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If you really think like that, you must be new to internet, or are just a naive teenager. You'd better stop communicating with others on the internet. Internet isn't a place for beta people at all. What I said was just the tip of the iceberg, you don't have any idea how terrifying internet could be. If you can't even deal with such simple and basic things, just read what you want and keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, there'll be many out there to show you that the world isn't as simple and beautiful as you imagine it to be. In short, grow up as soon as possible, or there'll be many things that'll destroy you mentally. View More

HajimexYue: No you were definitely overreacting although it seems your in denial of that. If your going to reply to someone don’t be a jackass ok? Anyway if your going to be like this then this conversation is over.

Profane Prince of Domination · C146
4 hours ago
It might look like an overreaction if you read too much Japanese stuff with those beta MC, and would like to be one of them. But once you see the real world, or just start reading a lot of Chinese stuff, you'll find my reaction to be within the bounds of "casual".

Remember, your horizons would broaden the more you read, and don't forget to include various kinds of stuff during your reading process. Never focus on the works from a particular nation if you don't want your view to be biased and distorted by their so-called culture. If you had done that, you'd never ever dare call my reply an overreaction. Sigh, you still haven't seen and read enough, and quite likely missing the equilibrium too. View More

HajimexYue: For a casual reply you overreacted. Anyway while it’s true those apply to a lot of anime characters we are talking about Shirou and this other guy(I forgot which guy I made this comment about) not other anime characters.

Profane Prince of Domination · C146
9 hours ago
Do you not get why I called it bullsh1t? All those characteristics you mentioned can be found in TOO many characters, and in real people even. So saying that such common traits remind you of none other than Shirou, as if he's the only one with such characteristics, doesn't make much sense. The anime and manga world is full of such characters, so you need to be more particular with your reasons for relating Character A with Character B. At least, that's what I think.

Anyway, it was just a casual reply, so need to delve too deep into this matter. View More

HajimexYue: Well that person isn’t wrong she is naive stubborn and stupid all 3 are qualities are core parts of Shirou’s personality.

Profane Prince of Domination · C146
1 day ago
Wasn't it obvious? Bu Fang would have to cook some really high-level stuff that only Battle Emperor or above can eat for that sort of thing to happen. His current dishes can be easily eaten by people who are only at the Battle Maniac level, so of curse, the spirit energy in those dishes isn't high enough to help high level people advance significantly in cultivation. View More

Daoist_Zheng: The emperor didn't breakthrough. Alas

Gourmet of Another World · C86
4 days ago
That's not called face-slapping, you know. I think you read so much about face-slapping here that you don't even know when to use it. Check the dictionary for the correct word, don't use whatever comes to you mind first because of your severe lack of vocabulary. View More

shade0180: thanks, The system is face-slapping the MC, that's a first.

Gourmet of Another World · C86
4 days ago
"His Highness"? Really? You still don't understand Bu Fang's personality, huh. View More
Gourmet of Another World · C62
5 days ago
Because the system depends on Owner Bu, so Owner Bu gets the credit naturally. View More

theULTIMATEnoob: Why did you all praise Owner Bu? It's clearly the system is the one that plan this.

Gourmet of Another World · C54
5 days ago
Yeah, clearly goes to show how biased the system (aka the author) is towards these so-called cute and beautiful girls. It's clear from what we have seen so far that the system can decide the things however way it wants, regardless of the truth. Quite disappointing, but let's hope that things get better. View More

Miya_Jheale: "After analysis, it is concluded that Xiao Yanyu's actions was not severe enough to be considered as causing trouble"

I see, I see! so trying to kill someone isn't considered causing trouble... gottcha.

Gourmet of Another World · C43
5 days ago
More like that black dog owes Bu Fang TOO MUCH, as it has been eating his delicacies for free so far. It better start doing something, or it'll have to pay for everything it owes in its next nine lives. View More

irlsgirl: Bu Fang, you are so cruel, tempting and teasing Blacky like that! You owe him a whole plate of Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs! 😂 Zhao Ruge must be grateful his father promised him the pill he will be paying Xiao Yanyu after he loses the bet. 😜

Gourmet of Another World · C39
5 days ago
I think it's a bit TOO early to say that it's free of cliche stuff when you have only read 14 chapters, which is basically nothing when we talk about CN Webnovels. I mean, usually these novels have 1000+ chapters, and MANY so-called "fresh" novels turns out to be works full of cliche stuff eventually. Therefore, unless you have read a few hundred chapters at the least, it's really meaningless to claim whether a work has cliche content or not.

