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Totally would steal all their tech and **** then destroy their planet for fucking with jean View More
Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill · C86
2 days ago

Mikehos: wait... if having your blood contracted monster fills you with pain when it dies, what's up with the black kong that died like 20 chapters ago that they were looking for, wouldn't they have found out
because the guy (don't remember the name) would have been in pain?

Monster Pet Evolution · C47
3 days ago

xRicex: JOKES

Boy: I'll pay you 10 bucks to climb up the flagpole.
Girl: ok.(climbs the flagpole)
Girl: Mommy Mommy a boy paid me 10 bucks to climb the flagpole.
Mom: He just wanted to see your underwear!
...Next Day...
(Same boy): I'll pay you 20 BUCKS to climb the flagpole!
Girl: OK thanks! (climbs the flagpole)
Girl: Mommy Mommy today the boy paid me 20 BUCKS for climbing the flagpole, but today I tricked him this time I wasn't wearing underwear.

Monster Pet Evolution · C33
3 days ago
Why would anyone help their exboss who got the booted out? View More
Against Zombies & Monsters · C31
4 days ago
Fuck it kill all those soldiers and take over the group hes alrdy more powerful and helpful then they have been View More
Against Zombies & Monsters · C27
4 days ago

Asuraprince: Why they always go to the shelter its most stupid thing in apocalypse world

Against Zombies & Monsters · C16
4 days ago
Young justice:god of thunder sounds like it will be a fun read View More
Young Justice: The super soldier · C29
5 days ago

Strud: Ima have to agree with people here. I understand why you would force this but it's not a fun thing for us to read.

Yea he was overpowered and he knew it.
But you can have overpowered people that arent smartasses like you had him in bleach.

He just needed to go on an adventure in one piece world. The memory loss was not needed.

The idiocy of fighting a devourer is not something your MC thus far would be dumb enough to do.

Force using a wish is NOT something that the system should EVER have been able to do. There's no point in his compensation from the God this way.
His system... HIS system, is not something that should be able to arbitrarily decide what it can do when it comes to the choices of the God who created it.

I honestly hope you backpedaled this chapter very quickly.

From a readers standpoint. Everything that happened here is a mistake.

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C0
5 days ago

Dragon5162: Kinda disappointed with this chapter. Smart mc becomes dumb, which is not possible especially if born in a assassin family. Refusal to listen to advise makes no sense especially if advice is from system. Forced use of a wish is just a waste. Loved this fanfic in the beginning even up to the bleach world but now its just not the same.

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C0
5 days ago

prometheus: this chap sucked

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C0
5 days ago

Abordoaj: the mc was a little smart so its impossible to not listen to the advice of system and why the fck did he go berserk for fcks sake and wtf happened here you forced use his wish

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C0
5 days ago

WPOmega: Maybe Da Zi ate them or their pets

Monster Pet Evolution · C2
6 days ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C73
1 week ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Gacha Sovereign · C85
1 week ago
Yeah this look like it could be a really fun read View More
D.P.S In Marvel!!! · C1
1 week ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Gacha Sovereign · C81
2 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Gacha Sovereign · C79
2 weeks ago

D3aths33k3r: Trust be told I wanted to punch something in RL today so I made Logan punch Thanos for me to relief some stress.

Demon Guardian in the Multiverse · C151
2 weeks ago
Im just a fat american but i like your story alot View More
In The Seven Deadly Sins With A System · C0
2 weeks ago
Well ares is ****ed View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C138
2 weeks ago
I have a question not sure if i missed it or not but if his body is some type of godly panacea couldnt his blood also remove the devilfruit curse or somethin ive been kindve curious for awhile now View More

iMiH: I am actually surprised that someone remembered that! I'm really happy too btw, it makes me glad :D. Robin's second gift will be given after the little "adventure" Izan has right now which I'm writing (I'm a couple chapters ahead, trying to stockpile a few chapters for safety, haha)

I don't want to spoil what the second gift is, but be at ease as I haven't forgotten about it.

Conqueror of All · C120
3 weeks ago

iMiH: Well, I do hope that you know either how to read or to translate my answers, haha. As I'm just copy + pasting your comments to google translator.

Well, to answer your question. I am a big fan of Hancock, she's like my favorite waifu in One Piece world. And, I haven't written to the point of Hancock's apperance yet, so I don't know how I will handle that part.

Conqueror of All · C20
3 weeks ago

JMelshan: Nico Robin in Harém 😍

Conqueror of All · C14
3 weeks ago
Plz author dont drop it looks like its gonna be really fun read View More
Forced Lottery System · C13
3 weeks ago

NovelMonster: Author be careful with how you treat shouko in your story or you’ll forreal have a mob on your hands maybe irl. Not personal, but Shouko has like a cult following on Webnovel

Forced Lottery System · C12
3 weeks ago

Ttnumber2: I like all of your choices so whenever you decide ill still read it

3 weeks ago
Hahaha a otaku ai awesome View More
Marvels Strongest Father · C22
3 weeks ago

Wind_God: Add Natasha aka BLACK WIDOW, u know he have a kid she can't have a kid just let her walk into their shop one day and take it from there with the kid being the focus of their relationship at least at the beginning..

Marvels Strongest Father · C3
3 weeks ago

Jasonenrick: Haha the picture of batman and superman can't go out of my mind hahah ;)

Why DC!? · C17
3 weeks ago

Scareraven: Personally I would have chosen DMC universe rather than avatar, with all the demon and power of Sparda blood it could have created many familiar and the demonic weapons of this universe could have been useful to seras

Hellsing: I Reincarnated as Seras Victoria · C58
3 weeks ago
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