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Original Works

  • My Twin Is The Princess

    My Twin Is The Princess

    Realistic Fiction

    Bloom is your normal, straight A, single child, sophomore student. That is until one day her history class goes on a mandatory field trip to the castle and everything changes. She finds out her parents are not her real parents and she's not only royalty but she has a twin sister.

  • A False Beauty

    A False Beauty

    Realistic Fiction

    He chose me..... Why did he have to choose me? I was happily living on my own, and I told him I didn't want to..... But he wouldn't take no for an answer...... Why did he have to choose me..... Me a princess a of a village I always dreamed of leave. Why did he pick me to be his wife..... Why do I have to be with him..... There are so many other's who would love his hand in marriage..... Why did he pick a girl like me? I didn't ask for this..... It shouldn't have been me....

  • From Poor Girl to Popstar

    From Poor Girl to Popstar

    Realistic Fiction

    The Hintz was the hottest band out there. With raw talent everyone loved them.... That is until their lead singer Gina left the band and joined a new up and coming band called Get Out that was predicted to be bigger then The Hintz ever were. Soon Get Out steals The Hintz number one spot leaving the band enraged. Slowly losing fans, money, and places to perform The Hintz were desperate for a new singer to get back on the top of the charts. So what better way to do it then with a singing competition with the fans that are still loyal to them. Of course that's not going to be easy so of course their gonna have to hire someone to help them out but what happens when this intern has a talented singing voice?! Can she get them back on the top of the charts, or will The Hintz forever be old news?!

  • Taken and Fighting

    Taken and Fighting

    Realistic Fiction

    When a group called Disappear (a well known group of expert kidnappers) decided to kidnap 9 year old Princess Rozu and hold her for ransom they think that this will be the biggest pay off they've ever had. With the youngest person they've ever kidnapped they believe that they have this mission will be a piece of cake, but what happens when this princess won't go down with out a fight? A mission that was suppose to be so easy will give Disappear a run for they're money. Join Rozu on this action-adventure Taken and Fighting. cover done by: sarang-heayo

  • The Little Girl Next Door

    The Little Girl Next Door

    Realistic Fiction

  • Cinderella: What Really Happened

    Cinderella: What Really Happened



  • Me and Sister

    Me and Sister

    Realistic Fiction

    Tiqa was 11 years old when she got her little sister. She had great parents, and peaceful household, or so she thought. On her 12th birthday she was knocked out and left at an unfamiliar place with her sister by her very own parents. Now left alone in the cold Tiqa was forced to take care of herself, and her sister. The years went on with out any help from the outside world she took on the role of the parents, providing her little sister with all the love, and care she possibly could. Her sister grew to be a happy little girl, but Tiqa Prayed of a day when her knight a shining armor would come, and save them both, and soon her Prayers will be answered.

  • A Brother's Love

    A Brother's Love

    Realistic Fiction

    What if you had to drop everything you had to take care of your little sibling? Well that's the case in Yilzo's story. Once a royal, having everything in line for him Yilzo finds himself fending off the criminals from his village who have over thrown the guards, killed his parents, taken over the village, and put all its villagers in jail. Yilzo must now protect his little sister Niva and find away to fight against these criminals who will stop at nothing until all the royals are dead. Join Yilzo as he fights his way back to royalty while trying to protect his little sister.

  • The Girl He Couldn't Have

    The Girl He Couldn't Have

    Realistic Fiction

    Mgio is the bad boy that every girl wants to be with. As the head of the football team, a track champion, a singer/musician, and labeled as the most popular guy in school there isn't a girl at Vidi High who wouldn't want to be his girlfriend. So what happens when a beautiful girl comes to Vidi High, and catches his eye, he gives her what he believes to be an offer of a life time to be his girlfriend, but what happens when this star gets rejected by her? Bad news! You see Mgio doesn't take rejection very well so he'll stop at nothing to get her, even if it means he puts other people's lives at risk.

  • Sharing Names

    Sharing Names

    Realistic Fiction Romance Love Arranged Marriage Royalty Happiness Christian Saddness Princesses

    When Princess Ivory is told by the Duke of Avas to marry Prince Blaine or else war will break out she is devastated. Against the wishes of her late parents and law Princess Ivory is being forced to marry a Prince whom she's never met even though being promised to marry the love of her life but what happens when a meeting with the Prince ends up with him mistaking Princess Ivory with her lady in waiting Lady Ivory and what happens when the Prince falls in love with Lady Ivory instead of Princess Ivory? The two girls will devise a plan to keep the secret going for as long as they can but how long will it be before the truth is exposed... (I take NO credit for the cover art! The cover art is NOT my drawing!)

  • His Missing Love

    His Missing Love

    Fantasy Romance Kidnapped

    Prince Brandon and Princess Chloe were about to be wed before an evil ruler came and decided to take her as his on wife. Now trapped inside his kingdom at his castle with out a trace of her Brandon must set off to try and find her while Chloe must find a way to escape. Can they do it or will Brandon's love forever be missing.


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