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  • The Legend Of The Soul Stealer

    The Legend Of The Soul Stealer

    Eastern Fantasy Mature Xianxia MaleProtagonist WorldTravel Psycholgical UniqueTechnique MultipleRealms RuthlessProtagonist LonerProtagonist

    The body is material , the soul is eternal ! Identities are like clothes there being only the wearer ! Devils reside within Gods and Gods reside within Devils with none the wiser to the truth! A man who has run out of time stumbles upon an outlawed path luring him with the promise of accomplishing the impossible. This is his journey as he embarks on a path which is simultaneously shining under the light and rearing in the darkness as he attempts to understand and subjugate the all new world visible to him. Discover the true meaning of 'stealing a soul' as he seeks to find out his own Way to the Heavens

  • Paradise Dream

    Paradise Dream

    Martial Arts Action Mature Wuxia Politics Psychlogical

    " What is with this partiality of fate treating some as sacred existences and others as worthless scum ? Even though I am forced to walk beneath the moonlight I shall do it with a mesmerising smile on my face ! I shall be responsible for the Fall of Legendary Empires and the Damnation of the tormented ! In this world where night is eternal ; I shall be a shining pearl , my radiance overshadowing the Sun , the Moon and the Stars ! For I shall enchant the Heavens to dance in my palm !" Jing Ke is a morose teenager who hasn't got much time left to live . After being entrusted by his dead father with an impossible mission which if completed shall offer him a slim possibility to live on he decides to take his destiny into his own hands. Racing against fate he sets off in a quest in a World which has long since been damaged beyond repair after being ravished by Egotistic Tyrants and Foul Abominations all in a bid to seek out the pinnacle of Martial Arts in order to devour the greatest tyrant of them all.


In Sanskrit Shoka can mean worry or grief , the A in front is a negative marker sort of like Im in Impossible The actual Mandarin term from which this is translated is WuChou again Chou means worry and Wu which can mean no is a negative marker . Not sure why the translator chose to translate is as Ashoka No Worries seems perfectly fine View More

LokT: Hi, could anyone tell me how Ashoka means worry free? or how worry free means Ashoka?
the only association i can give to ashoka is the emperor Ashoka.

Way of the Devil · C151
10 months ago
Reading Status: C0
Can't really give a proper review so far but the introduction is nice and the way that various themes were presented is good as well .

Unlike the cliched start of many novels this one had a pretty unique start which has played a spin on classic character tropes that usually appear in such novels plus the intro ended with quite a "Bang !" (and the cliffhanger has left me hanging on for life !)

The grammar is good enough with sufficient quantity to raise the bar by another notch or two. Waiting eagerly for the successive chapters to see how the plot pans out . View More
The Elusive Metronome
10 months ago
Reading Status: C0
Do forgive me for the rather harsh review .

From a layman's standards if the quality of writing is ignored the work is certainly passable and could be perused when boredom strikes.

From a professional's viewpoint just the synopsis is enough to cause indigestion .While the main idea though not original is certainly not bad ; the execution has been to say in brevity , horrendous .

I would advise you to pay a bit more attention to your grammar , at least to the point that your work doesn't appear to be Machine Translated rather than the original work that it is ; granted not all of us can be masters in the nuances of grammar but at least make your work readable .

The usage of certain words and expressions can cause the impression of the readers to change drastically .

What I mean is that not only is the content of your work important ( I leave that up to you ! ) , The way you present it matters as well !

I can guarantee that with a little sprucing your novel can certainly turn into a page-turner !

Remember that only polished diamonds are worthy of being seen as gems !

And sorry for the critical review , I certainly didn't mean to be patronizing , I just meant to share some. tips that in my opinion can improve your story by a great deal !

Best of luck ! View More
Song of Heroes
10 months ago
Regarding usage of tense past tense is simply a convention and not an absolute necessity ; depending on how the novel is structured , present tense can be used as well albeit with some difficulty since it requires a more radical approach to the writing even so some of the best authors have used the present tense as well in their novels moreover there's a style that involves switching between the tenses as well especially if the story involves multiple POVs or timelines to convey a certain element of ' uniqueness ' or : intensity' between parts that showcase distinct emotions or viewpoints such a style if properly executed can lead to an interesting result in the case of this novel based on how it's structured . View More

Potter: I just started reading it. I am on chapter 3. Honestly, I like where the story is going but the grammar and sentence structure is very bad and it is super uncomfortable to read. Its ok if you are an ******* writer when you put these up on royal road but after coming to webnobel.com and having these chapters premium, I thought you would atleast get a decent editor.
The main problem is the tense of story. Why is it present? It is all wrong. I do hope that you correct it or atleast get an editor to do this if you are uncomfortable changing your style.
I will still continue to read this story. I don't know if it's possible but I hope the the author reads this review and reflects on it.