Besides, it's the execution that makes a story interesting, not the presence or absence of cliche stuff. So long as you understand the art of storytelling, even a work overflowing with the most common cliche elements could turn out to be a masterpiece.

Experimenting with new stuff is a nice thing, but you need to be be capable to do it right. After all, 'not knowing what happens next' doesn't make a story interesting by itself. It depends on the art of storytelling. View More


Tags: Male Lead; Magic; ?

Age Rating: 12+ - No strong language thus far in the first 14 chapters, but violence is likely to occur and there has been some slight horror themes.

Summary: A man calling himself Jon is transported to a different world, carrying with him only a plant and the object used to transport himself there- the Alien Eye. The noble Padt Family saves him from his near-death state and takes him in, offering him a job as a fruit grower. This is not his story. Twenty years later, Viscount Noah Padt, the man who originally took in Jon is dead, and his eldest son Leon Padt stands to inherit. Angor Padt, the younger son, has been mentored by Jon, and learned of a strange place called "Earth." However, Jon, at a mere fifty-some years of age, is withering away. He tells Angor that "Gaia's Will," or the will of this world, is rejecting him for not being originally from there. When Count Eton comes through, seeking the "Morning Dew," or a tea made from the plant Jon had brought with him, a wizard is accompanying him. Wizards are the stuff of myths and legends, but this one reveals himself for the Morning Dew. After it helps him achieve a breakthrough, he offers the Padts one favor. Though Angor first tries to save Jon, the wizard fails. Instead, Angor asks for the oppurtunity to become a wizard. During his testing, it is revealed that Angor does indeed have the necessary talent.

Translation Quality: 5/5: There are no obvious grammar or spelling errors, and everything seems fine.

Stability of Updates: 4/5: Hard to judge. I'm giving it a 4/5 since we can't tell this early on in the translation.

Story Development: 5/5: Already interesting and unique. Instead of centering around the transmigrator (Jon), it instead follows someone else who is trying to save him. A refreshing change from the multitude of reincarnation/transmigration/time travel stories on Webnovel. Additionally, the story seems to be avoiding most the extremely obvious cliches, such as a family drama over the line of succession (that we see in almost EVERY female lead novel and quite a few of the male lead novels here). In fact, this line is stated by two servants talking about the line of succession since Leon will inherit everything: "Those family conflicts you read about in the drama novels won't happen here."

Character Design: 5/5: Characters are unique and have their own personalities. Also, people can CHANGE THEIR MINDS. Wow. Mindblowing! The wizard, who originally planned to burn down Padt Manor in search of the Morning Dew, changes his mind and later offers them a favor when they give it to him out of their own goodwill.

World Background: 2/5: As soon as the wizard comes, we discover there's a whole other larger world out there. ...this is honestly so overused. Main character coming from a tiny backwater? Discovers powers? It's extremely cliche, and I expected better.

Overall: A nice change of pace from most of the cultivation novels here. I will note that it does seem to have some cultivation aspects, with breakthroughs and ranks for the wizards. I will continue reading this!

Please like this if you want to see more actual review and not just "Guuuuuuuddd" or "Ugh terrible" in the review sections! Also note that this is an early review supposed to give people an IDEA of what the story is like, and that there are only 14 chapters out!

Warlock Apprentice
1 week ago

GoblinSlayer: Hello! It's me! A reincarnated sword god! Wait.. I thought i was just an average player in a world of supah experts back then? Well who cares! I'm a (author proclaimed) sword god!

Follow me on me on my adventures as i offend people, which also offends their guilds! And watch me, the sword god, slay those guilds with my "just an upstart" guild! As i offend more people, which also offends their guilds! And watch me, the sword god, slay those guilds with my "just an upstart" guild! As i offend more people, which also offends their guilds! And watch me, the sword god, slay those guilds with my "just an upstart" guild!

