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lol doens't take hasty decisions without reason...does she know what hasty means? killing class was hasty, killing all of paul family was hasty, there was no way of knowing the truth...hmmm there was sister isabell there, who he sought out to help her, why he loved her, as for paul he was a human and servant he did a little bit more, but he didn't do all. i do feel bad because he was in pain and wanted revenge...and his uncle only pushed more... View More
Bambi and the Duke · C157
7 hours ago
omg that was the sign that Katie and Alex would be together he gave her the necklace... View More
Bambi and the Duke · C154
9 hours ago
Jealous idiots will always come up with the worse theory, if they can't have happily ever after than why must someone else...selfish... View More

XOMatsumaeohana: 😆😂 Seems like these servants don't have brains. They know how dangerous Leo is and yet they still insult his Vivian? So why does nobody assume that the two naturally fell in love with each other? Is it so hard to think that way? 🤔

😌 She isn't anybody special? She wasn't supposed to be a servant in the first place, if it weren't for what happened when she was younger - then she would have status. She isn't like the rest of you.

Bambi and the Duke · C153
9 hours ago
Bambi and the Duke · C152
9 hours ago
hahaha i knew, funny he killed everyone close to her, way to monopolize View More
Bambi and the Duke · C150
10 hours ago
Honestly, i wish this chapter came earlier or later than right now, they just found out about what they did to Paul and his family, shoot, he was a father figure to her and protected her, yet she moved on really quick... View More
Bambi and the Duke · C149
12 hours ago
she may be my least favorite heroine, she claims she isn't a child yet the whole reasoning everything was childish. if she hadn't gotten naked and slept on the bed with him all night long, and hadn't let him finger her to ecstasy; then her whole wait till marriage to sleep on the same bed theory works, unfortunately, is looks stupid, coy, and selfish hypocrisy written all over it. also how selfish that she wants to cum and be given orgasms yet she has never asked him if he was ok... View More
Bambi and the Duke · C147
17 hours ago
I knew it, dammit, poor Pual. I want to be mad at stupid Leo and even Nick, because they spent an 30min/person while interviewing the person. so half a day may have been put into the investigation, but did they really do their best to find the true killer, no, this was a hate crime, one that was fueled by a pain and hurt from the murders or his dear ones, and dislike and distrust of humans-especially his uncle, and the lack of value he placed on the other species life. he completely overlooked all that paul and even the sis had done. this is what happens when you act rash just because you can and you think you are supreme. Damian looks at facts before killing, Alex does too, even Nick does, this one acts first thinks later; given all 4 love the kill, but rationality wise damian excels View More
Bambi and the Duke · C145
18 hours ago
is there a connection between maximillian Gibbs and ester...the blue eyes which is not normal for their species...but that would mean ester is possibly more than 100 yrs old and max would be View More
Bambi and the Duke · C143
1 day ago
WTF He killed him and claim no solid proof, bullsh*t he could have ask sister isabell to check his memories, since Vivian is crap and useless most of the time...if she forgives and looks past this easily, I don't know what to say but they are twisted. Vlass as whimpy as he seemed while might harbor hate towards night creatures, there is a reason why his father didn't ask for his help, he wouldn't have helped, but he went out of his way to help his friend out of gratitude and was killed cause of cowardly stupid pure blood who couldn't bare the consequences of his rash decision View More
Bambi and the Duke · C138
1 day ago
Ash-San any chance you can write about maximillian Gibbs whose character seems rather interesting View More
Bambi and the Duke · C132
1 day ago
Actually I am glad he took the straight forward method to answer. Also if the vamp-bimbos thought so less of Shirley why go to her house and eat the food, lounging without pay, I guess that’s the type of class they have View More
Bambi and the Duke · C131
1 day ago
Hey she pulled a Lord Nicholas, he for sure would have used similar tricks to his advantage or amusement View More
Bambi and the Duke · C130
1 day ago

reemared: Alex mom's name is isabel genevieve same with sister isabel🤔although sister isabel said in chapter 122 about her sister unfortunate death in valeria i was thinking both isabel are the same person only and just reincarnated.. I can't help to think about it because of alex power bringing back the dead...I think the memories of reincarnated one back when she reach the age of how old she died...

