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If the translation quality stays this way for more than a chapter, i will drop it. I really enjoy the story and want to support it, but the editor should at least care about their work. . . View More
Elixir Supplier · C710
1 day ago
Perhaps go through and suggest editing. Put a paragraph comment every place they screw up. Just to make a point. . . View More

shifu: Tsk... machine-translated again?

Elixir Supplier · C710
1 day ago
It can be both in ceftain regions. While the rain usually cools down an area, if it is too hot all the rain will end up doing is make it humid and hot. View More
Elixir Supplier · C708
2 days ago
Percieved debts are hard to pay back. Especially so when a favor changes someone's future. I like the inclusion of this girl's tale!👍 View More
Elixir Supplier · C689
2 weeks ago
Beware of unwanted physical contact. It can lead to unforeseen consequences. . . View More
Elixir Supplier · C679
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C673
Slow paced but interesting. The characters are allowed time to be developed, and the main charcater will change as time goes on. THIS IS NOT A FAST PACED BOOK! If you want easy paced reading, this is for you. View More
Elixir Supplier
3 weeks ago
I am beginning to hate these dumb villagers. . . It is sick and had to be killed, sell the meat! It was mad and terrifying, throw it away! What the meat is poison? Sell the meat! Yao should move his hill out of there and let them die from stupidity and greed! View More
Elixir Supplier · C580
4 weeks ago
Successfully evading one danger just for another to show up instead. . . View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1123
1 month ago
Fellow daoist, i have stumbled upon something interesting. Apparently they have made an animated show of this story. It seems to be available on YouTube View More
Tales of Demons and Gods · C485
1 month ago
Each year has 12 months, meaning 12 chapters. . . It may take another 1200 chapters to finish. . . I wish that i had talent for cultivation, that way i could finish this book. . . 😭 View More
Tales of Demons and Gods · C485
1 month ago
What will the nether king say should he have this bowl of noodles? . . . "Bu Fang make me another bowl (sob)!" . . . "No." "Why?!?! (SOB SOB SOB)" View More
Gourmet of Another World · C739
1 month ago
Will the guild attempt to recruit her once they see what she did? Also, that second team will be under alot of pressure to stay ahead of the main group if they keep killing things so quickly. . . View More
Realm of Myths and Legends · C399
1 month ago
The devil never leads you down a path of terror. He leads you down q garden path, whispering sweet promises of loot and power into your ear. . . View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C67
1 month ago
I like this version of pay to win. . . 😂 View More
Super Gene · C1630
2 months ago
So set trap, wait for enemies to receal themselves, and catch them all in one fell swoop. . . Risky and dangerous for the bait, no danger to him . . . Sounds like the type of thing that this mystery guy would do. Also, what the heck is our main character then. . . View More
Super Gene · C1591
2 months ago
Ugh this is so hard. Why is this so hard. Ugh. How is that human doing? . . . O.o is he going FASTER?!?! View More
Super Gene · C1546
2 months ago
SS is going to feel like he works at a post office soon with all the stamping he will be doing. . . View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1095
2 months ago
Ok. If you start it again or rewrite please let me know. View More

param3558: Man, I think you are very interested in reading this novel. Yeah I have changed the story agenda.

Beast harem · C1
2 months ago
Pain . . . I can see the plot. It looks interesting but the grammar is making it painful to read. . . I hope you can get some help soon. . . Pain. . . View More
Beast harem · C2
2 months ago
Such a short chapter. How about a physical description? Or at least an age, gender, and why is he an otaku? Is he lazy, previously bullied, wicked smart, or something else? What kind of otaku is he? Is he obsessed with mecha, anime girls, fantasy, sci-fi? Also, does he have family? There is alot you can do for the character before killing him so that the audience can identify with him and know where he is as a character. Then they can watch him grow as the story moves on. . . View More
Beast harem · C1
2 months ago
Beware the law of Murphy. . . The beat laid plans of mice and men often go awry View More
Haven Online · C77
2 months ago
Might be because of the way they met and what they have done together afterwards. High ******* combat where lives are on the line and saving each other by watching each other's backs, helping him settle in by providing a contact for housing, tips on things to do, his interest in Michael even though he is wealthy, etc. Also it is better to contact someone you at least know for things like these than complete strangers who might take interest in the high concentration of rare herbs. View More

MMck: Why the F*CK does he trust this dude so much!?!?!?!?!
He met Jim like a month ago
All he knows about the guy is that he's loaded, competitive, and an alchemist

Monster Integration · C177
2 months ago
What is with all these broken bones? Are their bones made of glass? Come on!!! It is difficult to feel any sense of pressure or really determine the amount of danger the characters are in if breaking bones happens every time there is a fight! Author-san there are more ways to hurt people than that. . . Let me rephrase. . . There are more ways to get hurt than that! Here is a small list: bruises, sprained wrists or ankles, cuts, concussions, pulled muscles, broken noses, burns, gutted, stunned (temporarily knocked silly), knocked unconscious, bruised ribs and beheaded. It is nice when you use these, because it makes it more immersive. Sorry for the long note but i feel it needed said. View More
Monster Integration · C116
2 months ago
I agree, the rough wording makes it hard to focus on the action. Also, what are these people's bones made of glass? They break far too often. What about bruises, cuts, loss of feeling, concussions, internal bleeding, muscle strain, etc. . . All i think with the broken bones is, 'oh, their hurt again'. Without degrees of injury it is hard to feel any pressure or degree of danger with the casual use of broken bones. View More

j3hasan: Never really enjoyed the fighting scenes of this novel, the descriptions need more work besides correcting the mistakes.

Monster Integration · C116
2 months ago
Survival situation, they having been buried alive in the storm as well, not knowing the people involved, having made an effort to find them, all these things make it easier to accept. Also, in a society where death is not far away at any given time, it isn't all that hard to imagine their ability to compartmentalize would be high. View More

Du00: No emotion over people disappearing at the camp site. Cold blooded no?

Monster Integration · C103
2 months ago
4th month, 4th tribulation. 5th month. . . SS better get ready View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1083
2 months ago
What will the seniors or the group walk into when they show up? Will they see SS giving orders and our fairy listening? Will they think it some sort of S&M play? What face will they make? View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1072
3 months ago
Little girl, quickly spit that out. You shouldn't eat junk food View More
Gourmet of Another World · C684
3 months ago
Exp View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1063
3 months ago
The true pain of a novel fan is finding a good book that has many chapters ahead of it. . . Why? Because they eventually catch up. . . View More
The Divine Wolf... or? · C117
3 months ago
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