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His confidence might be inherent, I guess. I mean he might not know it consciously, but somewhere within him lies the will and thus, the influence of the 'real and the true' Lin Fan, who is the literal personification of 'the Strongest System' out there. If you have read the novel "The Strongest System" till the end, you'd know what kind of Uber-Super-Ultra-Contra kind of 'Ultimate Existence' the MC of that series is. As the MC of this series is indirectly his manifestation, it's no wonder he would be acting confident, even if there is no 'apparent' reason to back it up. After all, he IS basically destined to be the ultimate being the moment he was born (not just simply because he is the MC of this series, but because he is related to the Ultimate Existence). View More

TheeUnknownSaint: It’s still to soon to properly review this. It’s strongly similar to I Might Be a Fake Cultivator, with a similar built up so I’m impressed. The characters are at least fleshed out well. But the MC is a bit frustrating. I don’t know where his strong confidence comes from.. Is it just bullsh*t luck and somehow works in the end? I don’t know... I do see a lot of potential though. It’s worth following for now as I like Heroines like this as it’s been awhile.. Please don’t fail our expectations for this. At least do not make him a ‘murderer’

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens
1 week ago

Alessan: Here’s to hoping Klein can forcefully sever his connection to the Goddess’s Sword with the gray fog. I think it’s worth the risk. Even IF there is a chance he could use the connection to bypass some of the Chanis Gate seals it’s just a latent danger constantly looming over his head. He could be potentially discovered, tracked or even attacked through the connection at any time. Likely by surprise too. It could even allow the Evernight Goddess herself to watch or influence him and perhaps even use him as a bridge to access the Gray Fog like the Mother Tree of Desire wanted to do in Balam. A whole host of problems for very little gain.

Lord of the Mysteries · C800
1 month ago
So far, the book titles have been mainly related to Klein, so it might actually be referring to him in a way we may or may not know at present. Need to wait and see, before jumping to such conclusions as you made in the first paragraph. View More

MondSemmel: And thus, it becomes clearer why this fourth volume of Lord of the Mysteries is titled 'Undying': Emperor Roselle may or may not be alive right now, but as a Sequence 0 Black Emperor, even if he's dead, there's a way to revive him with the help of his mausoleums. In other words, he's one of the Undying.

(Amusingly, Klein is Undying in a different sense, due to the remnant effects of the gray fog or his transmigration. And Mr. Azik and Zaratul, due to their demigod powers. And so on.)

Lord of the Mysteries · C790
1 month ago

Reptile_Not_Alien: The scariest ghosts are not the bloody and noisy ones charging at you. They are the ones calmly strolling towards you as all actions are disregarded by them. Killing Mr. X in full view... Badass.

Lord of the Mysteries · C778
1 month ago
She isn't required at all, as Klein is self-sufficient already. He is a true independent gentleman. View More

Ymarsakar: Sharron ship sailing higher.

Lord of the Mysteries · C778
1 month ago

xlntz: Man, Klein is scary.....

Lord of the Mysteries · C778
1 month ago

Demoneastz: Man~ Klein is an amazing MC, praise to the author.
And who would've thought that Marionettist and Wraith can be such a scary combo?
and I am surprised that Mr X knew about Marionettist, at least being attacked by one.

Lord of the Mysteries · C778
1 month ago

hfitri: Oh my god.. so intense.. no physical action needed.. the fight of inner will..love it

Lord of the Mysteries · C778
1 month ago

Randompasserby: The scariest part is this is happening during a beyonder gathering, in full view and with a Saint keeping watch!

What the hell... I'm just waiting for the climactic finale and Gehrman Sparrow's reveal now before squealing in giddiness 🙉🙈🙊

Lord of the Mysteries · C778
1 month ago

Alessan: Terrifying. I love it.

Lord of the Mysteries · C778
1 month ago

Randompasserby: Another reason why I love this story and the MC so much:
- Klein never plays when he hunts. Going for the kill or just haul ass immediately when sh1t went sideways.
- The author have enough restraint when depicting battles to avoid sinking into back and forth escalation of who had bigger sticks. Yet somehow managed to keep all combatants powers not look cheap and still interesting & terrifying.


