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Just a thought but one of these days one of our jellyfish’s “reincarnated” clones is gonna become a god himself and it’s gonna real awkward. View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C309
6 days ago
The content has been deleted
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C305
1 week ago


Cthulhu Gonfalon · C284
2 weeks ago
It just comes full circle.... very nice View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C272
3 weeks ago
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C266
4 weeks ago
Dang, I wish I knew how to read View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C253
1 month ago

Sinbertus: Indeed, no work for truck-kun, but alas!

Cthulhu Gonfalon · C227
1 month ago
Being on this side of the reincarnate troupe is really refreshing View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C227
1 month ago

EMIN3M: snake is like: "It's Ya Boi, Skinny Penis"

The Strongest Gene · C301
1 month ago
Winner, Winner! Raccoon Dinner! View More

Snowdream: ... Probably food? 😅

The Strongest Gene · C206
2 months ago
AAAARRRRRCCCCCC!!!!!!!!! View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C200
2 months ago
Sui Kong MK5 here we come View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C194
2 months ago
The first half was like a chaotic group chat View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C173
2 months ago

HandsomeSquidward: her: hey wanna come over?
him: cant, busy busy busy.
her: im so horny ri-
him: *zoomies.jpeg*

Super Gene · C180
2 months ago
Because he can’t get it back View More


Super Gene · C122
2 months ago
That wasn’t even his decision, the AI told him to View More

Goldmember: MC has literally made only 1 intelligent decision on his own thus far and that was getting the AI Helper... which he doesn't even use anymore cause he's retarded.

Battle of Ascension · C43
2 months ago
Calm down Kratos View More

HADES: Now I feel the urge to annihilate Gods!!!!

Cthulhu Gonfalon · C121
3 months ago
Vegita, what’s his awesome level?
It’s over 9000! View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C119
3 months ago
Miles.... that hurts man. View More
When A Mage Revolts · C942
3 months ago
Can we get an F in the chat. View More
When A Mage Revolts · C935
3 months ago

NVani: When A System Revolts?

When A Mage Revolts · C934
3 months ago

Taters: What's an 8 sided sword??? Is this guy swinging around a stop sign?!

Badge in Azure · C53
3 months ago
Buy regeneration meds for the dad maybe? View More
Shadow Hack · C124
3 months ago
When a mage becomes a business tycoon View More
When A Mage Revolts · C702
4 months ago
The cult kids: we aced that stealth mission.
Ben: Pathetic View More
When A Mage Revolts · C687
4 months ago
Time to blow up another religion View More
When A Mage Revolts · C682
4 months ago
Ben: I’m done with these motherf*ckn religions on this motherf*ckn continent. View More
When A Mage Revolts · C681
4 months ago

BoeJiden: I'm looking forward to the future where students will be talking to each other about what degrees they got.
Student 1: "What program did you enroll in?"
Student 2: "The school of Runic Magic so I can receive my bachelors in Runic magic. What about you?"
Student 1: "I'm about to get my masters in the principles of fire magic"
Student 3: "Pfff you young ones have a long time to go. I am about to receive my Ph.D in face slapping! 😁"
Student 1 & 2: 😳😳
Benjamin: 😅

When A Mage Revolts · C600
4 months ago

SleepsBeneathStars: Bro, want a book?

When A Mage Revolts · C431
4 months ago
Frank’s a genus View More
When A Mage Revolts · C429
4 months ago
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