of death

    Fantasy fantasy weak to strong smartmc

    This is my first time trying to write a story, so if I make novice mistakes please feel free to correct me and another thing to note is that English is not my first language but I am confident in my English so no need to worry to much about it,but still if there are any mistakes please feel free to point them out. ................................. The story takes place in a fantasy world, The world is so large that no one has ever explored it making it so that there lies many mystery and secrets yet to be uncovered. Our main protagonist is a boy named Azazel who is an orphan and lives in a city called Edinburgh. He is Someone who has been constantly bullied because people believe that he is a cursed child. Because of the constant bullying which he faced from a young age, he was forced to mature beyond his age. This story follows his journey of finding out what he truly is.

  • The world of black clover

    The world of black clover

    Anime & Comics action op Black Clover Time magic

    The story would be taking place in Black clover but there would be a lot of things that would be different so be prepared for that.


Reading Status: C50
50 chapters in and still going strong.Keep up the good work 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God
1 day ago
Man it would be epic if he would reveal his identity on the battle workshop while destroying FUG who claimed they killed him.There reaction would be something to watch lol View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C50
1 day ago
Reading Status: C4
Nothing special, even after grinding for 5000 years ,the mc gets knocked out by a single punch form yang. Disappointing 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 View More
RWBY: The Lazy Nine Tailed Snow Fox
1 day ago

amaturewriter: Minato and kushina as much as I like and love them ...they were ****ty parent's that willingly sacrificed their child for the village...and in turn mostly due to anime logic, Naruto became an optimistic retard that never went dark despite being mentally, emtionaly and physically ****ed... He chased after an asshole that literally chidoried his heart and would've killed him if it weren't for the kyubi...And the dumb-ass never bothered to learn even with his ****ty life....Kinda sad when you realize that naruto is actually a retard and pretty stupid

A Naruto Fan-Fic · C7
2 days ago

Obito_Tobi: if there is akeno and rias where is sona ans tsubaki all of them were together in school and they only studied in kuoh academy in high school and it was an all girls school then open for males the year issei entered high school so much of plot holes already

did you even research info about DxD

Kouh's Guardian · C3
3 days ago

Obito_Tobi: again using a kidou number of 90 are you nut

those kidou of 90 and above only masterd by yamamoto , aizen , and and kidou master like tessai and urahara meaning they are very destructive and quite powerfull can be usefull againdt top beings in the world and here you made a stray like he is at level of a super devil that only three exist in DxD Rivezim along with sirzechs and ajuka those are the ones

but all this **** you made bleach power look like childplay in DxD as of now

Kouh's Guardian · C3
3 days ago

Obito_Tobi: this is full of plot holes

did you even watch or read anything about DxD

kuoh academy was an all girls until issei reached high school that year it open for males but you made it open from middle school also there is rias and akeno and no sona and tsubaki like i said full of plot holes and they stated themselves that they came to kuoh academy in their highschool not middle or elementary ......

you also made bleach power look like sh'it and childish in DxD a simple stray and you used a number 90 spell of kidou do you even know how many know that level of kidou aizen , yamamoto , tessai and urahara no more 4 people are the only ones to know kidou of 90 and above they are simply too powerfull

a stary should take only a spell bellow 10 but you made him like a super devil that only three of them exist sirzechs , ajuka and Rivezim livan lucifer those also you explain the power of a stray as huge

you simply don't even know how to write

Kouh's Guardian · C3
3 days ago
Keep it, Zeus newgate sounds alot cooler View More
Lightning Dragon Zeus Newgate - One Piece · C0
4 days ago
The content has been deleted
Lightning Dragon Zeus Newgate - One Piece · C0
4 days ago

PhectMaphter: You do realize people change? Especially if they only remember they had a lover in past life, and only know their name. For all he knows, Eve might be dead, left him, or just a figment of his imagination. Naturally, it's not like that, but Rei doesn't know it.
It'd be much worse if he stayed lonely for millions of years, and broke Bai Wu's heart.
Also, do you think a harem is worse than a romance where the MC can only have his first lover, and has to reject any girl that genuinely loves him, and the feelings are reciprocated? (I know MC doesn't love Bai Wu as a woman, but I should add "yet").
You can't blame him if he ends up with one (or two) more girl(s) along the way. Especially since it's obvious he won't meet Eve for a loooong time (we're speaking in millenia at least). Since even if you don't count the time he accelerates to age his rings now, he's been in this world for, how long, 15,000 years+? That, plus a bunch of centuries (his life + time in purgatory) from 7Sins world, and the unknown time he trained there.
Add to that the time he'll spend in a few upcoming worlds, you have a looooot of time spent lonely just cause you remember you had someone important and remember their name. And don't forget he hasn't lived for a truly long time. Yes, he 'existed' for hundreds of thousands of years, but only at most a couple decades he spent truly living, not even a thousandth of the time he spent training.
I actually am kinda surprised he could stay loyal to a thought of someone important, but!
Becoming a slave of not even a memory is, absurd? Pointless? You get the gist.

The Divine Anime System · C105
5 days ago

King_J: Watch bai wu be eve!!!

