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  • 'Monster' In Darling In The Franxx

    'Monster' In Darling In The Franxx


    An experiment from a young age and used as a killing machine with no end, a person who has killed millions upon millions of people gets reincarnated into Darling In The Franxx. Would you like to see the outcome? (AN: I'll say this now, I do not own anything of Hitman, Darling In the Franxx or anything that I use from shows, movies, anime, manga or games or anything copyrighted and please dont sue me and also i don't know who made the cover but it's not mine)


Kaberial: Author used Cliffhanger on Reader!

A critical hit! It's super effective

Reader fainted!

Fate/Heroes · C55
1 day ago
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つRelationships View More
Can you be gentle? · C7
3 days ago
Ahhh good ol' blue balls, Ero really knows how to drop this one doesn't he? View More
Ghostly in a Mermaid · C1
3 days ago
Yes, probably the best couple there could be😊😊
all we need now is antigone, hehehe incest harem comin right up! View More

DarkDragonGoddess: They are certainly perfect for each other

Master of Time · C158
4 days ago
What or rather who exactly are the heroes he's stuck with? As in which heroes souls does he have, could you give a list? View More
Fate/Heroes · C0
5 days ago
Is he going to reveal that he has several 'reincarnations'/heroes souls' in him? View More
Fate/Heroes · C0
6 days ago
It's okay just dont copy several of the same paragraphs into onw line its hard to differentiate and you shoulf make more spaces when you write a new paragraph or a text of 4 line and then make a space View More

DimaSloth: English its not my first language,and I use Google translate!?!?!! 😭😭😭

New life after seventeen months / New life after seventeen months
1 week ago
Bois keep the gifts comin, we need to make the guy regret his decision bout even letting us get bonus chapters for such a good novel🎉🎉🎉 View More
King of Sports · C80
1 week ago
Reading Status: C1
K I'll be honest, you need to work on your grammar, your punctuation and stop copying the same paragraphs, its annoying also make it so I understand what's going on because I donk what's what at times. Your character building is good and story development is also good as is world development but remember to have someone edit your chapters so others can understand it k? 😗😗😗 View More
New life after seventeen months / New life after seventeen months
1 week ago
K then so what just happened? View More
New life after seventeen months / New life after seventeen months · C1
1 week ago
Um I think even if he dies get castrated he can jist reverse time and get a new dick View More

TheMeownomaly: I mean, uhh, is anyone insane enough to just willingly let someone castrate you?

Master of Time · C147
2 weeks ago
Oh dont worry bout me, I'm just doing experiments, killing gods and stuff😗 FOR SCIENCE😤! View More
Master of Time · C145
2 weeks ago
Good chapters👍🏻 View More
Era of Chaos · C13
2 weeks ago
Yeah although it did end up getting ****ed up but still it set a good ending View More

Dhaliwal2: Yeah I didn't like the orgy part either

Magical Sex Potion · C147
2 weeks ago

SnifeADoodle: Aiyo you're digging your own grave buddy

King of Sports · C73
2 weeks ago
Aiyo you're digging your own grave buddy View More
King of Sports · C73
2 weeks ago

DJason: "His look was... pedestrian at best." Author. Your targeted audience are sad losers like me who want dream of being handsome. And plus, didn't you say the MC was a handsome boy last chapter? My heart is very weak and my titanium dog eyes are rusting.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C2
2 weeks ago
Keep uploading👍🏻👍🏻 View More
WTF I am in the Marvel Universe ! · C14
3 weeks ago
Spread the retard pervert culture that is hidden among our hearts! View More
Ghost of Culture · C6
3 weeks ago
Exactly my thoughts, like what are they anyway? What's Buddha too? View More

callylloyd: what are the buddist scriptures???

WTF I am in the Marvel Universe ! · C1
3 weeks ago

Sandwhale: The trolling is strong in this one

Master of Time · C136
3 weeks ago
No one listened you're gonna have to make more chapters either way! View More
King of Sports · C0
3 weeks ago
Scary stuff, wonder what the encryption is. 🤔 View More
Master of Time · C133
4 weeks ago
Ahh wheres the chapters?!? I need more! View More
Akash Wielder Book 4: True Slytherin: Reality Breaker · C1
4 weeks ago
Should upload more, there aren't any dm fanfics at all and also remember to use commas k? View More
Reincarnate as Satou from DeathMa · C1
4 weeks ago
Fuck you fat cat View More

TheMeownomaly: Pump youself. Oof.

Master of Time · C131
4 weeks ago

SnifeADoodle: Ero where are the extra chapters we need more! So keep on pumping them out! 😗

Master of Time · C131
4 weeks ago
Ero where are the extra chapters we need more! So keep on pumping them out! 😗 View More
Master of Time · C131
4 weeks ago
Hmmm so why are you replying to my comment buddy? View More

crazyspecter: I don't care either way when reading a story because it is a story fiction so anything goes.. If you don't like something don't read but without complaining only because, without giving a proper opinion/critics... I for one dont like same gender (in particular malexmale) pairing stories so If I find one I simply avoid it I don't go there flaming because I dislike the genre xd

King of Gods and Immortals · C5
4 weeks ago
Also does he still have black eyes or white eyes because if so then why didn't anybody have question it? View More

SnifeADoodle: Wait im confused, does he have white hair or brown hair?

The Hedonist Sword God · C13
1 month ago
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