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Yeah, I mean they should've at least mentioned the system View More

Hnn17: i thought he was gonna put in sweat and train like mad using his old worlds memories, turns out is a cheat system just sit back and convert money to vitality point.

worlds best martial system is better title.

World's Best Martial Artist · C6
3 weeks ago
I won't* View More

EijiSeishuu: i wish for not drop early....

Transmigrated Due To Misfortune · C1
3 months ago
Normally I shouldn't View More

EijiSeishuu: i wish for not drop early....

Transmigrated Due To Misfortune · C1
3 months ago
It might be that with him getting his dragon transformation power, the fishes also started evolving [which will probably end with people getting power] View More

God_Of_Books: I would like to say tht it's sad to see any dragon shape or form actually consider a stupid modern fish as a threat like I would understand if he thought of guns being a threat at lvl 1 and explosives a threat at lvl 2 but fkn fish teeth a threat against Dragon Scales might as well call him a common reptiles instead of a dragon with such ****ty logic sense fish teeth is such a threat better watch out in real life a knife can prob kill him even at lvl fkn 3 another stupid fish lvl up story there prob gonna go either the electric eel book route or Mc going to slowly come across the martial arts xinxia side of the world as he lvls up otherwise this books just a power troupe with no actual goal besides Mc getting a better life

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C13
4 months ago
Why is that? View More

dullah: So far i like this novel, but happy should be one of the crappiest if not THE crappiest MC name of all time

Sword Among Us · C22
5 months ago

TheDummy: So 1 Because during the class about Earth, they might've taught about the multiple countries and the fact that English is the most used language.
So 2 : The girl knew that MC was chinese due to his appearance and asked about english because he would normally know it

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C10
5 months ago
What I meant by most used was that there were more Countries using English than Chinese View More

SystemCreator: English is the second most language. Mandarin is 1.1 billion and English is 983 million.

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C10
6 months ago

THE_EVIL_GOD: Hello friends and writer of this novel
I like the story of this novel but there are some points that i would like to share with u.

1. Slow down story a little, I mean don't bull**** for slowing down in story

2. If you can write long chapters.

3. Talk about more when mc got new ability and how he grind his abilities.

4. Try to post chapter on fix intervals
( 2 chapter per day or 1 chapter per day as u can complete)

A Descendant To God
6 months ago

DWArden45: Fun novels though the power levels can be seen as kinda broken. Expect anime references and skills but still enjoyable to see. I think this deserves more reviews and I wish the story can continue.

A Descendant To God
6 months ago

DarkDawning: Check my comment at chap 64 for my other opinion

Setting transition too fast

It seems grimson is the only main character
what I mean there is no other protagonists only side characters is what I felt there isn't even a companion (small character that travels with mc a bit then parts away due to reasons)
even his monsters aren't sentient most fantasy novels have beasts/monsters/plants that lived long/attained a certain power level/ will attain ability to speak or show emotions other than their natural instinct

A Descendant To God
6 months ago
No Master, I'm a good disciple that shall acknowledge his mistakes . . View More

DarkDawning: Fine I'll continue to read

I thought you were a gonna be a bad person and won't accept there mistakes😂

A Descendant To God · C63
6 months ago
The Persons are all from different Worlds, those persons are all spirit from the Past Lives of MC, out of those Lives, how is that impossible or implausible that one of them know about Dragon Ball?

For the struggle and the settings, I have nothing to say about that because it's true.

As for the no attachment, it's yet another reason that shall be explained in the future, it's related to the ???, the only attachment he actually feels is toward Belram because he thinks of him as a friend.

Also, he actually can open his original Status, he never opened an in-game status? View More

DarkDawning: For one what I said status isn't opening I'm referring to the fact he can't open status of his original system
Not the in-game system

10,000,000,000 wow a big number
But you yourself forgot the idea of how a side character may have known that concept I'm really questioning in how in that era that there we're terms like super saiyan because it's the same new fantasy world with a different era

Reasons that why side character may know these terms super saiyan, vegeta

Scenario 1
In that new era entertainment is widespread so we got these terms from fictional characters but highly implausible

Scenario 2
For some reason vegeta may have spread the idea of super saiyan due to him being there due to space time etc. Which again is highly implausible

Scenario etc.