Wait.. What do you mean i am just repeating my self? Well that's how my story goes!

Uhh.. No.. It's not.. NO! It's not just that.. Let's see.. Umm.. Yeah! Cultivation! Damn straight.. Cultivation on an online game! How did that happen? Uhh.. Well.. Real life cultivators on a game? Author! Help me!

Oh.. Now you ask about my glorious real life? Hehehehehe.. Who cares about real life? Right? Sword God is here dude.. F**k you real life! I don't even know if im still logging out of the game!

Follow me as i offend people, which also offends their guilds! And watch me, the sword god, slay those guilds with my "just an upstart" guild!

Huh? I said that already? Oh f**k this sh*t! Im out!

I'm Awesome!
- Sword God

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
1 week ago

SuperHippo: I'm sorry to ask this but could you not spoil the chapters for us. It's not that you're doing anything wrong or anything but since your comments were on the top everytime, I still accidentally saw it a few times. Of course I can't force you or anything, so if you can, that'd be great. Thank you.

My House of Horrors · C198
1 week ago
She can't even protect herself when the real powerful ones come, let alone someone else. So no, we don't see why you love her, unless you're desperate to get a girl. View More

ayradesu: Zhang Ya greatly appreciates you eating the candy she made, Chen Ge. Now she'll protect you forever! Well, at least until the moment she takes your life. Hahaha. Can you people see why I love her? (♡˙︶˙♡) Now, onto Men Nan!

My House of Horrors · C176
1 week ago
Don't blaspheme true goddesses like that, my friend. A real goddess doesn't need a "bribe" (candy) to offer some help. She would vanquish all without you asking whenever you're in trouble. Zhang Ya is just plain mediocre and materialistic, with little to no chance of ever reaching that level. View More

ayradesu: At last, my ever beautiful and precious Red Goddess has appeared! (♥ω♥ ) Zhang Ya for the win, bro!

My House of Horrors · C175
1 week ago
Nah, pet/friendly animals/birds sitting on shoulder is a VERY, VERY common thing that you can found quite easily if you care to look for stuff where the MCs have an animal as a pet/friend. View More

Morinu: I just realised, does the cat sit on his shoulders to prevent monsters from sitting on his shoulders?

My House of Horrors · C171
1 week ago
You mean the most useless one so far? Man, don't be a patient yourself, or Chen Ge will have to "fix" you too. View More

Sovereign_of_Books: He learned from the best, Zhang Ya of course

My House of Horrors · C162
1 week ago

Alwin: Nope.
Divine bell got teleportated to the dragon by a formation when she was trying to grab the little girl.

Way of the Devil · C393
1 week ago
Which doesn't make any sense at all, given how hard it is to cultivate to higher levels. Reaching higher level needs a LOT of talent, time, resources, comprehension, etc. You can't reach higher levels just cause you or someone else want that to happen, unless it's Godly entity helping them. This is why, those cheap, low-quality novels can never compare to this one that at least try to be somewhat realistic when it comes to cultivation. View More

Grape_Toad: In any other novel he'd find some way to promote her cultivation to the right level

Way of the Devil · C389
1 week ago
You got it SO wrong. Like, did you even properly "read" everything since he got that slate? Doesn't seem like it, if you came to that ridiculous conclusion. Hope you realize your HUGE misunderstanding now. View More

Dragon_God123: The tablet he learned i think is something far more mysterious than the sword tablet su ningfei was going to give him. She clearly thinks that they all were ordinary knife marks. But lu sheng already knows they are anything but ordinary. So maybe this could be blessing in disguise. If not, su ningfie and her body doubles or something are in for a world of pain.

Way of the Devil · C369
1 week ago
It just means that he isn't a purely blood-thirsty guy that kills others just for fun. I mean, he won't even touch you if you don't bother him, unlike the truly brutal ones. Get the deeper meaning. View More

Sodda: I see no brutality in you... Is the monk nuts ? Lu Sheng is the King of brutality!

Way of the Devil · C362
1 week ago
He must have meant something along the lines of "no more than 30" by that, because otherwise, the author clearly lost his mind. It was clearly stated that he was only 23 a few months ago. He would be 24 at the most, and 30 is impossible. View More

Flooff: When did so much time pas that he’s 30 now???

