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See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
The Villain's Wife, · C345
1 day ago

Queenhua: I like the other 2 books from this author especially the Long Awaited Mr Han. The ML is a good friend of Han Zhuoli from Mr Han and Qi Qengzhi (ML from another book). Can't wait to read his story 😊😊😊😊

The President is Being Shameless Again
2 weeks ago

MissBrightside: S P O I L E R S:

The Qi family, led by Chengzhi, will prove to the world that everything was a set up thus effectively putting an end to the gossip. Unfortunately for Mu Sissy, I mean MU SISI, she will be the subject of a blind item Chengzhi will feed to the reporters.

Jian Yi's mother will come to Qilin two days before the decision of the court regarding her son's divorce with Chengyue will be released. She will bring reporters with her and will humiliate Chengyue in front of everyone, even accusing her of being unfaithful to her precious *gag* son with Cheng Dongge. In the end, her little show will backfire because the truth be revealed right then and there. Also, because he was being accused of being Chengyue's lover and he wants to protect her, Cheng Dongge will accept an interview. There, he will reveal that the photos of him with Chengyue were manipulated by the photographer's angle. He will reveal that Jian Yi was the unfaithful one and even announce that he got Guan Xiaolin pregnant... Lastly, he will admit to liking Chengyue. This interview will completely turn the tables, and now the masses are on Chengyue's side. During court day, it was decided that Jian Yi will get nothing from his marriage with Chengyue. Why? Because the restaurants where the alleged photos of infidelity were taken showed the CCTV footage of the times Cheng Dongge and Chengyue were together, thus proving that there really was nothing going on between them. Jian Yi's so called evidence were all useless. The Qi's also managed to get Xiaolin's unborn child's and Jianyi's DNA tested and naturally, they matched. Did I mention that the recording of Xiaolin arrogantly claiming she was with Jian Yi's child in front of Chengyue was also leaked? What I really loved the most about this part was Chang Lai destroyed the car Chengyue gave Jian Yi; of course, being the shameless old hag that she is, his mother was angry and acted as if the car was actually theirs! 😂 because he was so fed up with his wife, Jian Yi's father will divorce her. He can no longer stomach her unrepentant and shameless behavior (especially when she got so angry because he apologized to Chengyue).

Back to the FL and ML... The wedding is just around the corner. Unfortunately, on the eve of their wedding, Chengzhi will encounter a car accident. I think y'all have an idea who was behind it. Anyway, he will still manage to attend his wedding the next day. Song Yu will notice the two band aids painstakingly hidden by his hair stylist when he picks her up in her home. After denying it, he will eventually 'fess up but assure her that everyone is investigating it. Mu Sisi and her brother will attend the wedding and the former will be ridiculed by the latter when he sees how hurt she is the entire time. Obviously, hhe will never have his support.

Rouxuan will meet his future mom in the wedding arc. Hahaha. Guess who~

Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency! · C196
2 weeks ago

AnastasiaMeyers: Honestly, I thought this story would be great considering the synopsis. The synopsis was mixed with the spices of crime, mystery and romance and I love this combination. I anticipated that the plot would be catchy. I was to binge reading it. BUT. Sorry to say, this novel disappointed me. The cons of this novel far overweigh the pros. The only reason I completed it was to know what actually was the mystery about concerining the family feud between the MCs.

▪︎Sends the Female Lead(FL) for 2 damn years even though he knows that she's innocent.
▪︎Chooses to keep mum about all the things which he's supposed to have told her long ago.
▪︎He doesn't tell her that he loves her when she pursued him for so many years.
▪︎ Rapes her almost every other night.
▪︎ Has the tendency to force himself upon the FL whenever she asks questions which he doesn't want to answer.
▪︎ Hides everything from FL as he thinks that she doesn't need to know about these things.
▪︎Thinks he can make the decisions for FL's life.
▪︎Thinks that the FL still loves him as much as loved him before he sent her prison.
▪︎Gets so jealous that he raped her which had traumatic effects on FL and she was unconscious for a day or two.
▪︎F*cks her after she recovere from her fever.

▪︎Loves FL deeply.

▪︎Has an aura that says that she is different after her sufferings in prison but all turns into bullsh*t after the Male Lead(ML) rapes her.
▪︎Gets aroused when she sees "his starry blah blah eyes" and when she hears "his hoarse and magnetic deep voice beside her ear".
▪︎Turns into a fool when it involves her family.
▪︎Likes to assume things and is overly emotional.
▪︎Overly compassionate.
▪︎Easily forgives ML after he whispers sweet nothings.
▪︎Knows how to use her brains only when it doesn't involve the ML.

▪︎Loves ML too deeply which is understandable considering her long wooing.
▪︎Doesn't easily believe whatever is said.

Now the story. Basically all the males of the Yuan Family are rapists. There is no so-called deeply in love couple except the third son, Yuan Tangshuo and Lu Shan and their genuinely loving family. The Old Mistress Yuan is a blind one. She was overly pampered by the Old Master which spoiled her into doing whatever she wanted and having her way with everything. I was happy with only 2 males, Wu Ze and Zheng Shuyan. The ending feels like it has been rushed. I started with great expectations but unfortunately, I'm not completely satisfied. ☹

Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling in Love with You
3 weeks ago

TheBlips: I should have started that comment with : Dear Shameless Reader,


The Villain's Wife, · C291
3 weeks ago

TheBlips: All this revelations make me want to write a smut to make myself feel a little better. Hehehehe... How does that sound? #shamelessauthor

The Villain's Wife, · C291
3 weeks ago

TheBlips: hahahaha.... I will be here to cure you with a mass release. :P

The Villain's Wife, · C286
3 weeks ago

Kooki3: If cliffhanger is a disease, I'd be dead long ago.

The Villain's Wife, · C286
3 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The Villain's Wife, · C284
4 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? · C100
1 month ago

SunScar9: Hi! Glad you thought of that. I was inspired by the series so there might be little similarities, but the characters are wildly different. I hope you stick around to see how different they are!

Autopsy of a Mind · C11
1 month ago

hyekyo1: The seen is familiar to serial love me if you dare!?

Autopsy of a Mind · C11
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
The Story of Blood and Roses · C209
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Secret Wife is a Crazy Beast · C100
1 month ago

XiaoReiChan: Weee more about their past~~ Though I wonder if their interaction in this chapter happened before or after the cybercafe hullabaloo. 😁

Dear Little MeeHee,

You are the author and you have full control on what you want to happen in your story and in which direction you want it to go. We're already thankful that you have invited us in this journey, as we explore the world of Darren and XiuXiu. ❤️

Now here are some flowers for you. 💐 I hope they make you feel better. 🥰

Imperfect Desires · C118
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband · C499
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Good Girl Gone Bad: Queen of the Underworld · C379
1 month ago

TheBlips: This is a free chapter. How did it waste your ss? Hahahaha

The Villain's Wife, · C13
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Imperfect Desires · C107
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C424
1 month ago

Titania23: Her brother is Xue Chang Min his business is in military weapons and technology he is one of Yang trusted friend also, her real father is Guessiep Alfonsi her art mentor, the mystery is why they have to hide the real identity of Mei and let her believe she is an orphan ( her identity secret is in security level 5 the highest )

The Famous Painter is the CEO's Wife · C30
3 months ago
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