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  • I decided to write because I have this story stuck in my head I wanted to write it out. Even if I can't write very well I'm can learn which is why I keep chapters short.

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Original Works

  • A World of Black and White

    A World of Black and White


    They are linked to each other but they don't know how. They now what the other feels, what the other thinks but don't know who they are. ________________________________________________ I will update this novel every time I create a new chapter and length will of each chapter will vary depending on where I am at the time

  • Carrier Lost

    Carrier Lost


  • Last A.I.

    Last A.I.


    I was created in case this ship couldn't perform basic functions. When I was reactivated I didn't think that I would be the only one left.

  • The World of the God who Watches

    The World of the God who Watches


    The closet thing you humans can compare me to is a god but from the definition I survive on your belief in me. I don't need your belief to survive unlike the other beings you call gods. I created the world you live in and I don't interfere. I only did it this time because I found a reason too

  • The Enemies who Love each other

    The Enemies who Love each other


    He was the Holy Dragon God of the Humans and She was the Evil Dragon God of the Demons. Even though the legends say they should be sworn enemies each other. They fell in love at first sight and lived alone for centuries until. ________________________________________ Cover Artist-https://www.deviantart.com/shadowanimelover/art/Broken-hearts-quotes-31049036-500-320-409470790 The Cover was a trap card from Yu-Gi-Oh but this guy added the shaders to make it look better

  • Lost Mines of Phandelvar

    Lost Mines of Phandelvar


    A Party of Adventures complete jobs and form bonds


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The Divine Wolf... or? · C152
3 months ago

N0body: Take your time i want this to be the best reopening you can have thank you and please keep going!

Last A.I. · C0
4 months ago
Why does the A.I. need so much time to think? Its because most of it was left on the ship and shutdown while what he could fit in the avatar is active leaving a huge decrease in processing power. Its not the A.I that had these features it the ship hes on that has it if he loses the ship he losed the features.

Why is it not inferacing with the station? The station isn't exactly civilian friendly in fact those without clearance arent even suppose to be on it for long. This is my fault for not clarifying sorry. If he did interface with the station in his weakened state it most likely wouldnt end well again sorry for that.

How was the ship pulled from ftl? That you will find out later. How are there survivors? When the shipped was pulled everything went to one side of the ship. If you throw enough bodies off the side of a building you would eventually have enough cushion to jump off and survive. Yes there are survivors but not many.

Again another fault due to my writing sorry. Main characters survived due to plot. Also the systems on board werent battle-tested everything on it is prototyped which is why E.M A.I. spends most of its time managing said systems so they don't break. Anyway if you have anymore questions just leave them at the end of the chapter I will see them and answer them since im back. View More

Zug: For an emergency situational ship commanding ai, it sure seems to carry a lot of unnecessary features. Also an AI that needs this much time to think is one that is defunct.

Why is he not interfacing with the station for information, or even engaged in ewar to get information from some of the many ships around. How was the ship pulled from ftl? How exactly are there any survivors from a stop hard enough to break battle tested weapon systems? They should have been turned in hamburger.

Last A.I. · C0
4 months ago
Probably shouldve said when tomorrow View More
Last A.I. · C0
8 months ago
👍 View More
Chameleon: My True Face · C39
9 months ago
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