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Didnt he earn a lot from selling those herbs in first city? Shouldnt he have something like 25k gold with him? How is he penniless all of the sudden? Did i miss smth? View More
Simply Trading · C174
10 hours ago
Reading Status: C38
saw this pretty high up in the rankings, so i decided to read it.

all the time i was reading this story i had a sense of wrongness in it. then i realized what it was... i was actually reading a summary of the story... it is just massive event list without developing world and characters. for comprehension you need to at minimum watch all marvel universe movies (avengers franchise+xmen) and maybe read some more like xmen comics. story was written under presumption that reader is knows all about marvel universe.

story is pretty fast paced, with lot of plot armor and stupidly OP MC. MC is so stupidly OP that there is no reason for any other characters to even exist. too much wish fulfillment in a novel. View More
The Chronicles of Elijah
1 month ago

FNU_LNU: PSA: story is dropped or on indefinite hiatus. it has been at least 2 months since last update.

btw there are inconsistencies in translation and some terms have been translated badly.

Ultimate Scheming System
1 month ago
Reading Status: C339
PSA: story is dropped or on indefinite hiatus. it has been at least 2 months since last update.

btw there are inconsistencies in translation and some terms have been translated badly. View More
Ultimate Scheming System
1 month ago
Reading Status: C20
short summary: lots of words, little story progress. things that could be written in one chapter are often dragged over 5-10 chapters. for story about wizardry, he becomes apprentice only after 150 chapters.
would not recommend people to start reading this. View More
Warlock Apprentice
1 month ago
Reading Status: C112
Story is plagued by bad translation/editing. I get irritated every time they use calculator instead of computer. Also constant switching of currency between chinese yuan and american dollar makes any tracking of money inside story impossible. Idk if it is author, translator or editor who did it but almost any number is viable to a change later in story.

For the story i cant find any positive reason to keep reading. View More
I Found A Planet
2 months ago
I only read 11-12 chapters and stopped reading, so idk if it gets better after that. But considering how it started i wouldnt put my hopes up. If you want something similar like "Extraordinary genius" i would recommend "I 'm in hollywood" (from what i saw movie side of business was researched in great detail, just it was dropped after 1200 chapters). Also storiesonline has some great doover/time travel stories that are well written (from research to character interaction) just most of the stories are R18 (you can also find great non r18 there). View More

Khavos_Rudd: how different is this from 'Extraordinary Genius'? From the comments, I get that there is a shift from East to West but fundamentally, the theme of the story matches the above mentioned story. Given how well researched and written 'Extraordinary Genius' was IMO, I am leary of disapointing myself and can only ashamedly ask of the pioneers' opinions.

Rebirth 1973
3 months ago
You have taken a rather difficult task of writing a book that happened 30 years before you were born. Era is just too different from what you have lived. Without living through 70s, or detailed research on peoples lives, business and mentality it is extremely difficult to write good time travel/do over novel.

For example you probably want to rush and get seed money before october 1973 oil embargo so you can leverage it on stock markets to get large gains. Your starting point is middle income family (father professor and mother owner of a bookstore), basically a nobody in society. Bookstore should have contacts with several publishers, but that is usually with sales department, not actual owners or people who decide what books to publish. Large publishers usually wont process new books from noname authors fast even if book has potential of bestseller, unless someone decides to push it from inside the company (if you want fast money, it would be better to have aunt/uncle that works in large publishing company that could push the book). Otherwise you are left with small/middle publishers that would sooner publish a book from a newcomer, but you would be limited with sales channel. First print for newcomer author would be limited, and with only word of mouth recommendations getting to bestseller would take quite a while (year or two at minimum). That is why marketing the book through NY times, Washington post or similar newspaper should be critical for it to get to bestseller (maybe use convenient fathers friend from college). Also negotiating, signing contract, printing book and getting it to the stores would take a lot of time considering technology (remember no computers and internet). Also think that "Da Vinci Code" is wrong book to publish cause of conservatism at that time. It would just receive too heavy backlash.

Also if you want to flesh out world, you must keep in mind that this era is in cold war, there is constant fear of communism, people are tired of vietnam war, there is heavy racism (specially in south) and it is male oriented (business) society.

That is why research is important to flesh out the world, make business more believable and have decent character progression. View More

FNU_LNU: The content has been deleted

Rebirth 1973
3 months ago
The content has been deleted
Rebirth 1973
3 months ago

webolive: 2/3 of this chapter is just filler

The Mech Touch · C544
4 months ago

LegacyEchelon: I've followed and supported this novel since it came out and with current prices dropped atleast $100 into spirit stones to read Mech Touch. Gotta say this arc and current tempo really is a waste to read. Cant give you my money anymore as long as the writing style is this long winded and drawn out. In a regular novel this would be perfect development but this is a light web novel.
You've got to figure out a way to bring the system back and for him to actually BUILD and design something. That's what brought in your readers. Why are you pulling so far away from that?!

The Mech Touch · C541
4 months ago
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