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wovenstarlight: Hey, it's been a while. I figured I wouldn't keep pointing out issues with your translation, but this chapter's brought up a glaring one that I see many people have already addressed. It's in two parts to be easier to read.

You are publishing an official translation. Of all people, you should be aware of the importance of this. You are the source of the content which fans of OR are working off of. That means that we expect professional work from you. What this does NOT mean is that you put in your "LOL" and "double LOL" notes in the middle of an otherwise perfectly normal chapter. We readers are not paying stones to read what YOU think of the chapter; We are paying stones to form our own opinions on the same. If something's funny, I'll thank you to let us come to that conclusion ourselves. Besides, why put your notes in the middle of the chapter, since they're not contributing any useful knowledge or information to my understanding of the text? In fact, they’re just disrupting the reading experience by giving unnecessary information.

Be aware that this is exactly what happens every time you add a TL note. You are unnecessarily telling us your opinion, when we’re just here to read the chapter, not find out what YOU think of it. If your TL notes contribute nothing to the reader’s understanding of the chapter, they shouldn't be there. Simple as that. Does you thinking something is funny make us read closely to enjoy the joke as well? Sometimes, but not always. Does you thinking something is funny help us understand the cultural context that the chapter is coming from, and therefore enhance our reading experience? No. THEN IT SHOULDN'T BE THERE. Here's a quick test: would you say it like this if, for instance, you were giving an official presentation on stage to an audience of 4 MILLION people who were going to invest in your company if you presented a formal and efficient face to them? If not, then we're not interested in hearing it. You are a professional, not our best friend. Please act accordingly.

Not only that, your other translation notes are unnecessarily wordy, leading to the same problem I described above. When you say “TL note at the end”, you could just as easily say “[1]” and then put a footnote at the bottom as “[1] insert note here”. For the cider TN, you could just have written (TL: In the context of a story tag, "Cider" means a "refreshing feeling" in Korea.) There was absolutely no need to go, "just in case you don't know", or describe the english meaning of it. It feels almost as though you believe your readers not to know as much as you do, which comes off as rather condescending and almost patronizing. Similarly for the Yogoe TN, you could just have kept the first sentence- "A Yogoe is the Korean equivalent of a Japanese Yokai"- and left it like that. Hell, you could even have said "A Yogoe is a Korean supernatural being" and added a wiki link, since, you know, we're English readers, and not Japanese ones? Not everyone is an anime fan and knows what yokai are, so it doesn't make sense to give a Japanese equivalent in the ENGLISH TRANSLATION. (1/2)

Omniscient Reader · C425
3 months ago

wovenstarlight: And while we're at it, why don't I bring up another issue with your translation notes? Sometimes I've seen you and your editor go back and forth with TNs in the ending, or god forbid, the middle of a chapter. Again, unnecessary! We're not here to be the third wheel to a conversation between you two, we're here to read a chapter and know the context behind it! If there's a terminology change or information you need to tell us, by all means go ahead, but don't give us the play-by-play of your interactions with your editor! You’re doing the equivalent of linking us all to your personal friends’ group chat. For example, when you changed Electrification to Lightning Transformation, you just had to say "TL: Electrification -> Lightning Transformation". Quite literally NONE of the other notes there were necessary. And as for the "bus" thing you guys discussed in ch.420? Completely unnecessary. "TL: The raw said that KDC and other constellations were still on the Ark, not back in Seoul, but it might be like riding a bus. While you may have reached your stop, you're still on it until you disembark. Another chapter at 19:00 GMT today." And end TL note. We don’t need to know who said what word for word, and we don't need the nitty gritties of your conversations. Save those for Google Docs' comment feature.

In closing, I'll also address some things I"ve heard other people in the comments say. Yes, I'm aware that we're being given a translation for free. I do deeply appreciate the service we're being given. *That doesn't mean I can't tell the person servicing us that they're doing a bad job of it.* If you went to a restaurant and were served a bad meal, would you just go, "oh well, it's fine, at least we have food"?? No, you'd tell the servers that they messed up. I'm doing the same thing here. I'm being given a service, I'm mostly enjoying it, and I'm giving tips on how to improve the service, which is my prerogative as a consumer of said service. I am well within my rights to lodge a complaint, just as you are well within your rights to say you have no issues with the same. Do not come at me talking like I'm in the wrong here.

Furthermore, since spirit stone count is directly linked to word count, this is actually a problem for those users who buy spirit stones and burn them on chapters with unnecessarily inflated word counts. Sure, you can work off the daily free SS, but some people don’t, and they’re getting hit hard by this. I sincerely hope that this isn’t something APW is doing on purpose, because if it is, then it will be a black mark on your reputation as a Webnovel translator. And hey, if the reason is that the notes section isn’t working, that’s fine. Just put your notes in the comments section, so that they’re not counted as part of the actual chapter, and we don’t have to pay more.

I'm looking forward to your response, Wanderer. I hope you've paid due diligence in reading the specifics of my complaint, since I’ve taken care to be very specific and not vitriolic for your ease of understanding the problem. (2/2)

Omniscient Reader · C425
3 months ago

wovenstarlight: For anyone other than APW who intends to argue with me, please read the second paragraph of my second comment, as I've already addressed your concerns there.

Omniscient Reader · C425
3 months ago
Hello! First off, thank you for your translations as usual. I would like to point out two things based on a comment that you replied to. One of them is in regards to "Kaixenix". The 카이제닉스 appeared in chapter 24, a chapter that rainbow turtle's had translated except with the spelling of a "z" instead of an "x". The second on is in regards to -ssi. As it is known, Korean doesn't contain many gender-based pronouns. Not only that, for -ssi, it's used to anyone regardless of gender and marital status. With this in mind, I, too, would like -ssi to be used instead of the more gender-defined addresses. View More
Omniscient Reader · C374
4 months ago
Reading Status: C374
Omniscient Reader is definitely a story to read and can never get bored of. There's so many exciting events and really well done characterization especially the characters' development. However the new translations are not as high quality compared to Rainbow Turtle's (the previous translator). There's a lot fixes that should be made including some way or another moving the TL and editor's notes into either the top or bottom of the story tL as it just makes a mess and disturbs the fluency of the story. However if you're into mythology and things like FGO and desperate to continue this book (as I am), I recommend that you buy the raws and mtl it yourself on either google translate or some other translator platform. The raws aren't expensive, as chapter is about 10 cents in USD. Cheers! View More
Omniscient Reader
4 months ago

MingLin: EVERYONE R ALLOWED TO COPY THIS COMMENT: Fork you Qidian , Funk you Webnovel.

Get your **** together and sort out issue with translator or find someone else who's willing to tl it. Whenever I think about REINCARNATOR and ORV i always send you guys manyyyyy manyyyy Good(really?) Words. Fork you yet again.

C'mon you dumbas guys If you using Premium model for novels give us Premium service.

Regards fellow cultivator who lost patience. Fork you

Omniscient Reader · C362
4 months ago
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