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Original Works

  • The Magician King

    The Magician King


    Disclaimer: I do not own the cover page. https://www.videoblocks.com/video/colorful-shining-magic-circle-lights-and-particles---seamless-loop-purple-bbelcr5ofjfts46ne Harmon, at the age of 14 is killed during a school shooting saving his best friend who ends up dead anyways along with their entire class. Through a cruel twist of fate and with the help of two gods, Harmon reincarnates into a new world, one filled with magic and mythical creatures. Of dragons and vampires and faeries. "I will become a king amongst kings. A legend amongst legends. None shall be stronger!" He says to the two gods before he awakens in his new world.

  • Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent

    Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent



    The serpent rises. It will devour all leaving nothingness in its wake. Just like the phoenix being reborn from the ashes so too does the snake when it sheds its skin. Alastair, at 15 dies in a school shooting and is reborn into the world of Harry Potter. With three wishes from God, follow him as he dominates the Harry Potter world. (I do not own Harry Potter)


Amazing work! I can’t wait to read more! View More
Life in DXD · C8
2 weeks ago
This is amazing. Keep writing!!! I love the overpowered Mc!!! View More
Life in DXD · C7
2 weeks ago
My world is crashing down because of your disapproval. What ever will I do. 😒😒😒 View More

Skepparn: Terrible

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C18
3 weeks ago
I think you’ll like the next few chapters. 😂🤫 View More

After_Wing: I thought you were dead bruv.
Welcome back and please make way for the MC to be already beyond authority from such professors. He can stomped Hogwarts beneath his feet.

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C14
3 weeks ago
Just letting everyone know, I haven’t dropped the novel. I’ve been a bit busy with school right now but expect another chapter by the end of the work week.

Thank you so much for your support! View More
Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C9
1 month ago
Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make sure to keep all of your suggestions in mind. 👍😁 View More

RollaMFEs: Like what you have so far. However remember not to rush too many things or you might run out of ideas to make MC more powerful. You also might break the balance of power too much at which point the MC will not fit into the "HP-universe" any longer and the plot will start to be pretty forced. But so far I like what I see! Many unique ideas and some that we have found to be enjoyable to read, like "helpful-interface" and hidden Noble blood in our MC.

Ps. Don't male Dumpy too "evil" as he's more of a scheming-type for "greater good."

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C13
1 month ago
I know but I’ve always had a thing for guys with long hair. I think I’ll do like a Viking braid or something? View More

Arunavazael: Would you please cut the hair make it short ? You know MC is Handsome borderline beauty with long white hair he going o be mistaken for girls since his adam apple still small.

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C8
1 month ago
Glad someone noticed. 👍 I did. I’m this world she’s the same age but she’ll stop participate in the tournament thingy. View More

BLazeEzio: Did you make femur younger????

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C10
1 month ago
Explain???? View More

Arunavazael: Orochimaru version of Harry Potter world?

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C5
1 month ago
He does. It’s not really a big thing I’m focusing on but there will be a few instances where I do bring it to attention. View More

Arunavazael: Say , MC become vampire/has vampire body, does he also got the urge of drink blood?

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C5
1 month ago
Lol. Of course! View More

Sanehen: I don’t care who else he gets, MC must have fleur😹

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C8
1 month ago
He did get basilisk eyes. I’ll make sure to edit that into the chapter. View More

SYFL555: What about his eyes. He didn't get basilisk eyes yet. What happened to it.

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C7
1 month ago
There’s two more chapters left and then he starts Hogwarts. View More
Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C7
1 month ago
I’ll think about that one. Either she could have one but isn’t strong enough to show it yet or she doesn’t have one because Alastair went from human to Serpentine Devil while she was always a Serpentine Devil. View More

Nevetos: Does Ruby have a human transformation as he can transform into a serpentine devil or no?

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C6
1 month ago
Because his regeneration abilities would expel the ink from his body. I have plans for fixing the daylight ring thing. It should happen in the next few chapters. View More

Hanshi: Whynm not a runic tattoo??

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C5
1 month ago
Thank you. I feel the same as you about the hair. It just looks a lot cooler and gives off a lot of power in my opinion. View More

Jasonenrick: who is as excited as i am ??
Btw i love it that he has long silky hair because for myself i find it more ancient and cool ?? Does someone thinks the same way as i do ??

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C5
1 month ago
Glad you approve. 😁
I wasn’t sure if people would like it or not so positive feedback is good. View More

LIX: Epic, Dumbledore won't even know what bit him. Pun intended.

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C5
1 month ago
I have something planned for that but it’ll be revealed a few chapters later. View More

Yussif_Gasir: Wont dumbeldore know that he became a vampire?

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C5
1 month ago
What did you have in mind? View More

Jane250: I like the idea of him becoming a Vampire, but i think he should come up with something better than a ring. 😊

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C4
1 month ago
I don’t know if I’m going to make it a harem or not. I don’t like the idea of Alastair getting too attached to people but I’m still thinking about it. View More

Wolvex: Hey author is there gonna be romance in your book or no if yes is it gonna be a harem or not if it is a harem my suggestion are Hermione,Luna and someone from Slytherin like Daph because if your gonna turn the mc into a dark creature a lot of people would be prejudiced against him and no light family people would want to have the mc?

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C4
1 month ago
I was planning on making something like dragon magic but the wish was mostly just to satisfy my own wish to be able to speak any language. But it does play a more prominent role in the future.

Thanks for the feedback. View More

Aces_Mark: The last one was not a cood wish unless you make up something like dragon magic which has to be spoke. In dragon language like the thu’m in skyrim

Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C1
1 month ago
We need the next chapter!!!!! View More
Alexander Prince - Half Blood Potter · C35
1 month ago
We need more chapters!!!! View More

BigBoobs: Me too

Rise of House Cason · C54
2 months ago
I agree with everyone that said your work is great, it truly is. There are plenty of ways for this story to go. Elijah could go and collect the rest of the infinity stones or he could travel to other universes. You could even do an arc where he goes to war against Asgard or something. Or maybe the god that sent him to the MCU world gives him a sort of quest or something. I don’t know. It’s your work, just giving suggestions. View More
The Chronicles of Elijah · C77
2 months ago
Honestly, one of the better books on Webnovel. View More
Blood Creed · C35
2 months ago
This is BULLSHIT!!!!! View More
Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C245
2 months ago
When Lith wakes up can’t be just use his black tentacle things and suck the moisture out of a few people to regain his appearance? View More
Supreme Magus · C224
3 months ago
The Chronicles of Elijah · C64
3 months ago
Reading Status: C0
I honestly love this book. The translation and grammar are a bit iffy but the story is so good it makes this detail almost negligible. I find myself getting lost in the storyline and always wanting to know what happened next. Elijah is such a cool mc and they way he goes about his life is truly fun to read about. View More
The Chronicles of Elijah
3 months ago
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