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  • The Reaper's slow reign

    The Reaper's slow reign


    Jerry was content with his poor but simple life, living on his farm with his stunning wife and adorable daughter but that was until the local noble who was infamous for snatching wives decided it fit to add franks wife to his collection. This is how Jerry starts a bloody uprising against his world etching a name into history.


Democratis: Yo ... Just saying ... Narcissa is pretty fine

Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin · C30
3 weeks ago
Thank you sir surprised that you responded to this but I shall now make use of this information. View More

Queue: Weed is the MC of “The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor”. A famous Korean mmorpg novel.
He’s famous for being smart and very VERY cheap. 30+ volumes translated so far. I highly rec it. (First volume poorly translated, but it gets better)

Super Gene · C57
1 month ago
Care to share who that individual is? Person who posted this over two years ago View More

Queue: Money-grubbing blacksmith? Maybe Weed IS here! 😉

Super Gene · C57
1 month ago

Leylin_Farlier: Easy, he saw all the other dead puppies and was too afraid to pee, so his bladder exploded.

Super Gene · C56
1 month ago
I require the exp View More
Super Gene · C55
1 month ago
Ah yes thx for exp View More

Ormathon: With this new leveling system there are so many comments that are probably all written just for the xp farm...... like this one*cough*
Funny chapter tho :p

Super Gene · C55
1 month ago

Acortal: The content has been deleted

Super Gene · C6
1 month ago
I guess ill exp View More

ktf243: I guess ill exp

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C37
1 month ago
I guess ill exp View More
Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C37
1 month ago

bartimeus: Keep in mind that their goal is to have debauchees as kid lol

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C29
1 month ago
Niceu View More
Release That Witch · C65
1 month ago
Pxe View More


Release That Witch · C66
1 month ago
I saw the title of the ch and thought of the band ha View More
Release That Witch · C17
1 month ago
Exp 2.0 View More

Kamishiro12: Exp

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C69
1 month ago
Ah yes i too enjoy warm ice View More
The Strongest Gene · C117
2 months ago
Big python? No problem use the loli, Police chasing you? No problem shes legal View More
The Strongest Gene · C49
2 months ago
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