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On the flip side, not all people are content with short chapters. This length is quite satisfying to me. Of course i want more, but i can read this amount and be happy for a time, anything less is unsatisfying. As a result i tend to go months without reading some stories, then binge 10-20 chapters at once... doing this sucks because by the time enough story has been built up to read, i've not only lost interest in the story, but i've totally forgotten what it was even about. I have to go back and re-read the entire story again. 10k words or more at least once a week, that's a fairly good pace.
This story for instance i was just about to remove it from my reading list. It's been sitting at only 10 chapters for over a month now. If it picks up ill keep it, but if it stays at this pace then im not gonna bother anymore. View More

Kuma_sensei: The thing is not all people read the whole thing in one time, having to scroll back where you left is really annoying that's why I suggest that

The Goddess of Death · C11
2 days ago
Seems to me the system is more god-like than she is. View More
I have become the Goddess of Fateoria and travel the infinite worlds. · C44
4 days ago
anyone else notice that he has 25 hydralisk lairs.... and zero hydralisks? View More
I’ve became an Overmind in Star Wars?? · C14
1 week ago
My second read through, a question popped into my mind though. Why would an American have a Cricket bat?
Americans play baseball, not cricket, in fact many don't even know what it is. View More
Reaper Of The Wizarding World · C1
2 weeks ago
i was literally just about to remove this from my library until i saw the little blue icon next to it. View More
Reaper Of The Wizarding World · C35
2 weeks ago
doing it from space would be much safer, but honestly i think it would be better just to get a ship and just orbital bombardments the old fashioned way. View More

Jasonenrick: Is he able to do it in the Space ....he would be an Overkill OP Fleet hehehe

I’ve became an Overmind in Star Wars?? · C13
2 weeks ago
Nah, sit back let both of them weaken each other, then at the worst possible moment sweep in and just hammer them both hard. View More

TrueImmortalDevil: He should honestly just try to get palpy on his side ...

I’ve became an Overmind in Star Wars?? · C12
2 weeks ago
Yeah, you're right about that, it's still too early to tell. View More

Doruk_C: True but we still don’t know the date. Since when today came there were no relationship rule then I guess it’s before or just after the Russan reformation

Star Wars: The Path To Greatness · C1
2 weeks ago
the one this entire arc is based on? View More

GHD_Kashiko371: What story

Quick Transmigration: The Queen's Worlds · C14
2 weeks ago
In the Old Republic sure... It's up for debate about when exactly the Jedi order forbade families. But one thing is for sure, by the time of the prequels the rule had been in place for centuries. View More

Doruk_C: It’s true . Only if it is in the old republic there were Jedi families. Like Shan family.(Satele Shan). Cause Jedi were allowed to make family in the order.

Star Wars: The Path To Greatness · C1
2 weeks ago
Huh? View More

Origin_Order_Chaos: Thanks for the chap ...but a question why does she go around tell everybody that I am a goddess ...here i am...crap.... Can't he like keep secret excep close one's.....man that's like **** to me...sry it's just my way of safety....

I have become the Goddess of Fateoria and travel the infinite worlds. · C27
2 weeks ago
why is he being so stupid?
i just don't understand why he's telling them not only that he exists, so that they know what to look for. But he's also telling them that he already knows their plans... so they can change them and adjust accordingly. It's dumb, he should have just sat back and quietly built up his forces.
Now a lot of thing arn't going to go the way they should, because everyone's going to change their plans in order to counter him.

So yeah... the MC is a dumbass. View More
I’ve became an Overmind in Star Wars?? · C12
2 weeks ago
So much wrong with this....
First of all, nowhere in all of star wars lore has there ever been anyone judged simply for their gender. The universe of star wars is pretty meritocratic.
Secondly, Jedi children are taken from their families at very young ages so that they do not form bonds with their parents. Attachments are forbidden. View More
Star Wars: The Path To Greatness · C1
3 weeks ago
One thing that bugs me... through out the entire story so far the author keeps saying "Are" instead of "Our".
You ARE the author..
This is OUR story.. View More
I’ve became an Overmind in Star Wars?? · C11
3 weeks ago

Skaystha: man i like story but i don't like one thing that is mc is like he is playing game and is not living real life .. death game over save from check Point. . no emotions at all at least he can save the friends who have bonded with past months but no he treats them as npc like he know jill will die and how he can save her but no he will not save her even though he can. that ruins story cause it doesn't have emotions. without emotions it's like playing game then why mc is transmigrated he can just describe it as playing game.

