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I'm last View More
The Gamer - Naruto World · C58
1 week ago

Wind_God: I really pity the truck driver who killed john wick's kid...
I mean he went that far for a dog imagine how far he would go for his kid.

Marvels Number1 Assassin
2 weeks ago
Xpe View More

Grimlock753: Spreading the good word to all my fellow daoists you only need to reply to a comment to get both rewards

Exp-Sect · C54
1 month ago
Donald Drumpf is 1st View More
The Divine Wolf... or? · C101
1 month ago
Ffs I'm laughing View More

Lil_Daoiast_OOF: See this! I just gifted the story: Nothing because I'm poor

God Of Lust · C1
2 months ago

Lil_Daoiast_OOF: See this! I just gifted the story: Nothing because I'm poor

God Of Lust · C1
2 months ago
What's the point of even being first?
It's pretty much stupidity View More
The Avarice System · C60
2 months ago

TerrestrialOverlor: wow...another low...to weaponize your opponents d1ck to perforate their own ship...just kill yourself man

The Strongest System · C143
3 months ago
Have you ever thought about the mysterious stranger helping Yale View More

Darkdelusion: Maybe yale's killer got the origin method and aims to kill all those who have knowledge of it. Maybe the pill being sold is also one of his schemes🤔🤔🤔

Last Wish System · C103
3 months ago
The only thing I'm thinking of right now is what would happen if Donald Trump was Chinese. View More

cantbelieveit: It's sad that I just basically skimmed the last 2 chapters looking for a part where I wasn't ashamed of the MC

Yes, the Japanese nation committed a lot of atrocities in the past. Note that part, "The past." But which country hasn't? Should we start listing all the horrible things we as humans have done to each other over the millennium? Should we hate someone because people in their nation did bad things, and group them all together? So all Japanese are horrible people, but it's ok as long as they are loyal. And if they are not, then they'll have to commit seppuku. How idiotic.

And i realize he's just an ignorant 16 year old kid, but there is something really wrong with his brain. With all of their brains. "We got to one up the Japs." This is not a competition, but a performance. And you'd think the adults would be better, but nope.

Why am I still reading this? I honestly don't even know sigh

The Almighty Ring · C133
3 months ago

pokeperson1000: And here it is! The bigotry has begun!

If it was just a competition to shame an opposing party, I would have absolutely no qualms with it, but the author just had to go down the route of racism. Jesus phuck, I know that we've had severe conflict throughout the course of history, but you're really not helping the issue here, author. Stop spreading he hate.

On a different note, thank you for your hard work, translator.

The Almighty Ring · C133
3 months ago

Joker123: Good thing I invited myself 8 times, or i wouldn't be able to afford these chapters

Monster Paradise · C422
3 months ago

DickWrinkles: I'm still gonna imagine him as a starving African child

True Martial World · C29
3 months ago

Returnee19: Yo who the **** is his brother i feel like he is some cultivator protagonist who at first was trash but some guy reincarnated inside him and he became a super genius or he came from the future like its so weird

The Favored Son of Heaven · C74
4 months ago
Why are you calculating this?! View More

One_Who_Seeks: Now that's what lingering in my mind. I'm giving 5 hours as average ( since several hours is mentioned and giving somewhere below 4 might just be categorized as few). With this 5 hrs multiplied by 2 + 30 = 160 hrs

That's 160 hours of action. I felt the hour spent is justifiable with how they must treat their injuries and rest. With a plus of tormenting the ring leader of their previous dilemma.

That's almost a week.
I'll be off then

Assassination System · C133
4 months ago
Yeet View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C349
4 months ago
Amazing! View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C339
4 months ago
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