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  • The story of a never ending smile

    The story of a never ending smile


    Would you bring a smile in never ending night? Because of a simple wish: "I wish to bring happiness" Would you be willing to travel for Infinity the never ending void of the multiverse or even beyond? This is not a story for romance, neither is it for adventure and it doesn't have to satisfy anyone but me. I truly just wanted to write a happy ending for all, anime, manga or other forms of storytelling, were people never got a smile of genuine happiness or lost their smile #self insert #irregular update schedule

  • 2178


    Horror&Thriller Oneshot Our reality



We get that, and we've seen multiple times when a author pushes him/herself to much and loses the joy of writing. You also took a lot of breaks in between after the initial fast release rate, but that's okay, because us readers always feel saddened after a good storys falls into the abyss. You always came back, sure everytime we're afraid this will be the last time.
So a sign you're alive would be greatly appreciated, especially with Covid-19 arround. But we are willing to wait if you continue to feel comfortable enough to continue...

Also Iroh give Seras some fatherly love, I felt rather sad about that small part where she gives Zuko back and feels a jealous...

So I offer you a hug and a additional hug for Seras! owo View More
Hellsing: I Reincarnated as Seras Victoria · C90
5 days ago
This is really enjoyable to read~ View More
Unchained Dragon (WoW Fanfic) · C30
6 days ago
Still a minor tho'
*Strike team arriving in 5s, run* View More

Psan: Strictoy speaking. Mc can make her be 15 instead of 12

A Monster Hunter in a Highschool For Monsters (Rosario+Vampire) · C19
2 weeks ago

Mr_Cryptid: Dude, these scenes are necessary for character building and whatnot. It can't all just be fight scenes. Plus, there's not many people who probably want to fight the MC at the minute - because we're like 5 chapters into the Manga right now and the plot hasn't even taken off just yet.

A Monster Hunter in a Highschool For Monsters (Rosario+Vampire) · C19
2 weeks ago
A Monster Hunter in a Highschool For Monsters (Rosario+Vampire) · C0
2 weeks ago
Logical this chapter should be 353 and not 355 View More
Elder Blood Witcher · C353
1 month ago
The author is mentioning exactly that at the end of the chap my friend~ View More

Bodhisattva_Panda: I’d just like to say the Taj Mahal isn’t a castle. Thank you for the chapter.

Grandpa Universe In Multiverse · C52
1 month ago
Poor owls...bow they're homeless and purposeless.
(Considering that they were breed for letter transport, this will do some damage, since natural instincts often suffer because of overbreeding and I don't think the wizards even now that term :/) View More
Grandpa Universe In Multiverse · C10
1 month ago
I want to make a stupid comment about: do no jutsu.
And here it is, if you don't get it think carefully about how this can be misleading~ View More

bilu619: Itachi is not about "talk" no jutsu

He is about "do" no jutsu

Itachi Rebirth: A Shinigami Tale · C31
1 month ago
*sprays you with water* bad fellow reader! No more internet for today! View More

Demarcy: Did no one notice what Ciri said?!?!?
"Easy, you should keep the sword warm for me"
*cough* sword *cough*

Elder Blood Witcher · C330
1 month ago
Uhh, interesting and I definitely agree with all your points (besides that Fiddlestick one, because I legit thought the other demons were way younger, so thanks for correcting me. Though I think Fiddlestick is as sentient as a bee :p)
But I'm still a bit unhappy, because from my perspective Ahri had three problems to solve in rapid succession and all ended with her apologizing and Gray accepting her apologies. Doesn't paint the best picture in my head :/
And that I called Kindred a murderer was a mistake, but it is true that from Ahris perspective they are murderers, even if they had a reason to kill her parents. View More

XanaShadow: First, thank you for telling me your thoughts on my story.

Second, about Grey not wanting Ahri to be alone. It's because he didn't want her to experience what he did, which nearly drove him to insanity.

Third, you can't exactly call Kindred a murderer. They are Death. They get to choose who stays alive and who doesn't. Also, it's their job to keep balance between souls and mortals, which is why Mordekaiser died twice. It's because Kindred was telling him to stop messing with souls, but he just didn't listen.

Fourth, about Sona. She was stating facts. The Kumiho made a mistake, committed a crime against the manifestation of Death, and paid for it. No one can go against Kindred's authority. Even Mordekaiser admitted that everything will die one day.

Fifth, about Fiddlesticks. You are not wrong. However, Fiddlesticks is still sentient, but not completely. I believe he's at the same level of intelligence as Kha'zix. After all, how can it tell when and what to hunt if it didn't know how.

Lastly, about the Demons, Nocturne is also a Primordial Demon. So is Tahm Kench(but you never know with him, he had too many mysteries.) and, like Nocturne said, Evelynn is the youngest one between the Demons. She was born after the Rune Wars, while the other Demons existed before that.

P.S. The "First of ten" quote is said to imply Fiddlesticks' vessels across Runeterra. Since there are various stories about Fiddlesticks and they all described him differently, it can be referring to them. After all, you can clearly see that the Demon isn't the Scarecrow itself, but the soul living inside of it.