Lord Shadow
10 months ago
Reading Status: C3
Hi !

This is the author here , although I'm shamelessly rewarding myself with a 5 star I hope that you guys don't look down on me for that !

The Characters of this Novel are loosely based on Ancient Chinese History and some of my favourite Wuxia Novels like those of the Legendary Master Louis Cha or Jin Yong as he was more popularly known. ( he is also the Godfather of 'Eastern Fantasy' his counterpart in the west would be JRR Tolkien or CS Lewis )

While I am reimagining most of the characters in an entirely unique way I have kept some of the mythos associated with them intact since I feel that failing to do so would in fact be in a way , a heinous crime.

So yes most of the characters here are pretty famous and I do encourage you to read about them if you have the time so that you can enjoy this story to the fullest extent ( by the way their stories are a pretty fun read as well and are in a way the ancestors of the Original Webnovels that you are exposed to here !)

Jing Ke , the MC here , was in reality somewhat of a Tragic Hero and many legends have been written about his failed assassination attempt on the then King Of Qin who went to become the legendary first Emperor who unified all of China (There have been a couple of movies as well including Hero (2002) , the Jet Li starrer which went into perform quite incredibly at the global stage !) , other characters such as Dongfang Bubai are pretty much household names and are now a part of folklore as much as say , Sun Wukong is .

The long intro aside , the story I am writing and the characters that are coming to the fore are entirely my own even if they indeed have an origin elsewhere .

So I would like to do my best while 'stepping on the shoulders of the Giants' .

Anyway , sorry for the long review and I will make my aim clear through an informal introduction as well but feel free people to comment as you like so that I can gauge my own inadequacy and work hard to improve !

Yours Lovingly
Author Kun View More
Paradise Dream
10 months ago
Are you using an editor for a scandinavian language ? No self respecting Word Processor would make mistakes like that . Use MS Word or Google Docs if you still have a problem , the editor on this site is not bad as well . View More
Primordial Smith · C0
10 months ago
An excellent introduction fellow Daoist ! I see that you have re-interpreted the traditional Pangu Myth of the beginning of the universe in an interesting manner . It is also interesting to see how you have used the three pure ones and the ancient Boddhisattvas .However the best part was your introduction of the various stages of Cultivation ; though you have chosen the classic Qi Condensation - Foundation Establishment -Core Formation route ( though you haven't continued with Deity Transformation -Integration and Mahayana !!! ) it is the first time that I have seen it talked about faithfully in English ( as a side note I'm waiting for you to address the Classic ZhujiDan , JinDan tribulation arcs that almost follow invariably ! ) I am also interested to see how you shall address the various states of Daoist Philosophy such as Thoughtless Tranquility etc since I found a promising introduction to them .

Sorry for the long comment . It's just that I get to see such an interesting novel very rarely and my irritating failing of digression gets out of hand .

In short excellent ! Keep up the good work !! View More
The Pathway · C1
11 months ago
Reading Status: C3
Please do not plagiarise the work of other author's . The work here that you are passing off as your own (you have not even altered the description and the name of the characters !! ) is a famous Western Fantasy Series written by Morgan Rice .

A short Google Search would prove my claim.

In most countries there are stringent copyright protection laws that exist to prevent disuse of Intellectual Property . These laws extend to the digital domain as well , posting it in a place like Qidian doesn't guarantee that the law will not be enforced.

Consider the case of a famous novel on this site I'm Really a Superstar which was forced to stop publishing as well due to copyright issues.

While there is no harm in taking inspiration from those whom you admire or respect there is always a limit to how much "aid" you can borrow which is why such laws exist.

Pardon me for the long pedagogical lecture I have no intention of targeting you in any way whatsoever on the contrary I feel that you must have the potential to be a great author someday as well so please don't squander it or your own well-being (mental or physical) by indulging in such acts which if found can have immense repercussions. View More
The Sorcerer's Ring
11 months ago

DaoIsLife: Thanks

The Legend Of The Soul Stealer · C15
11 months ago
Reading Status: C5
An interesting novel based on the concept of another novel dear to my heart available on Qidian ( not here in webnovel) [ 4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution ] .

