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Original Works

  • The Masked Women

    The Masked Women

    Fantasy Romance Royalty love jealousy virgin childhood friends one sided love Prince Mask Party

    Candice Fairchild has been in love with her best friend's brother ever since they were little. They played together, talked together, and even lived together after her parents died in a car accident. She has never told him due to a few important facts: He has never said anything, their mother hates her, and most important he is now the King of their nation. With a shy, innocent personality, Candice never thought she could help out as a Queen should, even though everyone tried to tell her otherwise. Soon, Jason McCollen will be married to one of his mother's friends daughter, who has been having an affair. Everyone, including Candice has tried to tell Jason that Olyvia isn't faithful, and lies constantly. He chalks it up as jealousy or hatred towards Olyvia, until one life changing event. With the wedding date coming around the corner, the palace hosts a mask party to introduce Olyvia as Jason's fionse. Candice has never appeared at such event, however she went to support her best friend, but ends up in Jason's arms.... Unnoticed. Shy little Candice forms a plan to make Jason see that Olyvia shouldn't be by his side. Will Jason see that Olyvia isn't who she claims to be? Will he stop letting her tell him what to do? Will Candice break her own heart while trying to save the man she truly loves?

  • The Last Virgoian

    The Last Virgoian

    Fantasy Romance love HiddenGem femaleprotagonist magic Unrequited love love triangle race extermination alone HiddenPrincess

    “Jaq...” He swallowed not knowing how to continue. “I want to try one more time. To have someone different. Even though Alora has stated what she wanted, people aren’t objects to own.” I turned, looking at the rose bushes in the garden. I felt my heart tare as I continued with the pots. “She’s coming in tonight. Someone I’ve known since I was little. She...” It became too much to bare. I slammed the pot in the water, bringing Alora into the room. Edward had turned his attention from me to the little girl. “Alora, go in your room, ok.” She nodded. He took a few steps towards me as the bubbles were now on the window in front of me. “Why are you doing this?!” I exclaimed. I let the tears fall knowing that I would have to leave again. Leave this house that I wanted to so desperately to call my home. “Bring in these women just so that you have no other choice then to come back to me. Bring me back here with false hope that maybe this time, just this TIME I was going to be welcomed fully into the home. Be able to have a home. Be able to call Alora my daughter. Even call you my husband.” I heard a slight gasp come from him. He shifted staying in one spot. “Why can’t you ask me? I’m already here. I have no where to go. Is having me as a wife sound so distasteful that you have to bring these women in and out of this house! I’ve already made a connection with Alora. I love her. I love you!” I exclaimed holding the dish towel in my hand squeezing the bubbly content into the sink. The tears rolling down my face as now the front of my white blouse had gotten wet from the water which was almost forgotten. “Why can’t you ask me specially if... if your not looking for a bed mate. Just a mother.” I looked up at him. I sniffed in, knowing that no matter what I was going to say, that this was not going to turn out to my advantage. Go a head tell me you didn’t expect me to fall in love with you. Go on say it! Just when he was about to say something, the door bell rang. “Go on. It’s not like I expected much. Third one is always the charm right?” I said low, bringing forth a fake smile. He didn’t move, just watched me. I wiped my hands with the towel and placed it on the counter. “Jaq I didn’t.....” “Go.” I exclaimed as the door bell rang again. He sighed and left the kitchen running his hands through his hair again. I heard him, a women and another man in the den as I went to my room. I changed to one of my other blouses. The Virgioans were a peaceful race that knew magic, high technology, and was one with the land. They never bothered any other nation. Not many left the home land. Untill The King of the Empire came for a visit. After that, nothing went right. With them exterminated, the King felt no remourse and secured, specially when one madian was gifted to him as a "Peace offering." On that day, the Princess was born. The queen tried to escape but was not successful. Before her death, she placed her baby in a boat and pushed it out into the river. She found her way to a monastery and lived peacefully there. Eighteen years later, with the rumor of a royal descendant of the Virgoians going around, Lord Seymour, the Kings first son has taken it upon himself to find and kill her. On the run, she gets invited by Edward McKnight to take care of his daughter since his wife died while giving birth. He is well known in the area for owning his own business empires. With no home, she agrees. Edward feels guilty for tying Jaq down to his home, taking care of his daughter and acting as a little house wife. He comes up with a plan to find a "proper wife" so that Jaq wouldn't have to be there any longer then she had to, even if it broke his heart.