Way of the Devil · C351
2 weeks ago
lol, Divine Prime Level is just the highest level a "mortal martial artist" can reach. It's very inferior to even "bind level", which is being called 'realm of snake' in Great Yin, for whatever reason. That was huge blunder on your part. View More

Threetimess: Isn't "Divine prime level" above the realm of snake wtf ?

Way of the Devil · C349
2 weeks ago
Until this point, he is COMPLETELY Opposite from a "Muscle head". He is really careful, calculative, and keep on researching and exploring new things. He is one of the MCs that use their brain the most. So, I don't get why you would even mention such a thing here, like it doesn't make any sense at all after seeing Lu Sheng so far. View More

Jack_N_Mikhail: Thank you for the chapter!

I hope Lu Sheng doesn't devolve into a Muscle head like the MC from the author's other novel-Mystical Journeys.

Way of the Devil · C333
2 weeks ago
Well, unlike these sects who have been doing this thing for at least a thousand years, Lu Sheng only did that absorption thing for a very short period. After that short period, he never did such a thing, and it wasn't even mentioned at all. Therefore, he would be still be WAY x1000000 better than this sect, even if he criticizes the sect for doing such a thing. There is simply no comparison between the two of them when it comes to this particular cruel matter. View More

Veres: Thanks for the chapter. I like how Lu Sheng isn't a hypocrite who criticizes the sect for being ruthless when it's just a bigger scale version of what he did to get more inner qui back in Song.

Way of the Devil · C315
2 weeks ago
That's only possible to happen with ordinary men like you. It's Infinitely Impossible to happen with a Badass Boss-Level character. I mean, the woman would be throw aside, and the man and his entire family, relatives and friends would be DEAD if that ever happened. Then, the MC could go ahead and find for other women, who would be DEFINITELY better than an ordinary, mortal woman like his wife, who even mortal men dislike and call as a "Deformed" woman. The MC is at least 1 billion times way out of her league, after all. She only has some worth if she stays loyal, and once she loses even that one thing, she would be no different than trash to the MC, so he doesn't need to ever worry about "growing a green hat". But yeah, very ordinary people like you should be VERY concerned about it, and take care not to lose your partner some day. View More
Way of the Devil · C283
2 weeks ago
Considering how cautious and curious he is usually, it's really looks unnatural and something forced by the author to make him do such a thing. Though just as the other guy said, not being 'perfect' is the true perfection as human, after all. If a person doesn't make any mistake or wrong decisions, he would be considered to have a flawed personality in reality. View More

Pepesigh: Be warned about a devil disaster -> Have a devil you can ask about it calling you -> Proceed to ignore said devil.
Not the brightest tool in the shed are we?

Way of the Devil · C265
2 weeks ago
I think you're mistaking the meaning of "villain". Just what did he do in this chapter that makes you say 'why our mc become more villain then the villains them self'? Nothing actually. The term you really need to use here is called "badass". Have you heard of it before? Use it from now on in such situations. View More
Way of the Devil · C245
2 weeks ago
That's 5 m, not 2 m I think. View More

Daoist_Zheng: Wait till he reveals his gigantic two metres Yang mode and make some meat paste.

Way of the Devil · C239
2 weeks ago
From what we have seen so far, it doesn't seem possible for him to give any sort "buff" to the practitioners of Devil Qi, who are at the level of Bind, at his current level. She is not a mortal martial artist, after all. Besides, that would reveal his secret, and that is definitely against his desire to "keep a low profile". You completely missed that point, huh. View More

Ringsaphire: instead of "keeping low profile" he should have given a buff to his senior sister and let her play with the others schools. Thx for the chapter!

Way of the Devil · C234
2 weeks ago
Not the liquid qi explosion, he becomes 5 meters tall when he activates the Extreme Yang Mode. Less than 2 m = Restrained, 3 m = Normal, 5m = Extreme Yang Mode -> Liquid Qi Explosion = Booster View More

Wishhy: 3 meter is normal form bit egen he explodes hos liquid QI he turns into 5 meter

Way of the Devil · C222
2 weeks ago
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