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Original Works

  • The Seer Chronicles (HIATUS)

    The Seer Chronicles (HIATUS)

    Romance romance horror fiction thriller novel

    17 year old Luke Wilbur is the envy of all. Handsome, talented artist and a skilled Basketball player, he is the heartthrob of the town. He lived in Gallows Fall as long as he could remember. Beneath his mask, however, Luke harbors a secret: he dreams of death. His dreams reenact the gruesome deaths of countless people. Refusing to let these dreams control his life, Luke ignores his dreams and hides his ability from everyone. But his efforts to suppress his ability are thwarted by his strange encounter with the ghost of Lillian who died over 300 years ago under mysterious circumstances. After some initial friction, Luke teams up with Lillian to find out the cause of her death and the root of his abilities. Little do they know, the truth will bring them face to face with the sinister forces lurking underneath the town's idyllic facade...

  • Starred Up

    Starred Up

    Music & Bands love music romance kpop bigbang slice of life tvxq shinee


    Deen, a seven year old boy, arrives in Korea with his mother Mia. With a strong determination to raise her son properly, Mia ensures Deen lacks no love in his life. In her spare time, Mia is a huge fangirl of the Korean boy group, TNT. But in an unexpected twist of fate, the mother-son duo end up being the neighbors of D3, another legendary boy group, which happens to be TNT's biggest rival. D3 consists of the short tempered Taewon, gentle Joon Jae and the goofy Jan. On top of that, Mia is hired as the personal designer for TNT, which consists of the charismatic leader Soo-Yon and the playboy maknae Cheng. Despite the rocky start, Mia and her son grow closer to all the members of both the groups. With time, the members realize they have fallen in love with the same woman, disrupting each group's dynamics. Furthermore, the origins of the hostility between the two groups resurface, making everyone involved question the decision they made a decade ago. As secrets unfold, the members vie for Mia's affections, Deen observes that she has eyes only for one of them. But which one of them will she choose? Note: Please note that the cover is not my original one. This is simply a random fanart I got on the internet. I'll upload an original cover as soon as its ready! Thank you for understanding.

  • The Idol's Wife

    The Idol's Wife

    Contemporary Romance fantasy handsome male lead music romance kpop drama romantic smut marriage idol


    Kwon Jiwon, also known as KJ, is the nation's heartthrob. Voted the most handsome and talented idol of the nation, KJ has achieved everything he ever dreamed of. Together with his group, EXOTIC, he is the rebellious idol who is a royalty in the music industry. But deep inside, KJ is hiding a dark secret, which can threaten everything he worked for. His decade long secret, for which he literally erased time and his past, to achieve the success he has today. Despite his success and fame, he is still pained by the past which only he knows about, making him feel isolated from everyone. His only companion is a mysterious talking cat, Jade, who made a dangerous deal with KJ years ago. However, fate intervenes when KJ is threatened by a criminal cartel. His past re-enters his life in the form of the beautiful but feisty Jung Mirae, the founder of the mercenary group Abyss who is hired to protect him. Despite having no recollection of her memories with KJ, Mirae is entangled with the lonely idol who is determined not to reopen the wounds of their erased past. To top it off, Mirae gets involved with Jiwon's best friend, Ash, unknowingly breaking Jiwon's heart in the process. What is KJ hiding? What is his connection with Mirae? Will they ever reconnect with each other in the present? A/N: This is my first attempt at writing a somewhat adult romance. I might be sloppy at it but please bear with me ;-; NOT SUITABLE FOR ANYONE BELOW 17 The cover is borrowed from google/pinterest but has been modified to suit my characters. Thank you.

  • The Demon in You

    The Demon in You

    Fantasy Romance reincarnation comedy romance fantasy demon supernatural female-lead Contemporary Romance CEO romance


    Rian is a seemingly ordinary girl, with aspirations to complete her education. While everything about her looks normal on the surface, she hides a dark secret: she can see demons of a person. Every person is attached to a demon. The demons leech on their negative thoughts and take them to the extreme levels on inhumanity. Rian sees them all, whispering negative thoughts into the ears of their hosts while remaining completely invisible to everyone. Even Rian herself has her own demon, Lambark. But when Rian gets a job at TNT Corps, the leading fashion house of her country, she begins to notice a disturbance in the demonic energy. Hyuk Hyunjae, is the CEO of TNT Corps where Rian is hired. However, upon meeting the mysterious but flamboyant CEO, Rian's heart skipped a beat. He had no demon attached to him. Does that mean he was a genuinely good person? Or was he something more sinister? As Rian get entangled in Hyunjae's web, a serial killer wreaks havoc in town. What was Hyunjae's secret? And why was Rian getting so attracted to this dangerous person? Note: The cover is not my original one. I'll upload one as soon as I can! Thank you!

