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Scarlettbunny: Here is another fine example of not knowing the reaction of a child. One why did she not freak out when she was in a room full of bodies, two when didn't it smell, three is she saw people why not beg to be helped or cling onto the first living person? For a ten year old you are actually more aware of what you are seeing before you and a typical reaction should have been one of sheer terror. As for the men ya sounds about right.

Epiphany of the Weak · C2
3 weeks ago

Tjir: Never underestimate the power of an isekai otaku. With their knowledge you have an atomic bomb before you know it. But don't nuke the emperor, because then the story will end. Also when the emperor dies there is a chance of him returning in a B rated story and gets killed by his own daughter.

Out of Space · C386
3 weeks ago

broken_noodle: I’m not exactly good at writing review, so I translated one of the highest rated Kingdom’s Bloodline reviews at the Chinese Qidian forum.
There are some minor *SPOILER* so read it with risks.

A very interesting book.
To simply put, this is a novel about transmigrating to a fantasy world that has its own fictional history at the end of the Medieval Age.
I saw a lot of advertisements in the book review area and there was really nothing to discuss. So I want to write something to express my feelings so far.

Many people say that the protagonist is too weak, and the development of the story has too much pressure and *******.
However, this is indeed the most interesting aspect of this novel.
Different from the general concept of webnovels, in which the protagonists basically farm monsters and grind for levels, really straightforward.
The protagonist of this book began as a beggar for a living, and cautiously survived under the control of the criminal gang.
Then he became the only living prince of the kingdom by chance (perhaps inevitable).
Then, just like a person holding the only torch in a black forest.
Little by little, collecting the bits and pieces of this world,
Under the force of history, or you could say under the mutual political game of several major factions behind the curtain, the protagonist almost always uses language (Yes! The power of words) and cautious analysis to overcome one difficulty after another, of course, the novel also gives the protagonist the life-saving mystic power.

This book is interesting for the following points:
We can think of this novel built by the author as a long lasted history.
Through the eyes of the protagonist, you could hear the content, you could restore the truth behind history little by little.
I am very happy that author can use different POVs to provide each piece of information about the world, rather than giving them out directly like a God.
Secondly, it is very interesting to hear the history told by different characters of the same period, to see whether it is true or false, because of their view-points, their ideologies, their roles in the age they were in, to provide the protagonist with difference information.
And the most interesting aspect, I myself don't expect or hope for the protagonist to become some kind of a powerful person.
I care more about the history that was dusted thousands of years ago, the truth that was concealed in the scrolls of history, the political collusion behind it, the humanity, and the spirit of sacredness and nobleness.

In addition, the authors try to shape everyone into a unique character.
Everyone has to obey the command of someone/or something higher up that they have to accept, but they also have their own little thoughts.
Just like in the book when Black Sword was lying in the cold snow with wounds all over his body, but he only longed for a dirty girl in his hometown, who *****ly asked him how the northlanders raise the pig.
Just like how the former White Blade general opened a pub after the battle 12 years ago, living like a neighbor's uncle, but always in his heart, he keep a respect for history.
Each character is not a black and white image, with his choices and abandonment, with the reasons for his action and the softness of his heart.
I like this world, it brings us more truthful feelings.

The most gratifying thing is what I can't see it at all:
For example, the protagonist being soft when seeing a woman, and then the woman who became his lover turned into a flower vase or had inexplicable surge of strength.
For example, the enemy who has no need to be provocative got their face slapped, and then when their grandpas discovered this, continued to be provocative and also got their face slapped, and then....
For example, after talking about some shocking statement (modern thought), the protagonist inexplicably got the appreciation of some big man from the higher up, and then….
For example, what I hate most is that when the protagonist knew that there was a gap in strength between him and the enemy, he still had to make it difficult and forcefully jump forward. Then he said "just bite my teeth, risk my life", and his hidden power erupted or something, so cute.

Fortunately, in this book,
I saw that no woman with power or strength is a ****** character. She either has the tenaciousness and the inner determination from all the killings on the battlefield, or she seemed harmless but good at scheming with rich experience in political infighting.
I saw that every battle is not only about the victory and defeat by strength, but also the political scenery, the inner ambition of the characters, and the resentment and gratitude of the history behind it. All the waves are entangled, all the dots are connected to make you see the fighting and struggle of people. And the author does not say it directly, only simply shows it with the protagonist's experience, what he sees and hears is what you know.
Also, I could see that the translated version, while being quite good with grammar and such, has some mistakes with titles, locations, names etc that may cause confusions for the readers, so I will make a list of them below in near future, hoping that Qidian will fix them (or not since this’s the case most of time)

Kingdom's Bloodline
1 month ago

BattleLord: Ves’s masks are much like John Cleese’s ‘silly walks’ skits from Monty Python. They might fool, some of the people some of the time, but not likely any of the people who use the galactic net to review Ves’s rants, treaty signing, and LMC commercials.

