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Dynamic_Overlord: Good luck Legion, I've enjoyed this story so far and am looking forward to more.
But I know how stressful life can be and if you ever feel overwhelmed and need a break, I urge you to take one. I'm convinced people like me, who enjoy the story, will allow you all the time you need. Much love for you and your work.

Supreme Magus · C371
2 weeks ago

MorriganAenhtsland: There are not holes in the story:
1)Lith has his personality and that is not going to change from day to night. His personality is already improving which is already more than can be said of most people.
2)Lith leads an army? Who would follow him? He did not want to falsely gain the trust of others, because he didn't care about it. And let's be fair, he doesn't care about almost anything and he would be a good leader? Why? Lith is strong, but he has no quality for being a good leader.
3)Lith has been ranked M, but M is a only measure of his physical and magical abilities, his job's opportunity also depends on personality.
4)Phloria is a lot more fitted than Lith for army. Being fitted for a job is not just a mere matter of being strong or powerful.
5)Another planet, other rules.
6)Lith is a lone wolf, I never expected to see him surrounded by people or friends. There will be new characters for sure, but not so many.

Supreme Magus · C371
2 weeks ago

Aita: 1. He grew. He talks more about his problems to others, he is less possessive and control-maniac. And if someone gets dumped for the same reason, anyone would be a little grumpy, since growing together, beside each other, I think it should be the normal way. Or at least it worths a shot.
2. He is unfit for leading, because he is unable to trust his squad and they don’t trust him either. He can’t connect to others, or rather he doesn’t even want to. There is not much psycho in this, just simple reasoning.
3. He is labeled as an S rank threat for the Kingdom, and a B or maybe an A rank asset. You won’t get so much opportunity if you are representing such a risk.
4. Phloria performed well, but in physical strength aspects she is not at the top, and even with Lith teachings, her first magic should be a bit lacking compared to Lith’s. And I doubt that she can do the same as Lith in the position of a scout or a rearguard. Plus Trion hadn’t really helped her to get top scores.
5. She is a noble, she is a mage, her family is a loyal one and has a long military history. In a world, where magic exists and the body strength can be so different for each individual, equality is even more rare, so in a military the previous qualities should help someone’s promotion.
6. I think there is no problem giving more story and depth to the characters, especially if they are so fun and exciting, like now Kalla’s. And for new character, here is Kalla’s daughter.

This is a good novel with well planned storyline. I think.

Supreme Magus · C371
2 weeks ago
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3 months ago
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4 months ago
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6 months ago
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