In Resident Evil, but it's slightly different...? · C15
3 weeks ago
"He was still alive, so i killed him" LOL View More
In Resident Evil, but it's slightly different...? · C7
3 weeks ago

EdwinTr: Doggies are more important than hoomans :v

In Resident Evil, but it's slightly different...? · C7
3 weeks ago

Ikasuki: made your system too powerfull and omnipotent, now you make your character "not want to use it if unecessary" comandable idea but if you were stuck in a world with deadly mosnter at any and everycorner, any normal sane people in the knwo of what was to come would use EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING they had at their disposable. Even more when you make him state that he dosn't care about loosing his humanity... you can't have it both way.

Only real solution, rework your system and do a rewrite of the start, make it less potent, and withotu sentience/personality.

In Resident Evil, but it's slightly different...? · C6
3 weeks ago
"You receive 500% training speed"
"Wow im learning at double the rate"
*Facepalms* Failed math class did ya? View More
In Resident Evil, but it's slightly different...? · C4
3 weeks ago
You know, im the exact opposite. I can't stand 3rd person pov stories. View More

Omnislayer: WHY YOU USE MC's PoV!! Damn it. It really killed the stories.
Better with Third Point of View.

In Resident Evil, but it's slightly different...? · C2
3 weeks ago

ZerSpectre: Bro, dont add external powers from anime, get the Mc some martial arts and great reflexes, maybe he can get powers from all the viruses of the franchise, dont drop this

In Resident Evil, but it's slightly different...? · C1
3 weeks ago
I would just like to point out that you can't copy and paste on webnovel... so why do authors include long web address? im totally not going to manually imput that the search bad. View More
I’ve became an Overmind in Star Wars?? · C8
3 weeks ago

Soaapj: I don't understand... Why did you make the queen humanoid if they weren't going to be there for romance? You could of just used any other human for friendship..... Even in chapter two they were pretty flirty..... Like when she calls him out for starring and asks if he likes what he sees then tells him he has to work harder to get her as his girl........ Also why did you give her beauty capable of toppling kingdoms and starting wars if she wasn't going to be in a relationship with MC? I was hoping for the queen to be with MC and it was a bit of a let down when a totally new girl came out of nowhere and took that role... But hey it's your novel I guess... But I still suggest you allow the first queen to be in a relationship with him.

I’ve became an Overmind in Star Wars?? · C4
3 weeks ago

GreyKnights: hmm it seems u got some grammar that needs fixing

I’ve became an Overmind in Star Wars?? · C3
3 weeks ago
just wait... do it right the first time. View More
Star Wars: The Lone Sith · C0
3 weeks ago
eh, well sorry to knock you off your high horse.... but fiction relies on the suspension of belief. If you stretch facts too far then it ruins your suspension of belief, taking you out of the story. That's what happened to me here, if you want to say the earth flooded, well, you might wanna come up with a better reason than simply saying to polar caps melted. View More

RedSonia: As much as I love facts and trivia, this is a fictional novel. So... unless there is a contradiction within the story, I would give it a break.

The Alterra Project · C4
3 weeks ago
Why does he act all surprised at stuff like this? He was a mega fan of the anime, he should know plot and what all happens... yet he acts like the events taking place are totally unexpected. View More
Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C87
3 weeks ago

Darkanlan: He needs to start actually crippling his enemies instead of just knocking them down for them to gather more to attack again. The idea that killing your enemy is weakness is why every single one of those hero stories turn out with the psychopath killers getting free and slaughtering people over and over again for the guy to act like a hero whenever they catch them. It's an endless cycle of death because the guy is too much of a pussy to kill one person.

Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C86
3 weeks ago

After_Wing: Is there an incest about this?
Just saying since the two of them pretty much stare each other for far longer.

One Punch Man : Valir's Chronicle · C1
4 weeks ago
re-reading this 2 months latter i've come to realize that the MC should have been sorted into Huffelpuff given what the sorting hat said about him. Puffs are the overflow house, people with little courage, ambition, or drive to excel. Thier only defining trait being loyalty, a trait that is found in most people who aren't total D-bags. View More
Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C3
4 weeks ago
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