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leonel551: Mannn cant you simply have him go training normally!? Just how many time will you make that girl disappear or get kidnapped may as well kill her so the mc grows or breaks mentality! She like princess peach! Lmao xD

Black Soldier · C19
3 hours ago
F in the chat for Inko's husband... View More
In My Hero Academia with some abilities from Naruto · C7
15 hours ago

apexheavengodking: What you have to remember is he is not a dragon that is his devil fruit power so it can't be passed on though Gene's so the the child will be half human half devil and wouldn't inherit his power at the end of the day his Gene's is still human so the child wouldn't inherit anything from him the child would inherit everything from his mother which I think is of the bael clan so the child will only have the power of destruction and may not end up that strong because the child's devil bloodline will not be pure enough to inherit the full power of destruction.
(Ps:This is only what I think others may have a different opinion.)

Exploring another World with a System · C40
16 hours ago

Pagmaswordsmanship: Ahhhh **** no kids come on man

Exploring another World with a System · C40
16 hours ago
I hope this child takes a long time to be born... Not the biggest fan of kids if they're not introduced near the end of the story. View More
Exploring another World with a System · C40
16 hours ago
What an absolutely awful person and mother. View More

The_Gamer_6818: Because the mother really wants a daughter. But doesn't want another baby. Also she knows that the MC'S a boy. But doesn't care. Also she's frightening.

Avatar : My Hero Acadamia Bender · C5
22 hours ago
Midnight & Momo 😎 View More
In My Hero Academia with some abilities from Naruto · C6
1 day ago
Cause that tongue is freaky View More

Oribon: Why not Tsuyu?

In My Hero Academia with some abilities from Naruto · C6
1 day ago

Obito_Tobi: 80% power is not used and wtf rasengan

madara doesn't know rasengan and you just are fuc'king things up

only chakra and lightnig clad of hajime that's all he use where is haki where is meliodas powers from darkness to demon marks to assult mode to full counter to revenge counter , counter vanish ...... gura gura no mi

simply used madara's power and i told you once sharingan tomoe can't be change if it's three it will always be three tomoes when activated why are you trying so hard to fu'ck things up instead of listening to others and try correct your mistakes

are you all arrogant you write a sh'it with many mistakes and refuse to change them cause you see it perfect in your eyes you moob and extra

also strength is like a normal trained human where is super strength of demon clan especially a prince like meliodas or whitebeard super strength since he was able to counter a giant and beat him easily wity barehand and madara's strength his very high too that even tsunade's enhanced strength find it hard to overpower him in strength or even nagumo's super strength that came from all the monsters he ate

you simply bullshi'tting here and even if we are kind to show you your mistakes you refuse to correct and ignore the good will

well i simply have one thing to say you are a failure and this thing is not a fanfic but a bullsh'it why are you so arrogant about this sh'it this will not even be count in thr dead last fanfic forget the middle class nor high class ones

1 day ago

Obito_Tobi: anti hero ans ruthless mc is always used and all of them fail in no more than 10 chapters

also you said his strength is great so how the hell he punch those thugs and only seems like norma punchs

and your explaining for his strength suck it's nowhere the level of superman

saying he can lift a car with one hand not comparable to superman by anyway

he got whitebeard (insane level of strength in one piece characters can carry 100 of tons easily )
meliodas a demon insane strength and speed very very fast and very strong that he took and swing a stick to cut a mountain
madara strength is also great and note this sharingan can't change between tomoes if it's three it will alwats be three whenever activated so need to correct this too

also nagumo himself is very strong since he ate a lot of monsters and very strong ones but to put it simple you only write things in words but your explain about the powers is shame to them all another thing

this is the way all the dc , marvel fanfic with mc got a lot of peoples powers

most of the powers will be either left unused or used once or two time then never used again

simply put you are just your regular fanfic author that will drop

cause things are not stable at all

your best will be 5 chapters before things get ruined

cause you refuse to accept that justice league not killing is not just pride of sh'it but to be also better example for people for justice is not killing bad

and also a lot of peiple have some reasons for what they do

i friendly advise start looking at big picture not limitting your imagination , second do think about future if you want to write , simple put should build the future from now not just looking at the present trying to come with idea to make together for the chapter you write this will cause you a lot of problems where you will get a lot of writer stop in the near future

i know you didn't plan the future in case you just start to squeeze ideas from your head when writing a chapter trying hard to make it related to the prevuous one

if you want to be an author simply suggest don't plan for the present or the short run

but for the future and long run and try think twice before writing

other than that grammar mistakes
and go with overused boring things like anti hero all fanfic about dc and marvel are anti hero and ruthless mc kill villains and worst a harem in modern wirld they are simply horny trying to imaginating mc banging multi womens of dc , marvel

simply they are not authors but writers and those are different

so either put your best and you will get rewarded for your effort

or make some half ass writing and will write two pitifull chapters and drop

this is from ly point of view

1 day ago
Don't try to defend the Joker man. That guy needs to be put down View More

Soaapj: In a few of the movies Joker is actually the good guy that just comes off as the bad guy........ He is the Anti Hero... A hero without morals...