  • Island Dance

    Island Dance

    Fantasy Romance Reincarnation female protagonist Gods Goddess love triangle island cheating world creation male protagonise family dispute

    Dom sighed, kicking a dent in the locker before leaving out the back door. How the hell was he going to find a local with those descriptions. Specially by this weekend. He knew almost everyone on these islands and none of them were of royal decent. He didn’t even believe this proficiency that was handed down. Not when things are going this wrong with his life already. He was almost thirty five. The women would have to be under thirty, weird color hair and eyes. Strong willed and not to mention local royal descendant. Why did his father give him this kind of a…….. SMACK. Prince Dominqik Orpheus Ratittii was the next in line to the Southern Islands. His ancestors have been royal since the birth of the islands. Since his birth, he has been taught a dance that the God Orpheus is said to perform to attract his long lost Goddess of Joy, Zinna. When they were God/ess they were very much in love with each other. They created song and dance so perfectly that their very souls understood each others. The proficiency go deep with the royal family, that one day the two will be reunited after a island changing disaster. Meanwhile, for centuries, the Ratittii royals have been making money at their restaurants over the dance that was to be said would attract Zinna to Orpheus. Now, with Dominqik's life in shambles, he makes a deal with his father to find the Goddess.... chances are impossible. I walked out of the hotel and around the back. It was a pretty easy setup. The beach was to my left, shops to my right which included the hotel, cafes, souvenir stores, and bars. They didn’t have cars, but airplanes, boats and bikes. I walked with my head down, still a little peeved about the current situation. I should never agreed to come out here. Never! This was ridicules. I knew he was cunning and dangerous but it just felt like a……. SMACK Zarina Annia Kilakia is the Princess from the Eastern Island, that was demolished in an island disaster centuries ago. The Goddess, Zinna used her last immortal powers to relocate the people of those islands, to the main Northern continent. Her tribe, in contribute to the proficiency that was handed down, was to teach their daughters the royal dance to attract the God Orpheus. It was a tradition more then a prophecy until Zarina goes to the Islands for a business trip with her boss. She soon discovers that maybe.... traditions hold truths. ** AUTHOR NOTE** Story contains graphic gore, adult language (heavy at times), and adult situations. Over 17 years old is advised. The novel is written in first person view of Zinna, then second view with Dominqik. (Kinda like the Twilight book) It gives a feel of both female and male lead.


Lil_vy: First positive point - not so many chapters - as I am in the mood of short stories. I am still reading and this is my momentarily review. Story is good which makes me keep reading ;)

The Masked Women
1 week ago

Lil_vy: Short happy ending story. Author can upgrade the writing. Sometimes I was not sure who is thinking what/ react. There are also some typos. Proofreader would help. The story background is vague. Some more indepth in character might help such as describing some activities the male character vould have done in his role as king, otherwise it looks like only one arrogant pampered man ;) In overall it is a short nice romance story. Keep up, author!

The Masked Women
1 week ago

Goat_Cheeks: I loved it!!! It was wonderful. Although sometimes while I was reading wasn’t too sure who the speaker was but could figure it out through context. Great read

The Masked Women
1 week ago
I appreciate the reveiw. I do have plans for a patreon for some side stories. Its a work in progress, though. View More

Lil_vy: Short happy ending story. Author can upgrade the writing. Sometimes I was not sure who is thinking what/ react. There are also some typos. Proofreader would help. The story background is vague. Some more indepth in character might help such as describing some activities the male character vould have done in his role as king, otherwise it looks like only one arrogant pampered man ;) In overall it is a short nice romance story. Keep up, author!

The Masked Women
1 month ago

Daoist767060: Even though there are not many chapters, it is written well enough that you see clearly the past and the future. To me I don't feel like it is missing anything

The Masked Women
1 month ago
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