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Yep I can't continue it's all to cliche and I don't like the mcs personality no offense . View More
Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C3
3 days ago

acedragon4: The **** is this. Novel is good and all but how do I say all his thoughts, situaion and his family just yells cliche and cringy

Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C2
3 days ago

DawnSky: Why you tryina make your mc a fag

Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C2
3 days ago
Yeah i am not a fan of rias and her personality so these chapters have been off for me now this story kinda feels more like a self insert than it used to be. View More
Wicked Pervert Plundering The world of DxD · C26
5 days ago

Pagmaswordsmanship: Dont know why but last couple of chps was off for me. maybe because of playing nice with Rias and others dunno

Wicked Pervert Plundering The world of DxD · C26
5 days ago
Dropping this novel isn't for me I can't stand the protagonists
Beta male mentality View More
Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C10
1 week ago
Im going to try one more chapter but I just cant stand him being a beta Japanese mc cuck View More
Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C7
1 week ago
Once you made him a servent for the grail i hated this novel it was great i just hate when op charecters are nerfed and used . I'd rather have a evil mc who slaughters tons of innocents than be used to save one because its a girl. sorry for the outburst but this story is not for me I prefer Chinese mcs who kill a ton. Yes I know that they can be stupid also . I still wish you success in your novel because it is high quality and well written. Best of luck to you aurthor sama View More
Highschool DXD: the harbinger · C19
1 week ago
Im kinda tired of the mc constantly putting others before himself Im going to take a break from reading this his personality is repetitive and I am starting to get annoyed I think maybe this story is not for me ** thanks for the ride but im out View More
Overlord and the Seraphim · C26
2 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter View More
Black Soldier · C12
2 weeks ago
More please View More
Black Soldier · C10
2 weeks ago
James please no jack beta View More
Black Soldier · C3
2 weeks ago

ganshunter: I like the story so far mc is assertive and not a wimp. Also, he is the first mc that fuc*ed her, so good job. Finally, don't make him weak idiot please, I want him to be ruthless to his enemies but not a crazy killer.

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody')
2 weeks ago

Not_a_Penguin: Overall about this story, get out of my library!

A Ninja System
2 weeks ago

nothinsnew: you basically described 50% of fanfics in this site XD

A Ninja System
2 weeks ago

Not_a_Penguin: Basic 3rd leg protagonist.

1.) I just got a system, god's a dick.

2.) HAHAHAHAHA! MY SYSTEM WILL MAKE ME SUPRME I WILL RULE ALL BEAUTIES!!! *2 facts in here* *It starts with a g*

3.) I like this girl, let's destroy her whole character where she can only say sexual things.

4.) I'm so cool, **** god, I'm cooler and stronger.
*Smug face oozing arrogance*

5.) Still thinking with my 3rd leg.

The only thing this story has is stable updates.

A Ninja System
2 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter:) View More
Wicked Pervert Plundering The world of DxD · C18
2 weeks ago

IdHc: ....okay I am getting massive jp beta mc vibes with annoying lesbian "onee-sama" fetish. Honestly only giving it a few more chapters because I frankly don't like reading lesbian crap.

How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories · C8
2 weeks ago
Boring no personality change in suburu is still a beta mc I can't continue because I see no difference in his character traits and personality. View More
Starting Life From Another Choice Than Zero · C5
2 weeks ago

Dragon_God123: This novel is pure **** and is comepletely undesercing of this rank. Most proabbly bots are being used for this **** ranking. Shit and average and ordinary mc , no good points about him ,later starts thinkg with his dick. Super ice cold beauties who never look at a man but are wet from mc for no reason. Chinese and their stupid ideolgies. Too much describing of beautyful women to increase word count. Mc remains useless as ever ,thinks himself somehing great beating a guy by borrowed power of a idiot female dragon and cultivation.sigh, and finaly harem ,the death of good novels though it wasnt good in the first place.

Dragon King's Son-In-Law
3 weeks ago
Im dropping im sorry i just hate kids so i cant force my self to read anymore it was good while it lasted View More
Eternal Heaven: Lucky Cultivator in Disboard · C63
3 weeks ago

Mowolf23: Agreed

Harry Potter and the Lord of Darkness · C4
3 weeks ago
The mc is very annoying im dropping View More
Supreme Hunter · C6
1 month ago
Same not reading a female main character im out View More
A Bend in Time · C2
1 month ago
Update please View More
Prince of Cooking · C27
1 month ago
I dont like the mcs personality trying to help people just because he feels bad im sensing a beta Male in the making so I am dropping this ahead of time View More
Against the Gods with the power of heroes on my back · C5
1 month ago
Grammar needs a little bit of fixing but the story is good View More
The Almighty Control System [Pause] · C14
1 month ago
Beta mc im dropping View More
Servants With a Modern Weapon · C5
1 month ago
Yess I will be looking forward to this storys future i View More
Percy Jackson: The Ancient God · C1
1 month ago
Awsome View More
Disney-Traveler · C11
1 month ago
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