1 day ago
Are you stalking me? I'm not gay y'know!? View More

Strud: . . . . . . Hi..

Exploring another World with a System · C30
1 day ago
A Home? Bruh View More

Azu_Noira: Who wouldn't?
I'm sure a even a Home who has no interest in girls would become bisexual just for her

1 day ago
Being kind is boring. View More

KnightShade420: I told pizzq this aswell but please don't threaten to kill the author even in jest. It's not nice and is counter productive to your end goal. I have seen many promising authors leave than deal with death threats and the like.

The flashes op twin brother.
1 day ago
Reading Status: C79
MILF View More
illicit relationship
1 day ago
Reading Status: C57
I bless this novel with a review. You're welcome. View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God
1 day ago
Don't forget Gabriel! View More

airambach26: Author don’t have a limit to his wife and concubine please just get all beuty like Tsubaki, grayfia, ophis, yasak, and more please

Exploring another World with a System · C38
1 day ago
Both View More

bazooka84: Thanks for the chapter
Sona or grayfia in the harem?

Exploring another World with a System · C37
1 day ago
Explain View More

Falener: really not good idea take sona

Exploring another World with a System · C0
1 day ago
Traps transcend any law. They are all legal View More

DaoistKaname: FUCK YOU ORDERS! Given his luck he'd end up as Pico. Underaged traps are not legal...only of age traps are legal.

My Hero Academia: Sun and Moon God · C0
1 day ago
Damm bruh, this is unexpectedly depressing 😔 View More

CliffkunLolRekt: That Is tru I was just annoyed about the harem haters that all say the only reason why we read harem novels is we are horny for me I feel a addicting warmth from imagining I’m the mc it’s a faint feeling but it’s there like bieng surrounded by a woman that loves you sadly I have a hard time feeling outhers feeling inputs like I can feel Christmas eve less than outhers

The only time I’ve truly felt love like that was when I was young and taking addhd meds and it built up in my system
I was playing a Fostle fighters game and the two love interests were arguing even if it was a game I was a lil kid and high af to the point later that night I started hallucinating

But that feeling I felt from that game never left me
I sometimes wish I never felt it so I’d not know how this warmth feels

I can only get it from harem anime and novels

It’s not because I’m a pervert that I love harem novels it makes me feel alive and I can feel the care radiating to the mc and I don’t really feel outhers intentions as strong as I do anywhere else

The perverted ness came in later when I was in the anime community for a long time lol

Marvel/DC: Techno God Raiden · C3
2 days ago


Exploring another World with a System · C36
2 days ago
No woman would want to be with a man that can't have sex. Physical intimacy is necessary in every relationship. Even if he entered a relationship with someone you know she would be sleeping with other people behind his back.

In the end, none of this actually applies to our MC though since of course he can have sex. I just think the thought of having sex with a robot is weird though. Can he even be considered alive at this point? Having sex with him would be like having sex with a high tech sex doll lmao. View More

CliffkunLolRekt: Even if he douse not bang them there is fucking romance to it a feel you can’t get from non harem novels that is addicting why douse everyone automatically assume it’s for the ero hentai ****ady **** **** I mean serously I know we are weebs but that’s not on our mind 247

Marvel/DC: Techno God Raiden · C3
2 days ago
Sigh... This drama is starting to get annoying, and so is Katniss. Her POV is boring :/ View More
Naruto Reborn In the Hunger Games · C14
2 days ago
Can we get more Naruto POV? Most of the latest chapters have been almost exclusively Katniss and Katniss is boring as hell. View More
Naruto Reborn In the Hunger Games · C13
2 days ago
I actually like the crazy Naruto View More
Naruto Reborn In the Hunger Games · C12
2 days ago

Leydig: Yay yandere naruto!!!! 😀😀😀😀

Naruto Reborn In the Hunger Games · C12
2 days ago
Reading Status: C7
Sigh... Unfortunately author did the same thing with the GoB in this story. :/ Whatever, I'm not going to let that influence my review this time. I personally think this is quite the improvement over his last novel; whether that be in grammar or writing style. It's looking very interesting so far, even though there aren't many chapters as of now. Just keep up the good work 👍🏼 View More
2 days ago
How naive. Your day will come, criminal scum. View More

REDLAW: 😎 I am the law. The law will never cower in front of any form of threats. I wanted to introduce her in the next chapter, but just for you I will not. 😂😂

2 days ago
Can't wait to see Naruto absolutely destroy the Hunger Games View More
Naruto Reborn In the Hunger Games · C6
3 days ago
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