Bambi and the Duke · C125
1 day ago
Any chance Alex will help extend her life if it isn’t already extended? Also what does a former pure blood mean? Does that mean she won’t age, I would feel bad for the duke if he lost Bambi too, it would be unfair that he lost everyone he cared about... View More
Bambi and the Duke · C124
1 day ago

ash_knight17: This book is a PREQUEL to the two books :

*Valerian Empire (Alexander and Katherine)
*Heidi and the Lord (Nicholas and Heidi)

All these are are interconnected and so will be the next story which will probablybe continued in the book 'Valerian Empire'.

Bambi and the Duke · C124
1 day ago
i feel bad for the friend because he was innocent. also if the potion is done by witches shouldn't Leo be made at them and not humans who are forced into pawns. also where is the proof that the friend did something. what you kill family and friends...vivian should have died with paul then... View More
Bambi and the Duke · C98
2 days ago
Bambi and the Duke · C96
2 days ago
how useless is vivian power if she can't see the immediate past, that doesn't make sense that she could see further back...i don't want Rory to be blamed, I initially thought he might be a witch because of the green eyes, but proven wrong, also what happened to friend that went to visit??? View More
Bambi and the Duke · C96
2 days ago
i'm sorry but this right here is something brought on by stupidity, and desperation. Both parents and daughter are to blame for this as well. if you are so inexperienced to not know to take rides from creeps then you shouldn't escape... View More
Bambi and the Duke · C92
2 days ago
wow never thought nick to be such a jerk, Alex in comparison is saner and kinder to humans and servants at least he kills ***** females View More
Bambi and the Duke · C81
2 days ago
I thought Wilford was human, how was he alive a century later, when Heidi came into the picture. since this book took place earlier? View More
Bambi and the Duke · C70
2 days ago
Elliot and Jerome are brothers not father and son View More

Loren_: Fortunately or unfortunately I recently discovered that JEROME WELLS🙄 is the only son of ELLIOT WELLS (From Valerian Empire) and idk why I think it will help in revealing Vivian's identity since Abel work for council in Valeria as well..... Anyway finger crossed for upcoming so called scenes🤞🏻❤️(hoping for some bad scene too)lol!!😂😂

Bambi and the Duke · C69
2 days ago
HA if it is a shapeshifter and he had paul and HIS WHOLE FAMILY KILLED, he should carry that regret and pain forever, cause paul was a good man. i can't believe I am caught up on the death of a character... View More
Bambi and the Duke · C66
2 days ago
i can't get over how quickly she moved on from paul's death, and grace and tom. if I saw my guardian smile at me before hanging, I would be haunted...i would also hold some distance from Leo, while his actions are understandable, they are rash. i hope they do find the truth and then Leo can feel like an idiot. also, Bambi is another bimbo like Katie, completely naive airheads lol View More
Bambi and the Duke · C64
2 days ago

Spoiledgirl: Even though they are going to go on date and I know I should be happy about it, I just can't forget about Paul. I feel as if Vivi is acting to much like her normal self even though she lost somebody who practically raised her. I know that she have feeling for Leo since they were kids but I think she needs time to grave. Don't get me wrong, I like this chapter and I'm gratefull for update, I just feel like she should have some time to reflect on everything that happened and to came to terms with it without having to worry about her love life

Bambi and the Duke · C58
2 days ago

Bambeenah: Tsk...kinda disappointed with vivian..hehehe i feel like she should distance herself a little bit from Leo to atleast let him feel her pain. 😓😓😓😓😓 Bambi!?!?! You're supposed to mourn Paul's and his family's death lol and yet grrrrr.... *facepalm* I would to see her rebel a little bit.

Bambi and the Duke · C58
2 days ago
I don't believe it was paul, i think it was a black witch duplicating his looks, copy cat, cause she thought she saw paul in 2 places during the event...i hope he is saved View More
Bambi and the Duke · C54
2 days ago
Reading Status: C46
I wasn’t too sure about this book originally but, once you start it too is Hard to put down or turn off. It’s addictive and love how it brings characters from the other books. This author is really talented in bringing us females the most awesome, dreamy, unfortunately fictional male leads View More
Bambi and the Duke
2 days ago
Oh Nick, so sly, you just wait a century and it will be your turn to be teased. I really love his character, I mean I love Alex, Damian, and now Leo, but my favorite is definitely Nick, then Damian, Alex, Leo. View More
Bambi and the Duke · C46
2 days ago
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