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  • The Perfect Romance Life Anyone Could Ever Wish For

    The Perfect Romance Life Anyone Could Ever Wish For


    'When I saw her dancing with her father, I couldn't help but stare...' As you read on, you will be enchanted in a detailed fictional story.You will be flowing the life of 2 people, living there own life's, only be separated from one another by life's accidents. After a tragic accident, will Lu Ching be able to open her heart to another?

  • Don't You Give Up On A Miracle

    Don't You Give Up On A Miracle


    "You will get what ever makes you happy, for you are mine, my love. My love for you will never waver." †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 'Wait a moment, what am I doing here?' Le Quing thought to herself. In front of her was the most beautiful, good looking man she ever saw on Earth. His jet black hair and slightly pale skin color to his extremely sexy lips, this was the man anyone would want. He had no shirt on, showing off all trace's of muscles on his upper body. There was not a trace of fat on his body. The bed sheets covered the rest of his body, luckily enough for Le Quing. 'This man is simply too stunning to even look at.' Le Quing thought. While she was thinking this, Yang Chang was observing her. With soft brown hair to go with her perfectly toned skin, she was every man's dream. She had perfect plush lips with bite marks on them. There was bruising on her bottom lip, bit that only made Yang Chang want to kiss her more. 'What a cutie she is.' "Wait a minute, what happened last night, Yang Chang?" Le Quing inquired. " No, we didn't.... We did, didn't we?" "Yep, we sure did. I wouldn't mind if we did it again. After all, you aren't that bad." Yang Chang replied with a smirk plastered on his picture perfect face. 'What a hypocrite of a man!! I can't believe that he has such a dirty mind!! Bi*ch!!' Le Quing screamed in her mind. "I hate you. You know what? Your the complete worse." Le Quing said as she got out of bed. "Cover your self with something!! Don't you know how sexy you look right now?" Yang Chang suddenly said. A slight gasp gave way as he herd what he said. "To late. You already saw it all." Le Quing retorted. With that, Yang Chang stood up and walked over to Le Quing. "You like what you see. Don't worry, I'm best in the shower. A little exercising won't hurt, am I right?" Yang Chang replied. "You have such a dirty mind." Le Quing retorted. As she said that, she was wrapped with a hug. She suddenly felt something on her stomach, and when she looked up, she was met with a pair of soft, thin, sexy lips. She knew what was sticking into her flat stomach. A slight blush covered her face. She was walked onto the shower with Yang Chang still glued to her. 'How despicable.'

  • Our Love For Each Other

    Our Love For Each Other


    "Your beautiful, you know?" "I love you, Sam." _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ This is the story of a couple who are in love but don't know it. After they find out that they're going into an arranged marriage, what will happen? Will they still be able to express there love for each other, or with they be brought apart from the arrangement?

  • The Famous Contacted Marriage

    The Famous Contacted Marriage


    A war of love and hate. Bitter jealousy. Mad driven people who will do anything to win the heart of the man and woman. David Tabaski is a famous, cold, rich man that has no interest in woman or men alike, only to be changed one day when he meets a woman. He was raised in a mansion with maids at his every call; never having to ever dirty his hands. Jade Maltese is a beautiful, curvy, strong, courageous woman; the type that make all women and men jealous. With only ever being raised in a ranch house, she wasn't afraid to get dirty. And because of this, she was not rich. But, this all changed one day when she moved into the city. How will these two ever get along if there do different? With they live a life of love and care, or will they have a loveless, hateful marriage only because of a contact having to be signed? Please fallow the life of both individuals as they learn how to love and care for people that they dislike.

  • I'm In an Arranged Marriage: Run And Hide Or Stay And Be Hated?

    I'm In an Arranged Marriage: Run And Hide Or Stay And Be Hated?