The Divine Anime System · C104
5 days ago

PhectMaphter: Well, I for one hope this becomes a kinda-harem. Not like the harems where the MC has like 10 girls, but one where he has a couple but loves every one.
Also, can you really say he's cheating on Eve? It's like saying you can only have one wife across all reincarnations, but the twist is you don't know who she is, cause someone sealed your memories of her. MC was already loyal enough, staying alone for million+ years.

The Divine Anime System · C104
5 days ago

Weasel: Finally another girl, after Eve disappeared I thought he became impotent

The Divine Anime System · C104
5 days ago

lazyleo: When he was in BNHA world he could use all these abilities without much problem but now even using them for once or twice a drains him completely? I know you don't wanna repeat the same mistake of making mc too op but the way it's going, I think we will be around 50 more chapters in Seven Sins world.

The Divine Anime System · C84
5 days ago

ZingLC: So he is scared that Enel will kill his crew and immediately flies up but instead changes his mind and helps Conis... Why is the MC so stupid. In fact everything is just going to end up the same as Canon and the MC is not needed at all. He is just pretending to be useful. The author is pretending the MC is useful. You should save the trouble and get rid of him and just focus on Luffy. The story will just end up the same either way.

Ultimate Fruit · C16
5 days ago

Ryofu: "I can already see a lot of comments that will
speculate how or what will happen for MC to survive.", No, you will get lot of comments about how could you destroy Merry like that!!!

Ultimate Fruit · C15
5 days ago

DragonBoyEx: OH THANK THE GODS I'M SOOOO ADDICTED TO THIS I ALWAYS SEEM TO CHECH 20 TIMES EVERY, SINGLE, HOOOUURRR!!!!! No but seriously what kind of 'addictive substances' do you put into this!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C46
5 days ago

GunnerRunner: What do you desire? Money and Wealth? Honor and Pride? Authority and Power? Revenge? Or something that transcends all of them? Whatever you desire, is in here: https://discord.gg/6ptemQj

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C46
5 days ago

GunnerRunner: google epic npc man muggers, it's a reference to that.

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C44
6 days ago

Blue_Sovereign22: I think dinosaur is really weak quirk compare to other quirk

All might with one punch can kill a dinosaur with his peak, and dinosaur is not immune to elements like ice and fire and poison too though they have strong resistance.

Because they were also big, they were easy to be target, and if he met a villain who is good at speed then they will just climb into your body and stab your eye

Also he still had that weakness where hr cant see someone who is not moving in his dinosaur form

Even a nuclear bomb or missile can kill a dinosaur, i hope he can get a power ups later

Also can he transform into godzilla

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C41
6 days ago

Gilgamesh_: Woudbt it be awesome if dio in the future could transform into dragons with elemants
Like one that uses time or other that uses ice

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C33
6 days ago

VL98: Thanks for the chapter, and it's just my opinion but Tsunade and Jiraya are better as friends(just). If you can think of a subtle way of getting mcXtsunade together it would be great!

One Punch Man System In Naruto World · C34
1 week ago
Someone did that last year and got caught , They suspended him for a week and also deduced his marks ,so yeah not gonna take any chances View More

pizzq: You know you can pay people right? IF i have a chance I can just shove my homeworks to my siblings and pay for their services...

The world of black clover · C4
1 week ago

Shady41: Naaa choose nejire she's cuter and has a more adorable personality if you want an example of her personality you should check the fanfic "jurasic hero" when the MC does the interahip after the sports festival 👍👍👍👍👍

My Hero Academia: Sun and Moon God · C15
1 week ago

StressedByHW: Lol Lol, I’m laughing at the death of the people, did mc even watch or read the manga or anime of naruto if he did than idk why he thinks naruto world is better than opm, even if opm is more dangerous it’s only after he gets older

One Punch Man System In Naruto World · C5
1 week ago
After starting to write my own novel, I have a different appreciation for guys like you who can write 15-16 pages daily.How much words are there appropriately in a single chapter? View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C42
1 week ago
Well there weren't many TOG FC and knowing it had devil fruit I was like "yup gotta read it" and you were actually writing the story quite good, so yeah for me it's the best fan fiction out there. View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C41
1 week ago

A_Bystander: Can we get a mass release for thanks giving? :D if u gives chapters ill give thanks and power stones?

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C41
1 week ago

GodOfAdventure: First. Well I started reading this because it was an interesting idea to have devil fruit powers in TOG. And after reading this for some time i got hooked on this. You are an amazing author this also made me read this.😊

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C41
1 week ago
I was thinking of joining both the world together,like both of them exist in the same world just on different continents and I would first join them by portal but later would introduce a villain who would join both the continents together and it would be the finale.I would first make the mc travel through portal at the age of 13 but he would just interact lightly with the cast but then again make him travel through a portal at 18 where the fairytale canon begans. View More

NewbRage: Thank you very much for the chapter! Don't listen to SnowofBlood because his ideas will kill your novel. It will be better to have connection with Fairy tail but not a direct one. So what I mean if the character after 20 years would decide to go to Fairy Tail world he needs to go through a portal (Like Edolas) or the MC can use abilities from FT. But doing join the both worlds as one where everything happens in the same dimesion (events after 1000 years). Of course, MC can meet ft's characters but only if he will directly transport to their world. It would be supper OP if MC could perform Juliu's time magic in FT (with some time techniques from game called "QuantumBreak") or if MC could use 3 legendary fairy spells in Black Clover.

The world of black clover · C3
1 week ago
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