Lord of the Mysteries · C778
1 month ago

Ozwin: I... holy hell this gave me spooks. I expected something actiony after a chapter or two of scouting but this... this is just plain scary Klein! This guy can’t even tell who is on the verge of killing him here and just feeling his life slowly slipping out of his hands for several minutes as the people around him fail to notice his plight... his own body being used to prevent anyone from noticing anything is wrong!

Though with Klein’s luck I can’t tell if this is going too well at the moment and something is about to go horribly wrong, or if his success here means difficulties coming for him soon lol.

Lord of the Mysteries · C778
1 month ago
Nope, 'she' isn't really all that amazing at all. Instead, it shows how amazing Klein is as he was just a mortal when Trissy was already wreaking havoc in the sea with her beyonder power. View More

excelss: Trissy appeared at the very begining. And has been going up the sequences at the same pace as Klein. So, isn't "she" amazing?
Remember that she doesn't have a tarot club, nor the fog.

Lord of the Mysteries · C775
1 month ago

Wu_Kong: When Klein was sequence 9, she was already sequence 7. And now they both are sequence 5, so yeah 'she' is not as fast as Klein. Plus if one knows the acting method and is part of an organization, one can become sequence 5 in 1 to 1.5 years

Lord of the Mysteries · C775
1 month ago

LoliStalker: It is common in this kind of story that the "evil side" has the advantage of speed/power cuz they dont give a crap about moral and will do whatever it take to reach their goal while the "good side" has the advantage of order and unity.

At a higher level, this novel reminds me a lot of The Experimental Log of The Crazy lich, that **** is fucking awesome in a similar but different way than this novel

Lord of the Mysteries · C775
1 month ago
Isn't contolling oneself and acting contrary to what one wish the nature of all human beings who live in a society. You can't just act as you want, after all. There's nothing suspicious at all about it. View More

Damick: Yeah, he has plenty of control, but she might be able to notice that he is controlling himself. Other than that, Klein is pretty safe I think

Lord of the Mysteries · C760
1 month ago
There was no one in the Ding Clan who was at the Flower Blossom Tier back in the small world, but now they say there was one? The author doesn't give a sh!t about whatever he writes and comes up with, huh? He is really taking us for some brain-dead people who don't remember the things mentioned previously, just like him. View More
Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C1079
1 month ago
So Ling Han got through so much hardship and only reached 20 star strength after that Origin Power cultivation technique, but the Rain Emperor still reached the same star-strength level (ignoring the extra star from 'fortune') as him so easily? Without practicing the body art and the high quality origin power cultivation art?

This author really likes to treat us readers like fools, trying to force all the nonsense on us, huh?
Yes, only the MC must struggle and everyone else should get success easily for no reason, and then the bullsh!t reason given to us is that the 'talent is same'? What has that got to do with talent when it requires you cultivate all those arts to reach that mark? You really think we are idiots? This author is so unskilled, and it's so hard to overlook the flaws when they are so obvious. If the story wasn't interesting enough, mainly thanks to the fast progression of the plot, this novel isn't worth anything with its countless flaws.

There is a limit to treating us readers like we don't have brains and wanting us to quietly accept whatever bullsh!t or nonsense the author comes up with. View More
Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C1078
1 month ago
He is a True God inside the black tower, so there is no way he should be 'rolling around' inside the tower. He should be able to eat and drink, and do whatever he wants, even if devastation on the level of a 1000 largest-sized nuclear bombs were to happen outside. To say the least, he should not be influenced 'physically' at all. View More

Sithrak: 1. Yes and absorb the blood essence from it to step into the Sun & Moon Tier
2. I think it was meant that just the pressure from outside was overwhelming LH; it might be possible that if he wants to observe the outside situation, he has to use his divine sense - that's why he's unable to see the battle because its several Tiers higher than his own and gets immediately annihilated

