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Got a problem with an island boss? Drown it in alcohol. View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C397
3 days ago
Imma bet he comes out doing a flying side kick or something View More

El_Taco_Grande: Yay baby brody

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C395
4 days ago
Yay baby brody View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C395
4 days ago
Win it for the legion View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C378
1 week ago
Rise of The Undead Legion · C377
2 weeks ago
Can't wait for ves to do battle against different alien races, and then put their souls into mechs View More

BeyondTheLight: All these hints... Yup, there's definitely a xeno vs human war on the distant horizon

The Mech Touch · C617
3 weeks ago

Atashkada: Commenter: Ves should get laid.
Vandal Gal: This guy is so handsome, look!
Vandal Guy: This girl is so sexy, imma bet all my money.
Ves: The boats have revealed it to me! The secret to craftsmanship lies in the unrelenting drive to improve the skills you have!
Chapter: Ends without even mentioning the race again.

The Mech Touch · C599
3 weeks ago
More importantly he can combine his crystal tech with cfa tech and make a really really scary mech View More

Thornier: Here's a thought for everyone. Ves has the Vulcaneye in his inventory. That combines with his senior physics, journeyman material sciences, and access to military grade textbooks...

By analyzing the first rate (next gen) tech will Ves gain enough knowledge to be able to design some more of his own components? His foray into lasers turned out really well. If he could get some ideas for armor or musculature that would be awesome!

So much of the cost of a mech is in licensing. If Ves could design his own components that used CFA inspired tech he could theoretically get a jumpstart on the next gen or build a 3rd rate mech that could preform equal to a 2nd rate mech! I'm feeling hyped about this side adventure!

Also as an aside... I've searched through most of this novel. I've yet to find anywhere that the author suggested that the war lasted a decade. At one point he stated that the last war started 10 years before the end of the last technology generation. It never said when it ended but stated that the demand for current gen products plummeted in the last few years of the generation.

To me this implies that the war lasted significantly less than 10 years as on a war footing demand doesn't drop much. It also stated that normal technology generations lasted ~50 years while the current generation was a short one and projected to only last ~30-35 years. Ves at the time was thinking he had less than a decade to gather $2 billion.

The Mech Touch · C593
4 weeks ago

Thornier: When he succeeds. Chief Haine is going to be awestruck, terrified, or both. Especially if this bad boy manages a high x-factor.. Captain Orfan will want to keep it.

I'm picturing him cackling as he gleefully tears apart dozens of destroyed mechs and then stitches together this epic beast.

The Mech Touch · C588
4 weeks ago
The Chief "you can't build a Frankenstein mech in three days!!!"
Ves "Hold my cat" View More
The Mech Touch · C588
4 weeks ago

Ishins_Glare: Chief Haine be like: THIS IS MADNESS!

The Mech Touch · C588
4 weeks ago
Shits bout to get lit and I'm so hype View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C348
4 weeks ago
Especially since they've established that mech design is an art form to ves, and one doesn't get inspired with put a dose of adventure View More

Philippeo: Its already almost 600 chapters and multiple adventure arcs in various planet; people who keep expecting this novel to be 'design only'is deluding themselves; mech design is important part, but only part of this novel

The Mech Touch · C576
4 weeks ago
Wasn't there a transformer who transformed into a planet View More

Grapefruit: The perfect solution is so obvious! JUST MAKE A MECH THE SIZE OF A BATTLESHIP >:D!!! JK that would be an awesome idea though just imagine some alien race comes in with mechs the size of small moons or planets something like the Death Star. Ooh or Transformer Mechs thatd be fun too. Both are pretty impractical but oh well a man can dream right... (T.T)

The Mech Touch · C536
1 month ago
Next chapter he loses all his limbs due to more experimentations View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C339
1 month ago

The_Unprofessional: Might i please remind everyone compaining now that even if ves turns around now and might normally be home in give or take 20 chapters, there is still the usual double whammy coming at the end of this arc? Has nobody noticed that Ves will always - ALWAYS - run into trouble on his way home? This time? Space whales. Flying Codpiece Aliens. The Secondrate States wreaking their own war in the Bright Republic. His Conspiracy Villain opponents from Cloudy Courtain. Telepathic Codpieces. The Ricklins and Michael Dumont again with their thing. The MTA on his effects from the X Factor. Parasitic Chastity Codpieces. Everything ending with -ly as a Name. Lucky the Cat as his new arch Rival. Carlos trapped on the Galactic Net. Ok, anf i am going off the rails here: his mother...again!!!

I say: lets lean back, enjoy the ride, have a sip of beer or coke - depending how gangster you are - and let the author do his thing. We will get there eventually.

