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  • The story of a never ending smile

    The story of a never ending smile


    Would you bring a smile in never ending night? Because of a simple wish: "I wish to bring happiness" Would you be willing to travel for Infinity the never ending void of the multiverse or even beyond? This is not a story for romance, neither is it for adventure and it doesn't have to satisfy anyone but me. I truly just wanted to write a happy ending for all, anime, manga or other forms of storytelling, were people never got a smile of genuine happiness or lost their smile #self insert #irregular update schedule

  • 2178


    Horror&Thriller Oneshot Our reality



Oh my, this is good. Glad I found this novel, looking forward in what direction you'll develop :3
(Especially interesting because it's not just fighting and slice of life/flirting) View More
One Piece: Fae Travelogue · C3
5 hours ago
Maybe, but it's still something I desperately desire, since existing as a living corpse without happiness to fill the void, is nothing but torment. Even if said happiness is fictional and not my own. And as such I can't help, but have a selfish opinion. View More

Kreo08: I don't think it's in your rights to ask such a thing to an author that puts his heart in his work, if every novel was like you said we wouldn't have literature variety (Big good job author)

The Prince of Peace · C10
8 hours ago
You know? I read fanfics because I want happy endings for everyone, sure often they are rather perverted, but almost all the time, no one dies. And I like ut that way, even if happy ends are unrealistic in real life, I still want to see everyone smile, especially characters from shows or novels that I grew up with.
I hate crying, which is why I don't like this chapter... please, don't kill any future good characters ;c View More
The Prince of Peace · C10
16 hours ago
He's busy with 3 other stories :p
Currently his main one is unlimited stamina View More

Foul_MouthedFatty: Chapter takes too long
Hope author can speed up abit

《Anime Survival》 · C12
1 day ago
Ye, I play Guild wars 2, but I wouldn't recommend playing with me....I literally just walked arround the mayor cities for hours, because they're so fluffing huge and I always feel the urge to explore... View More
Rebirth in Bleach · C105
2 days ago
Great plot so far and I greatly enjoy the jokes in between :3
But don't forget Luffys poison immunity gain/plot armor.
Since that actually helped a lot agains Ceasar ((poison gas)) and that weird octopus guy((poison blade)) View More
Ultimate Fruit · C52
2 days ago
I don't mind the delay~
If it's such a good fanfic then maybe it can inspire you a bit. Writing is like art, when you have no inspiration then it'll stop beeing fun and slowly die. So never see this as work, but for sharing something beautiful with the world :3
(At least for me reading is something beautiful, this story especially, because of it's huge potential!) View More
Underworld God (Percy Jackson AU) · C6
3 days ago
Beautiful :3
It's DxD, but with less plot holes~
(Like really you'd think training in a society that respects the strong would be necessary, but no Rias and co. are just chilling :/)
Did he help Kuroka? :/ View More
Bloodline Master · C4
3 days ago
Another chapter :D
You really are on a roll with your stories eh? I love it :3 View More
Jaune Arc: The Once and Future King · C4
3 days ago
That's a big boi right there, nice :3
Hope you won't have to rewrite again :/ View More
Bloodline Master · C3
3 days ago
Not really satisfied with this chapter....
Should have pointed out all those holes in their 'rape' accusation and supported naofumi a bit more... :/ View More
Rangers of the Shield Hero · C3
3 days ago
Bit surprised that they didn't connect the dots of the bitchy princess yet, they could have helped Naofumi :3 View More
Rangers of the Shield Hero · C2
3 days ago
Nice, a second story from you that I can stalk :3 View More
Deku-Jū · C3
3 days ago

Luft_Rauser: YESH!!!!!!

Elder Blood Witcher · C104
3 days ago
[redacted] View More

Pedro_Padre: Code Red. I repeat author, this is a code red. Daijena has gone fluffy nuclear. He has become an agent of FLUFF. We must not let FLUFF Spread. You're cleared to go Colonel.

Elder Blood Witcher · C104
3 days ago
HAHAHAHAHA! You'll float too, erm, I mean: soon all of you shall join us IN FLUFF!!! MUHAHAHAHAH!!!
*Throws cute fluffy animals at everyone in sight*
No one shall be spared! Cuddle with us! You can't possibly resist the fluffy pillows and sheats in winter! AND ADD A FLUFFY CURE PET AND IT BECOMES PERFECT. Haaaa..... okay I'm calm now, but seriously if you resist the fluff than you are big dumb dumb. Cause there is nothing better :3 View More

Pedro_Padre: Houston, i repeat Houston........ we lost him. We lost him to the fluff. Daijena is lost.