The Mech Touch · C1256
1 month ago

nericen: Shhhh... don't fear the probe, Ves. Fear the fan-fiction.

The Mech Touch · C1256
1 month ago

BatouOfNexus: Yeah, and for girlfriend hunting there was a big clue that Mr Oblivious listed all the things he wanted in a girlfriend and then Ketis, who possessed all of them, showed up right then. She’s already expressed interest in him so he just needs to realize it. Too bad he’s dense as a rock...

The Mech Touch · C1250
1 month ago

MrBruno: Damn exlor just hit us with the next few hundred chapters. mta visit, master and student time, girlfriend hunting, working with skull architect, new cheaper mechs, ketis ups and down, freaky tree things that probably turns into something or someone, some type of attack on the main base, oh yea Benny might get a day off. I know the last one was a stretch lol

The Mech Touch · C1250
1 month ago

General_Overlord: Well it's good the army did train for this kind of emergency, not only that but as the knight said, No one in there kingdom can create weapons like these on an industrial scale so we really have very little to worry about.

Ps. Stupid civ never learn to not trust the sweet honey words that come at no cost.

PPS. Time for the commissars to come out in droves for these fools of the so called SDF who should be disbanded as soon as possible for this quantity quality mix is no good.

Out of Space · C378
1 month ago

Tjir: As expected the empire learns of guns, once the army gets guns, the slaves/people get guns. So instead of crussing this 'rebellion' , they create an environment where new rebellions within the empire are inevitable. Is wish them good luck in maken gun pouder, Black pouder maybe with some months/years, smokeless pouder most definitely not, with their current understanding of science.

Out of Space · C378
1 month ago

the_pun_police: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Supreme Magus · C425
1 month ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) View More
Supreme Magus · C425
1 month ago

sentientreader: I still don't understand why Lith is a money scrooge, I mean he practically has no use for money as far as I've seen zero, nothing it's becoming old quick, turn it into an obsession with something else maybe a hobby? I don't know but being stingy doesn't make sense

Supreme Magus · C423
1 month ago

Swordking123: Like these people have really high options of themselves for some reason. Like, none gives a **** if you in a 'Top Guild'. Most guilds in ANY game fall apart after a few months. Most games just toss you into a guild once you unlock the feature. (Which reminds me that it is weird that they have access to a guild so early on in levels)

90% of any games player base most likely have no idea who you are and the other 9% might, but that is a VERY strong might.
Nobody googles top ranked players for any game, and games being in VR isn't going to change that. Chinese novels always have uppity princlings who think they are the king of the world when, guess what, people can just log out or re-roll their character and they would never know!
If I ran into someone acting like they are the **** because they are high ranking, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from making fun of them and laughing. Especially all these people that aren't even ranked number #1. Even if you are #1, most gamers wouldn't give a ****, but these people are in the #10-20 so I doubt they have barely any actual fame.
Like, famous Overwatch and LoL players don't even have that much clout. When people run into those players in a match they either 1. Never notice 2. Don't care 3. Care because their ass is being handed to them or rarely 4. Lose their ****.

Fate Online: Shadow · C9
1 month ago

SouIrin: Ves seems to go for high risk and don't care for anyone else and complains about his troubles he created once it hits him. For a psychopath I guess it makes sense, for an entrepreneur, how is anyone within his stockholders not questioning his sanity.

The Mech Touch · C1199
1 month ago

2risky: Well I like that Ves is now willing to focus on his future but the chapters seem scattered about like Ves is absent minded, going one topic to the next cause confusion along the way this lack of focus is part of the frustration, but hopeful it part of how author try to show what Ves mind set, he not doing the designing only prepping which seem that it will take 2 or more weeks just to get a mech at this pace going forwarded this sucks at best. The highlights is him abusing and teach lucky thieving for him with future planning in the works this fits with villain whip and carrot I mean rare metals.

The Mech Touch · C1199
1 month ago

BattleLord: Today Exlor opened the door to his mother’s family. Is Ves actually a Nigerian... I meant Rubarthian Prince everyone hears about on the galactic net trying to scam people out of billions.

For that matter, why doesn’t Ves use the imaginary realm to search for his mother and ask for some Spirituality to build his new Mech? I thought he was a mommy’s boy.

I find it interesting that Ves rejected the spirit seeds of the Grey Martyr because a teacher was not the right fit for his Hero Mechs. How does a charismatic, Prophet Ylvaine, who demonstrates the sedentary lifestyle of the lazy rich, going to inspire the fighter spirit in his Mechs? In my opinion, Ves is risking Lucky to build six Mechs that are just going to stand there and look good.