The Mech Touch · C479
1 month ago

Zarryk: I actually kinda like how Ves is slowly getting more and more depraved, on the condition that it is ultimately undone after an incident that forces Ves to re-evaluate himself. First of all, most novels will shove such an incident in your face and say "see how he started to stray but its all better now?" all within a few chapters, which is too rushed and ultimately, the story isnt affected but whatever straying the MC did. Second, war is hell. Theres a reason so many soldiers need help after they come back. This is an excellent foray into war, its not just some remote game that doesnt affect anything. Ves is thrust into one bad situation after another and is options or bad or worse to get out. Whatever reflection comes later will be more impactful after ves slowly falls further and further away from his morals. I believe when he comes out of his self reflection, his Design Philosophy centered around life will form and he'll cross the threshold to Journeyman.

The Mech Touch · C473
1 month ago
Thank you for understanding this, I am sick of people commenting on how loose his morals are. View More

Oldbooks: Probably just old fashion human desperation. This arc has shown more character growth from Ves than any other. We may not like what he becomes but he is growing .

The Mech Touch · C473
1 month ago
He's in an active war zone behind enemy lines with limited to no resources. There is a time for discipline and morals, now is not that time View More

Mischief_Mat: Funny how hypocritical Ves turned out to be, he was complaining a short time ago about the Vandals not being as professional and adhering to the rules as the other Mech legion's and now hes making suggestions that even make the Vandals blanch.

The Mech Touch · C471
1 month ago
There's also mechwarrior online View More

nericen: You'll just have to settle for Mechwarrior: Mercenaries when it comes out later this year...

The Mech Touch · C302
1 month ago
So we're just gonna ignore the fact he spoke with a giant version of himself? That's fine, I totally don't have this burning desire to know what is going on with that. Not at all. Why do you hate me? View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C329
1 month ago
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C326
1 month ago
It might just be the author doesn't understand how stocks work that well View More

Sinfish: "Issuing new stock will dilute their ownership of the company below twenty-five percent. That's not in their interest."

Again, that's not how anything works. What's happening now is that the Larkinsons are getting something for nothing because Ves is selling his stock for Marcella's capital infusion, thus making the company as a whole worth more, so everybody's stock is worth more.

That's why existing stockholders are usually not against issuing new stock even though their percentage decreases, because the value of their holdings increases when new stock is issued, even though the ownership share has decreased.

Ves is a sucker, through-and-through, he has effectively transferred $$$ to the Larkinsons for nothing in return - 25% of Marcella's 1.9 billion has been gained by the Larkinsons for absolutely nothing.

Using pretend numbers, if his company was worth 100 billion, then the Larkinsons own 25% and their share is worth 25 billion.

If Marcella came in and bought 5% for 5 billion, then now the Larkinsons would own 25% of 105 billion, and their share is now worth 26.25 billion.

Conversely, Ves's 75% was worth 75 billion, and now his 70% would be worth 73.5 billion.

As you can see, Ves is an idiot sucker, and should always talk to a financial advisor before making boneheaded moves that gives away billions of credits.

Without plot armor, Ves's company would get eaten alive with these kinds of decisions being made.

The proper move would be to instantly fire his COO, because either he's a snake deliberately working against Ves's interests, or he's completely financially incompetent like Ves, and probably shouldn't be COO. And he should probably fire his CFO while he's at it, for not catching this. As well as his financial advisors, except wait, he doesn't have any.

These numbers aren't realistic because new stock issued usually
pays a substantial premium to the estimated value of the company to buy-in precisely to get existing shareholders to agree/sell - in reality with my fake numbers we might expect Marcella to pay something like 8 billion, or 8% of the value of the company for 5% of the ownership.

Now, it'd be a fair exchange for Ves if the 1.9 billion was being directly paid to him, such that he would gain 100%, however it's not, it's being paid as marketing activities for the company, of which he only owns 70% of. So, I repeat, Ves is a sucker.

In any case, this whole "the Larkinsons won't agree with the decision" is a "big fucking whoop I'm majority shareholder" moment. For these kinds of decisions, Ves has absolute right to make them.

The Mech Touch · C257
1 month ago

NirvashNeo: Give the mech an entrenching tool
Best multiuse close combat weapon

The Mech Touch · C251
1 month ago
I'm not gonna like everytime I see a notification from webnovel I'm like " Grampa is that you?" View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C322
1 month ago
Dude I'm so stoked for this View More

nintendo248: Case of soul convergence? SAO Syndrome? Past life? Whatever the reason these flashbacks and random thoughts/memories are probably being dampened by the system trying to make him not realize something it's going on.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C322
1 month ago
His conciousness is merging View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C320
1 month ago

nintendo248: If this plot thickens any more it's going to be a plot Jello.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C320
1 month ago
Man I'm not gonna lie, I'd be pissed at this box, first test go done, NO PRIZE FOR YOU View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C317
1 month ago
Lol wasn't dissing you, was thinking more along the lines of "first is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the treasure chest" View More

nintendo248: First may in fact be the worst but that doesn't change the fact that it is done. We must move past this first hate and accept it as inevitable.......especially when it's the last thing I do before I go to bed and am so tired I can't do witty comments.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C312
1 month ago
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