Abyss Watcher in the league V2 · C61
1 month ago
All Soul reapers we saw in canon were really old, and they still showed emotions, losing those is tge same as losing your humanity, for morals and emotions define humanity. (And I mean really old, even Rukia was about a 100 years old :p) View More

colder_than_ice: hes a soul reaper not a human dum dum hes used to it hes been alive for probobly 1000 years and if you live that long and still be emotional over that then your stupid he probobly has seen this alot of times already and besides his a scientist right so curiosity is his second nature and pity,guilt and anger will only make you do stupid stuff

Playing with other Supernaturals · C183
1 month ago
In this fic they're basically the same person :/ View More

FallingEmbers: What MJ? It's Jean Grey.

Spider-Man: Duty and Loss · C45
1 month ago
Also, Fiddlestick...from what we've seen in his new backstory, he's by far worse than Evelynn, Nocturne or Tahm Kench. A primordial demon and if I understood correctly the "first of ten" line isn't a reference to them but to a more powerful line of demons, that we have currently no further information about. I mean Fiddestick killed a lot of beeings and is from his wiki entry, currently haunting Demacia, killing entire villages. He's also supposed to have no reason, more of a beast than something you can talk to, it's voice only used to induce more fear and lure his victims. View More
Abyss Watcher in the league V2 · C61
1 month ago
I'm starting to get a bit annoyed that all of Ahris problems keep beeing shown as disrupting the harmony of her and grays relationship. Relationships are suppose to be a two-way road, but you also need some alone time for certain things and solve them on your own. That Sona chastised Ahri for moping one day, one single day, because she learned that her entire family was killed for a serious crime and she's even living with the murderer in the same building?
Yeah, no, that is not trying to help her at all and just beeing a as*hole, if gray was seriously troubled because she wanted to mourn a bit alone, then that is insensitive. If she would doing it for a long time than sure, he should intervene... Darn, I'm really trying to write a logical excuse for wanting to slap Sona and Kindred right now -, - View More
Abyss Watcher in the league V2 · C61
1 month ago
You know, I love all of your stories, but I still would like to say: please use" , " more often :/
Sometimes it's a bit hard to guess what the sentence means because of a lack of use. View More
An Endless New Dream in RWBY. · C51
1 month ago
That was Kuromes canon weapon, right? View More
Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C85
1 month ago

TheGodofTruth: Do you want a WW2/ Grindle wood arc?

A Little Pride Ain't Hurt Nobody · C0
1 month ago

torrelsav1: keep Rewora and dc

A Little Pride Ain't Hurt Nobody · C0
1 month ago
So...a parallel universe? Since normally Namis sister did live in her house. View More
Pirate Achievement System · C6
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
Pirate Achievement System · C6
1 month ago
F*ck, I so hoped you'd maybe change this, I even stopped reading on this side for more than a week, just for a desperate chance that maybe you'll make this less tragic, what about the happy family? How is that suppose to work now? Where is the happy end Jaune deserves? His loving sisters? View More

Daijena: You know author, I love your stories and I loved this before the rewrite, but this chapter made me cry, it's way darker than what you normally write, why sid you suddenly decide to make Jaune suffer so much?...
I'm sorry, but I don't think Ibcan bear to continue reading this, time to go cry in a corner

True Wolf:A Jaune Arc Story · C5
1 month ago
Ok, this story may not make much sense, but it's damn funny, take my stone~ ;3 View More
I have become the Goddess of Fateoria and travel the infinite worlds. · C13
1 month ago
If you do, you'll get a better picture of the character, who's personality this Izuku is based on :3 View More

Luxus_Logo: No I havent I'll probably get around to it soon

Roaming Cloud · C5
1 month ago

ImagineMaker: I am going to introduce it next chapter anyway so I suppose it's alright, the lead wants true immortality, what he has right now isn't exactly that per say, Zamasu's dead even while having it.
As a step for achieving that, he wants the Edo tensei, and warm up Bulma to the fact other worlds exist while he is at it.
In summary, before the Saiyan's arrive, he will return with the Edo tensei.

Fiction to Reality [ World travel ] · C0
1 month ago
Never watched the Anime Hitman reborn? View More

Luxus_Logo: I was laughing my ass off in the first few chapters his personality is so funny

Roaming Cloud · C5
1 month ago
Man, I love this novel, the characters are hilarious unique and not just a few standard background decorations. The plot is very nice (Seriously if you want to skip this stuff just to see a description of Rias b*obs, then I don't consider yourself a man of culture, who can appreciate a talented author correctly!)
And it's definitely not repetitive.
Nectar and Ambrosia, my friend, this is what this novel and author represent. :3 View More
Highschool DxD: A Minor Tale · C27
1 month ago
Thank you very much, this was truly a tasty chapter, glad that you're currently in a writing urge :3
Don't feel down from any comments and I hope you'll continue to have fun writing this ~ View More
Underworld God (Percy Jackson AU) · C8
1 month ago
You know author, I love your stories and I loved this before the rewrite, but this chapter made me cry, it's way darker than what you normally write, why sid you suddenly decide to make Jaune suffer so much?...
I'm sorry, but I don't think Ibcan bear to continue reading this, time to go cry in a corner View More
True Wolf:A Jaune Arc Story · C5
1 month ago
As always very funny, intriguing and well thought out.
Especially his innocent reactions~ View More
The Light Of Our Solus (Rwby) · C25
2 months ago
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