Elder Blood Witcher · C104
4 days ago
Juicy :3 View More
Elder Blood Witcher · C105
4 days ago

David_Gayle: He should ask if he could fluff her tail.

Elder Blood Witcher · C104
4 days ago
KYAAA~ For me you definitely captured her character, she's so cute! Give her a cat, no even better search for the most fluffy adorable creatures and share them! I WILL THROW ALL THE COINS TO THE WITCHER, JUST DOTE ON THIS CHILD!!! View More
Elder Blood Witcher · C104
4 days ago
Because his soul might get destroyed? It's currently damaged and if he encounters the chains he'll cease to exist. He doesn't know if he'll die when the world rejects him and reincarnates again or if he'll be pushed into the void, where the chains are. Another possibility is that like edo tensei he'll get pulled into anither world by a technique, where again he'll be exposed to the chains. You get the problem? Also he doesn't know if his sould can heal if he reincarnates, it could cripple him forever, since in this chapter it even says that it got worse, he might even just cease to exist because his soul is slowly dying on it's own because of his wounds. So he must try hard to find a solution, for the future and for his present. View More

CloudyAlliance: Just wondering, why is he trying so hard?

《Infinite Stamina》 · C65
4 days ago
Author! Pet the child! Help the child! But more importantly is fluff, pet her!!! She's sich a cute, but lonely cinnamon bun, she deserves all da head pats!!! View More

Niggross: He boi, let me taste those salty salty tears!

Elder Blood Witcher · C103
4 days ago
I put this book aside for a few weeks, because I was throughout disgusted by Kisuke for abandoning Medusa and letting her needlessly suffer and I return and see her suffer more. I understand scientific curiosity, but if this curiosity makes other suffer than it's just inhuman, he better make amends for this. Otherwise I refuse to continue reading. Because suffering is never a f***ing joke!!! View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C183
6 days ago
Sakon and Ukon from Naruto? :3 View More
Fiction to Reality ( Dragonball ) · C12
1 week ago

Archer_Phoenix: Thanks man. I appreciate it

The Unknown Goddess: A Naruto FanFic · C10
1 week ago
You know what I really envy from the Naruto world? What I crave? Inos family mind technics, how helpful could they be for traumatized or just burdened people? They could be SO good therapists, because they know what's wrong and why. Not like ours that need to ask questions for over 50 hours and still don't get what's wrong with me or how to approach it....I mean the problems of others of course, I don't have any problems, except missing emotions....how does love feel like? How does happiness feel like? How does a family feel like? Ah, sh*t, I started ranting, anyway good chapter. :3 View More
The Unknown Goddess: A Naruto FanFic · C11
1 week ago
Sry, I can only offer a virtual hug, but know that you have support when needed. You just need to recognize those that want to help and you'll notice that lots of people would be willing to help or at least give you a real hug~ View More

Archer_Phoenix: 😭😭😭😭😭😭

The Unknown Goddess: A Naruto FanFic · C10
1 week ago

Archer_Phoenix: I can't stop smiling right now. I love getting positive comments and this made my day.

I'm glad you like my stories. I'Ll post another chapter soon

The Unknown Goddess: A Naruto FanFic · C10
1 week ago
You know, while I do love your books, the desire to ask the following is stronger. Are you okay? I always thought that someone can only truly convey certain emotions or thoughts if they experienced them at some point. And if you still experience them then you should seek help or talk to friends. If talking is to much, then how about writing about it and showing your family or friends? Even just showing them this would be enough. Remember, even if you think asking for help is a weakness, we humans originally were weak alone and strong together. Even a random stranger on tge Internet can help (if they aren't trolls or dangerous people...) View More
The Unknown Goddess: A Naruto FanFic · C10
1 week ago
But wasn't that the illegal experiment that was conducted on Kuroka? The one that could prove her innocent? Or did I misunderstood something? View More

Arnold_11: One interesting thing. I found out / missed that I rediscovered again during my read through of HighSchool DxD for second time, Koneko's hair clip contains data on becoming a Super devil. So one legitimate path to Super devil has been found.

Mob devil's guide to surviving DxD · C1
1 week ago
Could you at least give them a short sweet disney ending and not say that they're dead? Just a request of a fan who wants to have good dreams... and not think about dead children.... View More
DROPPED: Marvels Strongest Father · C61
1 week ago
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