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The good. good story, good writing, nice character interactions. lots of fluff and sugars. A nice feminist protagonist. The bad. But too much harem. A sex chapter is depicted longer than any smut novels out there. Having sex for a week or more, or for even days is just disgusting. So is so much harems. It ruined a lot in this story. Including from danmachi, starting from tione and ais, hestia and Loki. Plus I think of vahn as a hypocrite in these aspects. Loyal women yet an unfilial bastard. Also the way the story goes about how so many women can only find happiness only from him, and no one else. and even more weirdly, happiness for them is ultimately in the form of sexual happiness? Then this pockpickin and melding bs? I am this far in the story cos of the fluff, sugar and fun interactions, otherwise hogging through so much perverted hypocritical actions by all thse characters would have made me unable to enjoy it at all. He rarely has a Male friend, and even those are his subordinates. Or a pervert harem guy like him, the blacksmith from danmachi. The ugly. Also since epic generally follows premade plots. Theres literally no suspense, or surprises or new plots. This was my absolute favorite till the chapter 300s, then too much perverted stuff happens every now and then, starting from time and ais. Telling you, you can write more detailed sex chapters spanning an entire 5 chapters, and it's still good. But, getting it for days or weeks, or doing it with so many women. And yet has barely interaction with men. These ,all of it, degrades the quality bycatch lot. This used to be a page turner, till vahn started with his hypocrite harem and sex marathon. Times, I were so fed up, had to drop it temporarily.
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