What I'm pointing out is how in the heck residents of another world know these kinds of terms/ideas without you the author giving a plausible explanation/reason

Too quick of a world/setting transition fantasy to new era of same world to going to virtual reality in under 3 chapters

From what I read Grimson's personality is of I'll do what I want whenever I want
We enter a chapter wherein the Grimson is forced to either follow his mentality vs allying himself to liberators due to blackmail

I felt no inner struggle of choosing as if his original personality wasn't there or as if he's a big pushover

Realistically even in a novel you'd want a conflict/antagonist/goal I felt no goal even if there is one it's not evident in these recent chaps

Struggles/tests are the reason why a person/characters get stronger they become stronger to surpass their limits

There is struggle but it's so brief and the mc just ran away by sleeping in a coffin
After this he doesn't even have the goal of avenging himself or he felt no urgency

Also I'm pointing out that Grimson has even no attachment to his faction/slaves/followers
Even babys have attachments yours is an overgrown newborn

Your settings are not described properly enough
I'm only getting vague images of what is happening
in the world surrounding him

A Descendant To God · C63
6 months ago
He can open his status, his strength didn't get nerfed, he's just playing a game.

In the game, he try to get more combat experience.

There is 10 Billions Spirit, it would've been stupid if none of them knew Dragon Ball,

Did you even read the past chapters? He's in his sea of consciousness, obviously his followers/slave/faction aren't here.

[This is Getting crappy], yeah, your entire comment was stupid . .

as for why MC didn't struggle, I won't even comment that due to how easy it is to understand why he didn't View More

DarkDawning: Huh what happened author your world transition is a bit fast 3 chaps ago we're in fantasy in an all out fight then slept using a coffin

Then 1 chap after we see we're in a new era and focusing more on controlling strength

Then now we're in a virtual reality

Isn't the flow of the different settings a bit much

A bit more realistic approach would be a person first accumulate knowledge in a new environment

But we see the mc being pushed around

One problem I also noticed is why grimson personality changed too quickly because of bein threatened he changed too quickly in my opinion
He should've at least felt the struggle of accepting that someone is stronger than him at the moment

Also why did a side character know of vegeta this is getting stupid the side character know of terms such as super saiyan etc.

This is getting crappy

Where's his followers/slaves/faction

Where's the reason wht he can't open status

Sudden nerf much?

A Descendant To God · C63
6 months ago
I'm a lazy potato, I write the chapters around 18 and I post it the moment it's finished, I don't know why but I just feel it's troublesome to put the chapter on intervals,

As for the ability of MC, I don't know, there is so much ability that if I were to focus on them, the chapter alone will be equal to the total amount of words in the whole novel

For the Long Chapters, if I try to force myself just to write the novel, it'll just become a bore writing the novel, when I just started this for fun

And for the first point, are you saying that the story is too fast-paced? If it's that, I myself don't know how to make a slower paced story because it would mean putting a lot of details and details require being good using words and english isn't my first language, I also am not that old, could be said to be pretty young so you know . . . I'll be bad at this View More

THE_EVIL_GOD: Hello friends and writer of this novel
I like the story of this novel but there are some points that i would like to share with u.

1. Slow down story a little, I mean don't bull**** for slowing down in story

2. If you can write long chapters.

3. Talk about more when mc got new ability and how he grind his abilities.

4. Try to post chapter on fix intervals
( 2 chapter per day or 1 chapter per day as u can complete)

A Descendant To God
6 months ago
I read bs but you, you're bs level is at another level, you're at the level of a f* SJW right now, really 'horny'? when I said it was stupid it was when he thought of people as ultra realistic NPC, you're at level 1 and only comments at "The legendary Mechanic", so I'll just think of you as a troll and I sincerely hope it's a troll View More

Dail_Storm: Stupid? Because he isn't a horny person like you? Just because he doesn't act as you wish? Really? So narrow-minded?

