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I can't unlock the chapters with coins because there's no way to get coins anymore. 😀 View More
Ultimate Scheming System · C1322
6 days ago
MC is carrying the remnant soul of Xuanyuan Wanrong in the System's inventory. He has the Palace with the pool, the soul of that wicked woman is inside that palace... View More

pansss: Ah the book!! Cause they both share it and they thought it was her!!

Ultimate Scheming System · C1318
6 days ago
Just like Yuan Fei's clan disappeared, maybe White Light's too? Nobody remembers White Light... View More

esphynx: Could it be that Li-er is possessed?

Unrivaled Medicine God · C1175
1 week ago
Remember the Fiend Race wanted to eradicate the White Tiger Clan, I don't know why mc doesn't remember White Light at all, or should I say author doesn't remember? View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1175
1 week ago

gamesmaniac: I read this for gags. Why is turning serious now? LOL

The Strongest System · C84
1 week ago
Reading Status: C72
Already reading chapter 71

He's stealing even from sect leaders, at least he should've found something good. Stop with the f'ucking pervert moves already; it's becoming disgusting. The stupid "Black Tiger Steals Heart"'s quite the sh'it, it doesn't cause any damages; how can you consider yourself a man with this kind of childish ideas? At first it was funny, but even the best attack would become annoying after being used a million times in a novel. What a waste of time. At least make mc evolve these skills to something else and make him do more things. He's just running amuck without any goal. He doesn't even have enemies. He could have developed a lot of skills, but instead, he's stealing like a vulgar lowlife ant who doesn't have any ambitions. It's being long since it was funny, now it seems like (don't take it to heart) a sot's work. Man, it could've been the best story, but this author... It looks like they censored him at the beginning; what a lenient "wise man". 😒

Sigh... At this moment, Zaratustra thought he was being too cruel but in the eyes of any other people, he was right. Thus, he decided to pay no heed to those nefarious ideas that could become his inner demons in the future if he did otherwise. His Tao was "no regrets". View More
The Strongest System
1 week ago
It would've been too cool for that boy to die like that. View More

Cory_Nitschke: Mouthful of poo

The Strongest System · C71
1 week ago
Sigh View More
The Strongest System · C71
1 week ago
It's a joke, right? Because it was obviously what he would do. View More

azunyan: God damn, I didn't see that one coming; him hiding underground. He is so underhanded.

The Strongest System · C37
1 week ago
An asshole View More
The Strongest System · C36
1 week ago
Time to drop this novel. I'm not that strong, I'm like Xu Que; my Tao is do whatever I want; this kind of patience without any increase in power is not my style. View More
Tales of Demons and Gods · C485
1 week ago
Translating without logical connectors is quite the opposite of good. View More

TKAmain: Can people please vote for this novel? Translations are good and story is good

Unrivaled Medicine God · C1134
2 weeks ago
Wonder if mc's getting more Acting Tough Points now. I remember mc could do that while sleeping so it wouldn't be strange. View More
Ultimate Scheming System · C678
1 month ago
She's like a smug loli View More

anitahegerland: *smug anime girl noises*

Ultimate Scheming System · C676
1 month ago
Hahaha wtf?! The System's gonna take the whole fücking tree in revenge! View More
Ultimate Scheming System · C671
1 month ago
Kaizoku-ō ni kare wa naru! View More
Ultimate Scheming System · C667
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Poop View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1128
1 month ago

Aseno: U sir are a man with great culture 👌😏

Ultimate Scheming System · C661
1 month ago
You said something there, boy; that's actually really happening all over the world! Only, in this novel there'll be a time when mc exacts revenge while in real life, one just can bear the cost of living: the humiliation and suffering. View More

VenerableProfile: Rather than seeing an mc struggle, what i saw is a person that got ridiculed and got pushed by individual with power and status where power is justice and true justice can never win. If give the feeling where even if mc becomes the leader some other dude will use other power to fight the mc and claim that mc is evil and everyone will believe and support those lies.

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C108
1 month ago
Those great kings are but scoundrels, specially that f*king bamboo who broke his promise; he should die a horrible death. View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1110
1 month ago
What a waste of time this chapter. He started to break through. That's all. View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1096
1 month ago
It's not forcing anyone at all. It's all just for the sake of humans. If they don't go to war willingly then they should die cruelly. View More

sarvesh14: Taking the help of the public to force them participate in the war?!?!?!

Unrivaled Medicine God · C1088
1 month ago
Just kill that mf View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1083
1 month ago
Wow... This chapter's ridiculous as f View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1071
2 months ago

Hiffume: 'Blumer Akerlund' in my language 'lund' means pen*s and 'aker' means stiff. So when i read Blumer Akerlund i was like wtf Blumer Stiffpen*s.

Coiling Dragon · C223
2 months ago
Yeah... He maybe fall for her and then he'll be terribly disappointed 😂😂 View More

Bono: If this manages to melt Linley's ice cold heart, I'd be really disappointed.

Coiling Dragon · C213
2 months ago
Oh, they know how powerful and ruthless Linley is, so... View More

Tim_: Glad their first thought wasnt to backstab him for the ring.

Coiling Dragon · C190
2 months ago

Vlearck: So pure.... SACRIFICE TO THE CHURCH

Coiling Dragon · C182
2 months ago
What did you want him to do? Stay with them and put them in danger? View More

SinDrake15: So he just left his friends like that??? This MC sucks, his friends do so much for him and he does nothing in return but bring them problems. He hasnt learnd anything from the deaths of the people around him

Coiling Dragon · C169
2 months ago
Also, the story takes place in the medieval times... 😒 View More

ClaymoreJoe: People reading this seem to forget that part of the closeness to others in Eastern culture has to do with how they help each other succeed in life. You laugh at Linley for being arrogant, but when was he truly arrogant? He was hell-bent on avenging his ancestors and his family, and when he found out who caused all of this pain, he wanted to eradicate such persons. And you all call him stupid, but he's still a kid! "More mature at age 8?" He wasn't dealing with this **** at age 8! He was focused on simply becoming stronger! He didn't start getting like this until the ones he called family started dying around him! "My mother died in childbirth." "Actually she was abducted by the royal family." He was prevented from receiving his mother's love, for ****'s sake! The royal family killed his own father! He wanted revenge! Not everyone who seeks revenge is cool-headed and thinks everything through! I doubt any of you would be more calculating than he was. And you honestly think he'd care about every death he's seen? He barely knew any of those who died in front of him or died by his hand. When you think about it, this is a far more realistic reaction than you assholes seem to think! He's not a fucking Mary Sue! He's not invulnerable, he's not not invincible, he has flaws. Meanwhile, all you want is a completely altruistic, overpowered ******ton who gets by with nothing more than luck or constantly increasing power. You are all children, in this sense. Grow up. Not every main character has to be all-powerful and all-caring throughout the story.

Coiling Dragon · C167
2 months ago
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