The author has done a decent job up to the point with a good enough writing quality ( very little grammatical mistakes + good usage of vocab) and a decent story progression ( apart from the fact that the length of the chapters are a bit on a shorter side !! )

I hope he keeps up the good work and spins out a page-turner that I would enjoy as much as the novel I mentioned above

To any of you folks who are free I would recommend you both of the novels !! View More
Ball of Nothing
12 months ago

DaoIsLife: I am gonna wait for more chapters than I will read.

The Legend Of The Soul Stealer
1 year ago
Reading Status: C7
Do forgive me for my biased rating to my own novel.

Many of the Cultivation novels I have had the fortune to encounter had at some point of time the MC meeting a powerful man from the Mortal World , a man who at one point of time held sway over the fate of entire kingdoms .This man however is now approaching an inevitable death and usually begs the MC to prolong his life . Naturally the MC refuses and life moves on with us readers and the MC himself , getting a lesson in the impermanence of life consequently motivating the MC more towards his goal.

Now , this got me thinking .

Who are we to decide who gets an opportunity to change his/her fate ?

What if one of those said ambitious men from the secular world get another chance ? How would his journey be different from that of a villager or an erudite scholar whose tales we have read of ?

This is an attempt to answer that.

I personally felt that such an MC would at the very least have his own unique approach and a loose moral complex seems quite appropriate .

Don't you think so ?

As a general aim however I wish to show you another side to a well known world .

What side you may ask ?

Haven't we seen all that there is to see in most of the novels out there?

True , Some of those are really exciting and a couple (I quote my favourites Renegade Immortal and Daoist Gu (sorry I think it's Reverend Insanity here is it ? ) ) for doing an excellent job in that regard.

Honestly I'm not sure .

Still I believe that there are many paths still unexplored and a more psychological version of the journey into the Tao seems like a great idea !

One further goal I would like to keep in mind is to 'not deviate' too much from the spirit of such novels.

What I mean is as someone who understands and is able to speak and read Mandarin and English equally well (At least I hope so !) I have had the privilege of reading many of the web-novels here in both the RAW and translated versions .

As such the least I can do is to provide as 'original' as an experience possible .

It's a work in progress so cut me some slack guys !

Anyways to quote Robert Frost there's still miles to go before I sleep!

That's all folks !

** : Do forgive me for the really long and drawn out review but I just couldn't stop myself from dumping everything here ! (Also Comments weren't really suitable for that !)

PPS: I have also decided to put this under spoiler tag for now just in case a couple of more helpful reviews come along !!! View More
The Legend Of The Soul Stealer
1 year ago
Reading Status: C1
IET does it again ! Another excellent novel with some phenomenal world building .However what impresses me the most is the brilliant description of the journey of the sword Dao that he manages to unfold in this novel View More
The Desolate Era
1 year ago

Miriallia: This is actually the most expected outcome. Just because one has seen the error in ones ways and seeks redemption, doesnt mean that the legal repercussions go away. I'm glad that it happened actually due to the realism of it. It also brings known characters back into the story and a chance for him to show another side of the religion and his function as an abbot: comforting the members of the disceased's family. I wonder if he will be asked to give him a Dharma name for his burial.

The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C129
1 year ago
yep, same View More

Daoist_Heartless: I hope this novel doesn't go premium soon cause it is a mighty dao to rich but it causes the commoners to suffer

And I'm a commoner so pls spare me🙏🙇

The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C61
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C1
1 year ago
great View More
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C61
1 year ago

Daoist_Heartless: I hope this novel doesn't go premium soon cause it is a mighty dao to rich but it causes the commoners to suffer

And I'm a commoner so pls spare me🙏🙇

The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C61
1 year ago
A brief summary of the world of the work so that readers can have an idea of where they find themselves View More
The Legend Of The Soul Stealer · C0
1 year ago
In many novels there usually comes a point where the MC meets a powerful mortal like an Emperor who is near death. His wish to be saved is denied and the MC moves on

Who are we to decide on who deserves a shot at the Great Way?What if an ambitious tyrant gets another chance but this comes at a price of taking an immoral path?

How would his journey in an equally ruthless world be different from that of a villager or a scholar or a genius?

We shall find out as we go along!

Welcome aboard dear reader! View More
The Legend Of The Soul Stealer · C1
1 year ago
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