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  • The story of a never ending smile

    The story of a never ending smile


    Would you bring a smile in never ending night? Because of a simple wish: "I wish to bring happiness" Would you be willing to travel for Infinity the never ending void of the multiverse or even beyond? This is not a story for romance, neither is it for adventure and it doesn't have to satisfy anyone but me. I truly just wanted to write a happy ending for all, anime, manga or other forms of storytelling, were people never got a smile of genuine happiness or lost their smile #self insert #irregular update schedule


Thanks for the chapter~
It's great that you're back, and you returning with great chapters is even better :3
Thank you for not dropping this story~ View More
An Untold Story: DanMachi · C25
26 minutes ago

Zerot_Solar: Omake for this novel
PV of a passerby:

Coming back to my house from my work after getting fired lost in my though of what I’m going to do I’m seeing a youth walking with headphones with no care of their world but suddenly I heard thunders and I looked at the sky just to see a thunderstorm than is taking the form of a ‘¡¿is that a truck?!’ I mumble while I’m seeing the thunders taking form of a truck and oddly pointing at the youth that was walking away and before I could yell at him the Truck made of thunder hit him dead center...

“Well shit I though I am unlucky” I said while calling the ambulance with my cellphone.

Thanks for the chapter couldn’t resist writing this 🤣🤣🤣

PD: English isn’t my native language if something is wrong 🤗

A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C3
1 day ago
Shame, but okay~
Wish you luck with your other dreams and goals :3
And who knows perhaps, you will write again one day. I could imagine that this particular topic was a bit... hard to write about, for a beginner author. Bye ^^ View More
I got a dragon evolution system~time to dominate the world · C8
1 day ago

A_Random_Person: To answer some of your questions, I won’t be suppressing either of the Mary’s for too long, since they both have their own personalities that can fit well in separate times in the hunter x hunter world (for example the York new city arc would fit Bloody Mary’s character more because of what I’m planning to do.). Yes the inner fights would be a thing throughout the book, but not without their own significance (they’ll most likely happen near the end of some major parts in the story). Gon would try to help the good Mary, because Gon is Gon. And as for Killua, that’s coming up soon. For the ending I was originally planning on having Killua’s sister separate them, but I ended up deciding on something else. Hope this cleared up some things!

Bloody Mary (hunter x hunter fan-fic) · C28
2 days ago
Just read all available chapters~
And I got to say: 1.Great idea for the fanfic 2.Looking REALLY forward to any future chapters and 3.Take my powerstone X3 View More
Mistress Of Darkness, Knight of Light · C9
3 days ago
Great story so far, a mute girl in Harry's 3rd year, nice~
Will you continue writing? I would give you some powerstone if you want :3
Would enjoy reading more~ View More
Record: Athene Kamimura · C2
3 days ago
Thanks for the chapter~
Hope you get well soon, also you don't plan to suppress good Mary for good right?
Would like it if her inner fight would be a thing, throughout the book (Like Bloody Mary being similar to Dr. Hyde, because suppressing good Mary or bloody Mary for to long would be a bit boring) and I assume Gon is going to try to help good Mary (Also wouldn't Kilua notice that she's a corpse?Or Bloody Mary's suppressed Bloodlust, when she's about to take control?) Maybe Kilua's Sister could separate them in the end of the fanfic? Anyway looking forward to the next chapter :3 View More
Bloody Mary (hunter x hunter fan-fic) · C28
3 days ago
Thanks for the chapter~
And don't worry, as long as I can finish reading this book, before I die,
everything's fine :3 View More
My Guardians - Abused RWBY Fanfic · C12
3 days ago
Great story~
Even if you only update once a month, I'll stay as a fan :3
(Which doesn't mean, I wouldn't be happy about faster releases ;3) View More
Reborn - A naruto fanfiction · C17
3 days ago
This will stay in my Library,
In case you will continue writing~
Really enjoyed the story so far, great grammar and very pleasant to read :3 View More
One Piece - A Wish on a Comet · C5
3 days ago
Alright, I can now admit, that I like all of your fanfics~
The upload rate is a bit slow, but I'll wait. Even if you only finish your fanfics after 20 years :3 View More
War's Child · C8
3 days ago
Just found this, completely read it and enjoyed it. In case you continue to write this, this will stay in my Library~
Thank you, imma go see if you wrote some more fanfics. :3 View More
Ruminant · C27
3 days ago
Welcome back! We missed you :3
Thank you for coming back~
And great chapter~ View More
In Resident Evil, but it's slightly different...? (Temporary hiatus until the 1st) · C26
4 days ago
Thanks for the chapter~
Take your time no need to rush anything~
(I'm saying that because I worried that the comments will press you to make him strong way to quickly. Take you time, you need to enjoy your time writing as well, just like we readers enjoy to read it :3) View More
The Wish · C24
4 days ago
Thanks for the chapter~
First thought when Vali asked for an apple and narrator talks about Vali and Idun getting closer. Idun X Vali? Few lines later
"Like the son she never had"
Oh...did this side corrupt me with romance?
Am I only able to see a relationship in a fanfic as romance? Time to stay on a mountain for a year -, - View More
Asgardian Sword God · C24
5 days ago
Thanks for the chapter~
Was it just me, that got really angry, that he couldn't take Shy with him, for a moment?
GG author, you got me good :/ View More
Slayer of Babylon · C29
6 days ago

BlizzardMage: Yeah, I really can feel that tho. T-T

Anyway, one more chapter. I'll update on this day. I hope it going easily.