  • The Mafia and His Ghost

    The Mafia and His Ghost

    Fantasy Romance Romance Fantasy Thriller Drama CEO Supernatural female-lead Mafia Ghost Fantasy-Romance

    Hwang Joonjae was a ruthless mafia don. Shrewd, calculative and manipulative, Joonjae was the most dangerous figure in the underworld. That is until he suddenly disappeared without a trace. Five years later, Joonjae returned to the country, only this time, he was not alone. Accompanying him was Lee Chaerin, a beautiful and mysterious girl, who accompanied him everywhere. Addressing her as his 'wife', Joonjae sets off to unveil a decade old mystery related to his family's death. The small setback is that only Joonjae can see or hear his 'wife'. Who is this mysterious Chaerin? Is she real or a fragment of his imagination? WARNING: THIS NOVEL WILL CONTAIN SOME SMUT. ALSO, DUE TO THE VIOLENT THEME OF THE NOVEL, THERE WILL BE A LOT OF DETAILED GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK AND NO FL VIOLATION WILL BE PRESENT IN THIS NOVEL. Cover Credit: Fanart from Pinterest with slight modifications


Sumaiya_Meraj_3863: Is someone going to die. It feels so ominous.

The Idol's Wife · C160
21 hours ago

Abolore2: KJ for president

The Idol's Wife · C159
1 day ago

Sumaiya_Meraj_3863: Kj is so good don't know why people live Ash. I guess bcoz he's Mr goodie two shoes. But if you want a backbone Kj any day

The Idol's Wife · C159
1 day ago

Abolore2: I know right

The Idol's Wife · C159
1 day ago

Nadzirah_Yazid: KJ <3

The Idol's Wife · C159
1 day ago
I love jiwoo. I totally understand why people will misjudge her. The girl had a rough life and obviously she won't like people. I just hope she gets some warmth View More
Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella · C40
1 day ago
She is too serious 🤔 she probably needs someone carefree. Someone like *D___m* View More

zahyi9: I have no idea either 😂😂😂 she looks like someone who'll ruin the prank time

The Idol's Wife · C154
3 days ago
Need more naughty Yixing x yan yan moments 😉😉😉😉 View More
I Deserve a Second Chance · C208
3 days ago
Why so much hate for Eli? lol View More

zahyi9: Love her. Better than Eli 😂😂😂

The Idol's Wife · C154
3 days ago
Same here. Ot5 was legendary. Jaejoong ❤️ View More

schreient: Hehe yeah. I'm a big east. But only ot5

His Only Sin
5 days ago
If Sookyung is evil, Jiwoo is double evil. He's gonna have a hard time handling her. Lol View More
Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella · C32
5 days ago
Please do support dumdum's novel everyone ❤️ View More
I Deserve a Second Chance · C206
5 days ago
Reading Status: C0
Yunho? YUNHO? WRITER ARE YOU A TVXQ FAN COZ I'M FREAKING HYPED 😍😍😍😍! 5 stars for YUNHO ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I'm so gonna finish this tonight 😘😘😘 View More
His Only Sin
6 days ago
Amazing ❤️ All the best with the wpc! View More
The Entangled Fates · C1
1 week ago
Gali maari? View More
Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella · C27
1 week ago
The Prince is evil View More
Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella · C26
1 week ago
Atta girl View More
Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella · C25
1 week ago
Teddy bear ❤️ View More
Convincing her (Jen and Lucas) · C272
1 week ago
Yes he's my favorite ML so far View More

Sumaiya_Meraj_3863: I really want more of Hyunjae. I love him he's really cute

The Demon in You · C33
1 week ago
Dont ask. I took a break after seeing some silly drama 🙄 Writing this chapter actually helped me de-stress 😂😂 View More

Sumaiya_Meraj_3863: You are back after so many days.

The Demon in You · C33
1 week ago
Jiwoo is the best gal 😘😘 View More
Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella · C20
1 week ago

ShinSungmi: (。♡‿♡。)

Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella · C19
2 weeks ago

Megha_Mirdha: Nice book cover author
Ty for new chapter release 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Lots of love 👍🏻😘

The Idol's Wife
2 weeks ago
Hai hai yeh larki bigar gayi. Kya kya likhti hai! Parhai chorke ye sab karti hai! Phupo ki bete ke ghar kya seekh ke jayegi? Ya Allah parivar ka naak kat diya ⚠️ View More

Xiao_Zuojia: This novel is the best I've ever read!

Of course, I would say that. Cause I'm THE AUTHOR.

If you've any questions, ask away!

Also, this author is open to criticism and suggestions. Have any? State them here. I see them as my means of growth.

Good day!

CEO Vengeful wife.
2 weeks ago
Xiao parhai nahi keregi toh dande parenge View More
CEO Vengeful wife. · C1
2 weeks ago
The ML seems evil View More
Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella · C19
2 weeks ago
How much spice do you want? 😏😏 View More

Cola_8496: It adds spice to the story 😏

The Idol's Wife · C92
3 weeks ago
Minimum guarantee system. Under that, I have to write a certain number of words for my contracted novel per month in order to get full pay. It'll be hard to focus on the other novels for a while View More

HyAhCiNth: Mgs?🤔anyway ty for the info dear author..still patiently waiting here!😊👍

The Mafia and His Ghost · C13
3 weeks ago
Mgs for my contracted novel happened 😢 View More

HyAhCiNth: Still no update dear author??what happen?😥😥😥

The Mafia and His Ghost · C13
3 weeks ago
He isnt bad nor is he good. Even idk what he is tbh 😂😂 View More

Sumaiya_Meraj_3863: And I thought maybe Junhyung was not that bad.

The Idol's Wife · C135
3 weeks ago
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