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It is a flag... I think View More

bazooka84: Why i have the feeling she will give him it in her deathbed with
the regret in previous chapter for alex

Gacha Sovereign · C86
12 hours ago
It’s something called character development can’t be a badass out of nowhere View More

tekite: Seriously fucking pathetic. Really. Cant even stand up for himself, why would u bother making such a guy the MC? And what, the other bitches are going to reincarnate too? Lmao

Gacha Sovereign · C1
1 day ago
Where the hell is this going? View More
Awesome God System (A.G.S) · C25
1 day ago
I broke it because of playing a bugged game and the PC was old anyways like 8 years I’m surprised that it didn’t break earlier View More

DarkKnight32: Way do authors pc brake so often these days wtf you doing on you pc anyways if you looking for a brake just say so its not like anyone can do anything to you

In a Cultivation World with a Evolution System · C16
2 days ago
Hmmm I’m sad my computer broke but this is getting really bad vibes i don’t like it View More
My Wife is a Beautiful CEO · C216
2 days ago
whats the point of having a harem if you won't bang them and could he even plant a baby in a women? View More
Marvel/DC: Techno God Raiden · C3
3 days ago
some one already put up a novel with an idea i had for a while now.... nice View More
Marvel/DC: Techno God Raiden · C1
3 days ago
description or more stages? View More

DaoistPureEvil: I hope the Mc to be free soon.. he should be an Ice prince nor an Ice slave.. also aurhor.. we need the cultivation levels..

In a Cultivation World with a Evolution System · C15
3 days ago
too early to drop his slave status and i would have to have him study formations for that View More

Killerarrow007: Dude does he really plan to stay as a slave

In a Cultivation World with a Evolution System · C15
3 days ago
Still a Mineta with how perverted he is already at a young age View More

REDLAW: 😎Go read his name carefully. He is not MINORU Mineta. He is MINAGATA Mineta.

3 days ago
YOU FINALLY GOT some of the gender classifying corrected BUT STILL YOUR MAKING THAT MISTAKE IT'S NOT HARD the times where you could've put she and her words were sometimes correct or non existant killing the story mood View More
Journey To Become A True God · C27
3 days ago
grammar View More
Journey To Become A True God · C26
3 days ago
You even read the description of the frozen flaming heart technique? View More

Eonia: You literally made him a sex slave with no personality.

In a Cultivation World with a Evolution System · C6
3 days ago
some stages have very short processes due to how hard it can be to advance, I've only been counting the normal amount of levels (basically the normal level for the average cultivator) View More

AINZ: Why not make all stages 10 lvl each?

In a Cultivation World with a Evolution System · C0
4 days ago
Hey i'm not an expert but I didn't make him talentless in everything and it would only make him attract attention I don't need right now View More

Eonia: Goodjob, the time to stop reading more has come.

You could have made him talented, but no you wanted to have some gags and cliche moments. Thus the white talent.

You could have made the soul test in such a way that he atleast appears talented in one thing, but no you wanted more gags and cliches.

And now he is kidnapped all of a sudden.

Not sure if your brain is farting or you stupid, but where have you seen someone talentless become strong?

In a Cultivation World with a Evolution System · C6
4 days ago
HAH!! lel then it's not his final form View More
A Saiyan Reincarnation · C31
4 days ago
get rid of that thumbs up the only gender being said here is male related literally zero female words like her & she View More

Imperador12: 👍👍👍👍

Journey To Become A True God · C25
4 days ago
the love part feels so rushed it's unrealistic, lowering the quality of the chapter View More
Ultimate Highschool DxD · C27
5 days ago
idk i'm not a hater like them, possibly because she is an exhibitionist? View More

Langhao: i am dropping this.....why does everyone have something against rias???

Love X Harem · C6
5 days ago
Meh I guess but the negative effects immunity could possibly by-pass a law of physics and make it so he can get injured BADLY but not get affected by it negatively but rather get stronger than ever View More
Transmigrated into Fairy Tail with a System · C27
5 days ago
YAY finally more people commenting on the grammer besides me View More
Journey To Become A True God · C24
5 days ago
To make things more interesting, the only thing that would happen in the village would be the MC gradually growing before entering a sect View More

holson_Charles: ok so whats the point of the kidnapping here?

In a Cultivation World with a Evolution System · C6
5 days ago
kind of too late and it ain't a sect test so no vally drop off, I kinda trapped myself so I have to do the tournament or I could do an ass move and throw a horde of bandits and basically piss off all you readers, but I ain't doing that View More

Nirvanic_Sun: If you don't want to do a tournament, you could do the type where a bunch of people get dropped off at a valley and have to earn enough points to pass by defeating others. He would have to protect his young miss during it and it would introduce her admirers and how many underlings they have. You could also introduce his young miss's friends and have them cooperate with each other

In a Cultivation World with a Evolution System · C13
6 days ago
oh wow ok elma being a mental nuisance instead of being a 2nd reincarnator hmmm View More
iFanfic: just another common fanfic with a system.(currently in Naruto) · C4
6 days ago
lel Elma pops up in the relationships list with 100% Love and the MC be like WTF!? hahahaha View More
iFanfic: just another common fanfic with a system.(currently in Naruto) · C2
6 days ago
Time for the MC to outlast her possible... Can he beat a succubus queen with his bloodline? View More
Unbeatable Harem King · C2
6 days ago
he ain't asking for help because he ain't being treated like one and he is ok with it as the family he is going to be serving can provide him with resources also he ain't retarded in a cultivation world where strength is everthing he'll need some backer to help him if he ever runs into trouble, the main point is that he is in a cultivation world not magical fantasy where slavery can be an easy escape with a chance of there being no negatives View More

Killerarrow007: Ok quick question why is he ok being a slave he didn't even ask his mother help is he retarded

In a Cultivation World with a Evolution System · C13
6 days ago
wait what the frick? he already has marriages coming up two of them at that yet he is accepting more?! sympathy I get but why accept it? View More
Starborn Saga · C5
6 days ago
Are you sure about that? if he had enough reincarnations to be able to revive a person then wouldn't he have encountered a curse or something as well? View More

airambach26: Reincarnated his mom and take her into his harem as mc should have learn the power to revive someone

Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C39
6 days ago

KickMeAndSaviorIt: And then the FBI comes and arrest you, not because you had your lil willy out but that there were a couple of young underage girls peeking through the windows of their houses and the corner of the streets that you managed to taint with your willy's appearance. . ;)

Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C39
6 days ago
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