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C1068
1 month ago
Yeah, the author has shown many times that he says or shows things that were contrary to what has been said or shown before. He is quite unskilled and knows little about planning out the story, so he makes and breaks his own facts whenever he feels it necessary. There has been many things so far that have no real explanation behind them. That is, if the author says A is Ball, then we have to accept without any question or doubt that it IS so, unless we want to spoil the enjoyment of this story for ourselves by looking at the blatantly exposed HOLES. View More

Sithrak: I love that they're completely ignoring the fact that in the mountain river stone mystery realm that was their 1st thought.. (spatial god tool) for some complete random characters

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C1065
1 month ago
What did you expect? All his techniques besides the heaven scroll are low quality that he got from the small world, and he hasn't even cultivated for even 10 years in total. That Zhao Lun has been cultivating for over 500 years and have got powerful techniques from the Immortal realm. He even got the boost from power of the nation of such a great Majestic Empire.

So, if you want to curse someone, curse the author to still stop the MC from becoming more powerful with better techniques at the least. View More

DeityOfHatred: Dammn fucck weak MC useless piece of shiit ...

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C990
1 month ago

Sithrak: You're talking about Zhao Lun, right? He's singlehandedly ruining the reputation of both the academy and his father - general. Aside from projecting Ling Hans surperiority within his own realm, he's pissing off the other forces & destroying his own accumulated resources.

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C987
1 month ago
Only if HE allows her, after all, no one can actually 'bully' him in the true sense now. He has already made up for this flaw of his that the woman from his last life made use of. His efforts have been paid bountifully. View More

JustStuck: Zhu Xuan will hopefully be able to bully Ling Han a bit when they meet up

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C967
1 month ago
Nope, she is COMPLETELY different from Hu Niu. Pay more attention to her characteristics. View More

bako_ke: She is hu niu 2.0. Haha

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C957
1 month ago
Yeah, author has really not given a single reason why they immediately come to that conclusion given it's rarity. In fact, they think of it just because the author want them to.

So what? Does everyone he's unable to kill going to find out about it? Is he going to be chased around for it everywhere? What exactly does the author want by creating such situations? View More

Sithrak: Especially when God Spatial Tools are the tales of legend.. of course that's the first idea that comes to mind..Why not a saptial skill that allows you to relocate someone else as long as you can wrap your divine sense around him, could that not exist either?

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C951
1 month ago
More like the author isn't as smart as the readers, otherwise, someone like Ling Han who is shown to be so smart and intelligent wouldn't have overlooked such a thing in reality. View More

Pharmakeus_Ubik: He frequently fails to minimax properly.

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C950
1 month ago
Well, at least now even low IQ people must be clear that they were only being delusional by considering Hu Niu as the true MC. She is just playing the role of a 'greatly talented companion/spouse/partner'. That's all. It's very common in Chinese novels to have such a female character. View More

PriyaSk: We just have to now wait for Ling Han to be near death for our MC Hu Niu to appear again 😉

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C927
1 month ago
Yup slap, not "Kill". Murder should NEVER be committed for such petty reasons. Yes, they are petty, because you can't really justify them objectively otherwise. Seeing something inappropriate, and unintentionally too, could NEVER be enough of a reason to "kill" another person.

By the way, she was not going to kill herself too, only him. She is clearly very self-centered there, without any regards to another person's life, which is obvious from her using her full power to instantly kill him right after discovering him looking at her. Attempted murder is her sin, her crime, for which she can be punished in a society like ours. View More

PriyaAggrSh: You don't understand the feeling of a girl. She is powerful and be seeing like that by someone who is not her lover or husband is very shameful thing for her. She would kill the person who peep on her and then kill herself. And in light clothing he saw everything. and even bit her at her breasts. You imagine if you are bitten there won't you slap that bastard?

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C914
1 month ago
That's definitely NOT a lucky pervert. Anyone else would have instantly died in this situation. Like seriously, it was very, very dangerous, and that prankster girl could very well be charged with the sin of a grave crime for it.

Either one of them or both could have died of the whole situation wasn't dealt with as well as Ling Han did. That's basically severe crime of murder attempt. View More

Saverius: He is a lucky pervert

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C913
1 month ago

Broke_Games: From what chinese readers told us at the time, splitting open the sky is the true start where the novel gets the most interesting

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C886
1 month ago
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