The Wish · C22
6 days ago
Thanks for the chapter~
Also a good meme:
When you meet a family so nice, that you get depressed, because you don't have a family... View More
The Wish · C22
6 days ago
Thanks for the chapter~
I assume the owl improves by eating brains and hearts, etc.? Nice story, though the lungs made me laugh, is this a original world or from some cultivation world, I don't know the name of? If yes, could you tell me which world? Thx :3 View More

CaptainBoyHole: A few persons of interest have arrived! I wonder how their futures will play out! The third person of interest for the two boys haven't even been introduced yet!

But our first arrogant young master has been introduced! I wonder will he somehow find himself involved with Jing in some way! Or will he find himself on the receiving end of a blood feud his underlings made!?

I wonder what idea does Jing have in mind for the rude store clerk!?

A little bit more of Li Li's personality has been shown in this chapter and i wonder what kind of power could have been held inside that godly lung from the heavens!? I guess we'll find out in the future with the young boy!

It has finally been revealed that he can communicate with Jing! I wonder what reason he could've had for not doing it all this time... and what kind of reward will Jing get from the Gacha with a whole Rare ticket!?

SCP Gacha System In A Cultivation World · C4
1 week ago
Thank for the chapter, even though you're so busy, thank you~
Also heureka 2k chapters! :3 View More
Slayer of Babylon · C27
1 week ago
LoL, the made up universe were yordles life...I'd definitely try to kidnap one, like Poppy, they're so cute :3 View More
Slayer of Babylon · C25
1 week ago
You don't have to apologize, it's just the contrast, you writing style is rather calm and nice (so maybe develope everything a bit more slow paced) , but it seems a bit rushed? Take your time, I will continue reading, cause your writing style is real pleasant to read :3 View More

BlizzardMage: I know what you feel. Maybe you think why I suddenly change the world right?

Actually, I write this chapter like a couple of weeks ago. At that time I feel lazy and just laying down with my rl job. And when I want to back writing, I don't know where should I Start T-T.

And that time I re-watch hxh, that's why I decide to write hxh first for somewhat.

I'm so sorry about it, at least I will make Mc have basic power at hxh verse.

Don't worry, I'll make Mc return to GotW verse as quick as possible. I'm sorry :(

The Wish · C18
1 week ago
Thanks for the chapter~
Is it just me or is the story somewhat...irregular?
Like I don't understand where this is suppose to go (pacing and goal, except some romance , romance is understandable )? I'm plain confused. Hope this get's better or someone more intelligent, than me, could explain. :/ View More
The Wish · C18
1 week ago
Hello author, the story is awesome and I don't want to complain, so did you take a break or did something happened to you? No Internet?
Could you tell us so we don't have to worry.
I kinda got paranoid after a author seemingly died, he wrote a real good fanfic and a friend of him said that he's dead. (Kinda hope he lied so nobody annoys him, cause else that would be rather depressing :c) View More
Who was I before? · C16
1 week ago
I wish you luck dear author for every novel you'll write in the future. (I will definitely also read all of them)
It makes me kinda sad that we ruined your mood and so many criticized your decisions. I like it, I also like option 1, because as someone I can't remember said every quirk is a tool, it depends on the person on how useful it'll become :3 (Also please a little bit less perverted, else I can never take Mineta seriously :/) View More
Strongest Ninja In A Hero Society · C29
1 week ago
So...he died in a cartoon way, uff :3
Thanks for the chapter~ View More
Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C89
1 week ago
Thanks for the chapter~
You know, I'm really looking forward to see Cornelius go down (at least the one in your fanfic) the entire thing is tickling my inner sadist >:3
Also it's STILL only the start of the second year, right? Is nice View More
New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C136
1 week ago
Ah, thank you for the clarification :3 View More

Lasarus: Nope, they sort of just sweep the whole feud between the SDC and the White Fang under the rug, so far, the most canonic thing I have done is Ruby's cloak getting stuck into the ground by the nevermore feather during Initiation, after that so far its been original

Akashic · C65
1 week ago
Thanks for the chapter~
But damn, I personally never watched RWBY. I only have some Infos from watching the first episode and reading some fanfics. I knew the issues that some of them have but this with Weiß father is new, is that canon? Because if yes, then holy sh*t, she has a bad father :/ View More
Akashic · C65
1 week ago
Welcome back~
Those that stay are library stalkers :3
And we welcome this chapters~ View More
Reborn in a Harry Potter Universe · C26
1 week ago
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