    It was that first day that I saw him, I always new we would end up together, although I didn't think I would be hated, or was I? Hi, I'm Eve woodlock. Ever since I was age 10, I have been secretly in love with a boy from a family group that we go camping with. After I turned 14, that like turned into love. Every time I see him, my heart beats uncontrollably. You see what my problem is now, right? I can't confess to him, for I don't think he likes me that much. Then, after I turned 18, I overheard my parents talking about him. As I listened, my worst nightmare came true. I was going to marry him in 5 months. I started to worry quite a lot, as I didn't know what to do. After I heard this news, I made sure to make a promise I would never break. "I am going to make him love me, or I'll have to run."


That's ok.. Have as much rest as you can get and don't stress over trying to get a chapter up every day. I hope you feel better soon!! View More
Diana · C247
1 month ago
A good suggestion is to leave her alone for a little while, sometimes space is good in a relationship. Contact her when you feel your ready and talk through what started it and how you and her can make it better. View More
Trouble with the President · C54
2 months ago
Hu... This will be interesting!! View More
Chris and Hazel · C47
2 months ago
Poor girl... View More
Diana · C223
2 months ago

LadyLight23: Hope nothing complicates more their fragile relationship

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering · C361
2 months ago
This will be interesting... View More
Chris and Hazel · C46
2 months ago
Excited for the next volume!! View More
Trouble with the President · C53
2 months ago
Nice chapter. I hope there is a sign given soon. View More
Diana · C207
2 months ago
Can't wait to see what happens!! 😊😊 View More
Diana · C201
2 months ago
I'm glad she can be herself!! View More
Diana · C196
2 months ago
I wonder what Denzel has in mind... View More
Chris and Hazel · C43
3 months ago
No problem! Family always goes first.👍 View More
Can True Love be Found from Online Dating? · C127
3 months ago
Why does Lucy think that she's the "love of Reed's life"? I don't think her brain is working properly... There might be a loose screw.. hehehe.
I hope Reed's getting ready to propose to Deborah!! They need to get married before it's too late!!! View More
REED · C123
3 months ago
By the way, this was an awesome chapter!! Hope we get to know what Diana is thinking and what's going on in the room... And someone tell her poor mother that she's alive!!! View More
Diana · C166
3 months ago
Well.... I don't think Alex's men should get involved.. unless there going to win!! View More
Diana · C166
3 months ago
Your welcome 😊 View More

AnimalLover: This is an amazing story with plenty of action in it!! From romance to fighting, it has it all!! I hope you take your time to follow the path of Diana with us. It's an amazing one!!

3 months ago

AnimalLover: This is an amazing story with plenty of action in it!! From romance to fighting, it has it all!! I hope you take your time to follow the path of Diana with us. It's an amazing one!!

3 months ago
Reading Status: C165
This is an amazing story with plenty of action in it!! From romance to fighting, it has it all!! I hope you take your time to follow the path of Diana with us. It's an amazing one!! View More
3 months ago
Yes!! She won!! I hope he dies... View More
Diana · C164
3 months ago
What great news!! I'm so happy for you!! View More
Can True Love be Found from Online Dating? · C124
3 months ago
How sweet!! I can't wait to see what happens next!! A whole night alone... View More
REED · C122
3 months ago
I hope Diana wins!! Let her win please!! View More
Diana · C162
3 months ago
Wow, nice!! Great chapter! Loved it ❤️ View More
Diana · C159
3 months ago
Yay! Another chapter! View More
Trouble with the President · C52
3 months ago
Awesome chapter!! I can't wait for more!! View More
Chris and Hazel · C40
3 months ago
Wahoo!! I even started to get emotional just thinking about this in real life. Just imagine if this were live... View More
REED · C121
3 months ago
It's a love war! View More
REED · C120
3 months ago
It's funny how each man knows that there are other men after her, but yet each one wants to kiss her. That's funny 🥰 I love this book so much!! View More
Can True Love be Found from Online Dating? · C123
3 months ago
This a sweet chapter ❤️ View More
Can True Love be Found from Online Dating? · C122
3 months ago
I love it! Let's see how the other dates go. So far I think Michael is the winner. View More
Can True Love be Found from Online Dating? · C120
3 months ago
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