As compensation for Lucky’s risk, buy him a FTL capably fast transport full of rare exotics. Lucky might get FTL capabilities and Ves can cash in on the insurance when the ship disappears. Kind of like the arson/fire fighter idea.

I think today’s chapter marks the first time that Ves has used that vast mind of his for anything other than a Mech garage, used by a Exlor to monologue from. Ves actually used his high cognitive abilities to present Leland with an educated guess as to who might be behind the terrorist attack.

BRILLIANT! I waited 1200 chapters but I think it was worth it. Exlor is finally stepping up and starting to present the readers with a genetically enhanced character. Even if Ves’s theory proves wrong or their are unexpected surprises or twists.

This in my opinion is better than the ‘surprise’ plot reveals to date. Example, including Ketis as a last second ‘surprise’, instead of stating that before leaving LMC. That SHIT is getting obvious and boring and doesn’t demonstrate Ves’s ability to plan into the future. 5 stars for stepping onto a new path.

The Mech Touch · C1199
1 month ago

scarlett1414: Finally we see the council of human awakened ones *_*

Supreme Magus · C420
1 month ago

m2lk: And now we know why the exact wording is very important when dealing with unstable people. For example: "I'm not here to fight. Even if you do want to fight, we should do it somewhere farther away, for the fight to not harm other people, such as your family." Would've probably just made a profitable deal over the crystal... or maybe not, Lith would never trust a talking abomination.

Supreme Magus · C417
1 month ago

J_h85: 😂 now we know how to get all the eyes on his shape shifted form to open, threaten his family. I kinda feel bad for the abomination, it wasn’t even really there to fight, it just showed up in time to be Lith’s punching bag for stress relief

Supreme Magus · C417
1 month ago

scarlett1414: Blood! Blood! 😈 And the crystal now belongs to Lith!
The master can go to hell for what we care 🔥🔥

Supreme Magus · C417
1 month ago

the_pun_police: Moron since when has Lith been weak.

Supreme Magus · C417
1 month ago
Moron since when has Lith been weak. View More
Supreme Magus · C417
1 month ago

Chunchunmaru_sama: I know Its gender bender but...
Its disgusting..
He is a male. he won't event retort to crystal that said if she wants a sugar daddy.
She could've just said she likes women more....
Disgusting.(he didn't even retort thats what disgusted me.)
Can somoene tell me if he really turns to a girl(I mean he will like males) cause I'm dropping this FOREVER if it happens.

Lilim Heritage Online · C57
1 month ago

im0with0stupid: Why doesnt he just say he is a lesbian. It will stop alot of hassle

Lilim Heritage Online · C57
1 month ago

Idle_Daoist_: This book is I don't know what to say other than average cliche and done a million times with a different occupation- but the problem is the author seemingly can't say names and so every character Non-han is 'Ethnic Minority #1-#2, etc' And to top it off its filled with racist remarks and annoying mid paragraph character thoughts that seemingly want to get to the end of the chapter so you then read the next chapter. I'm pretty sure this will go Premium at an insanely high price but it's not worth it. It's trying to be IRAS but doesn't come close and this book causes mere shame upon the Zhang Family.

Path of Medicine With a System
1 month ago

Patha: Empty shell of a novel, no real medical knowledge, no real plot, no good pen skill. Well, go read Great doctor Ling Ran and not this crap. .........

Path of Medicine With a System
1 month ago

Hnn17: Doctors are a nation's treasures. Why isnt this university giving mc a scholarship or loan that he can pay back after becoming a doc, making a medical student work at construction sites and selling noodles is ludicrous.

Path of Medicine With a System · C1
1 month ago

hahahah: Meh making gun is a complicated thing. You need to have the knowledge in many field to make it happen. Even simple thing like powder, primer are a big headace. Barrel and gun part are even harder to make. So as Blake said the Empire need a lot of time to catch up without proper industry to support it is simply impossible to do. Good chapter though.

Out of Space · C368
2 months ago

Fleet: As others have stated, this novel is very much a slow burn with rather slow progression and more detail on the finer details such as worldbuilding.

Conceptually, I find this aspect of the story most interesting which is very high praise considering I'm more into fantasy over sci-fi/mechs. The level of detail is just right, in my opinion. Though it does tend to stress certain concepts several times, it doesn't feel repetitive unlike in a certain sword god novel.

I noted that certain arcs felt 'slow' at the time, but looking back, they're very much necessary in how they contribute to worldbuilding and the overall plot.

Character development is rather good for this reason as well as being a non-plot-driven slow-burn. Other characters are distinct in their characteristics and dialogue and it's not just a slew of side characters.

I'd definitely recommend giving this novel a shot.

The Mech Touch
2 months ago


Supreme Magus · C391
2 months ago
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