The Legendary Mechanic · C366
6 months ago
Atleast Japanese aren't being considered as bad guys, they were just people that got affected by a Monster that uses Fears View More

True_Sheol: The author has killed off the Japanese and made the South Koreans patsies of the USA. But never mind the North Koreans.

Seized by the System · C256
6 months ago

Useless_The_3rd: FUSSSSSSS

A Descendant To God · C55
6 months ago
Obviously you don't understand, MC is going to get 100 Days of No-Work View More

WhoWhoWho: 😂 I love that line "Oops, something was exposed." I do have to say, these people are really brutal. Personally, these people are bullying him. 😡 The author went from depressing to vicious, although I think that it was supposed to be humorous but totally missed the mark for me. 😒 If I was Boss Yuan, I'd tell them to all go ***** themselves and get the **** out. 😠 Free food and labor while enduring mocking, heck no! Hmm, will this guy try to solve the mystery of the warm air but empty vents? 😏 Scooby Dooby Doo! 🐶

Gourmet Food Supplier · C673
6 months ago
I think it's a bad idea like everyone will order meals worth 10.000 RMB View More
Gourmet Food Supplier · C672
6 months ago
Thanks, I forgot to change that View More

BLazeEzio: After 5 years of training mc is still age 3 wrf??

A Descendant To God · C7
6 months ago
I just want the MC to search the people that scammed him and then kill them View More
Fishing the Myriad Heavens · C106
6 months ago
There is no Novel that goes Premium that fast though? I think you meant Privilegied Chapters Maybe? View More

TheFluffyMan: To everyone here,I shall be the pig that drop the flag...PLEASE DONT GO PREMIUM!!!!!!!

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C26
6 months ago
Nah maybe more something in the kind with a lot of "!" and "?" like "Got Cheat Item! Entering The Virtual World!? Becoming Humanity Arch-Enemy !!!!" View More

FrenzyDaoistLin: If this webnovel published in japan, "Get cheat item, caught into the journey becoming humanity arch enemy!" Would be a right fit.

The Almighty Ring · C64
6 months ago
Fixed, Forgot to remove it View More

Useless_The_3rd: didn't he trash the Rank-FF body/magic control?

A Descendant To God · C22
6 months ago
Oh uh, Can you do maths? Just saying but you say,
Overall score : 2/5
Minus 1 Because China
But you Have a Rating of 2.5/5 and uh if you remove 1 Point because of 'China' isn't that racism? Shouldn't you of all people have no rights to judge patriotism or nationalism or even discrimination then? View More

jaeyuk: Im glad i checked the reviews before i waste my time on another racist xenophobic MC. Thanks for the heads up!

Gourmet Food Supplier
6 months ago
Maybe . . . Probably View More

KnightShade420: Isn’t it ridiculous to have 1 month old baby training. I can’t imagine that without imagining Kung pow(movie).

A Descendant To God · C2
6 months ago
Probably got the menu and the egg fried rice View More

Beer_is_Good: Wait did she just get two bowls of egg fried rice?

Gourmet Food Supplier · C664
6 months ago
I think the friend of MC got a huge friendzone View More

WhoWhoWho: So, am I the only one who thought that by her clarifying that they were friends, it really meant that that was all she would view him as? 🤔 She wasn't interested in anything more, and that was her subtle but kind way of informing him. 😅 Classy! 👠 Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸 🎉

Gourmet Food Supplier · C661
6 months ago
Those Foolish Mortals, they forgot the power of the Weeaboo, They will get killed the moment they insult Hatsune Miku. They Mustn't forget about the kid who got the Power of God and Anime on his side View More
Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C83
6 months ago
Second Choice or Fourth Choice. View More

MysteryMuadi: the real question is: which one would you choose?
• Restart your current life, possessing all your current knowledge
• Reincarnate into a newborn body in a classic fantasy universe
• Be summoned as a hero to a classic fantasy universe
• Suddenly gain a magical/special ability
• Have a library with every book that Wiz will ever write

Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3
6 months ago
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